3 Steps to Remove / Erase iPod Touch Data Permanently

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Still have a hard time figuring out how to completely erase your iPod Touch data before selling it? Then you would never want to miss this article. Just check it out.

The importance of permanent data deletion

If you are in the mood of selling your old iPod touch so as to buy a new iPad Air or other devices, it is necessary to delete all data, especially those personal data, on your old iPod Touch before you do so. Some of you may feel ridiculous since they believe that the built-in wiping function in iOS has the ability to complete the task. In fact, it is far away from enough.

Why so? Because no matter how careful you try, there are still some data, such as passwords, bank accounts, and other sensitive information, you will leave out without knowing it. So, to erase the data on your old iPod Touch thoroughly, reliable third-party software is indispensable. By means of a professional data eraser, no personal files can be restored, even with a powerful data recovery program.

Tutorial on complete iPod Touch data deletion

As mentioned above, to remove all data on your old iPod Touch for good, all you need is an excellent iPod Touch data eraser. Then you may wonder which program to try since there are so many similar products available in the market. Lucky you, we here happen to have a recommendation for you, that is, dr.fone – Erase (iOS). As you may like to know, dr.fone Erase is specially customized to remove all data on an iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6S/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4, or iPod Touch forever. In addition, there is no way to restore the original data. If you want to give a go before you pay for this application, you have access to the trial version, which empowers you to permanently delete all music and videos without a penny.

So, let’s waste no time to try this iPod Touch data eraser right away!

Get dr.fone – Erase (iOS)

Step 1: Download and install this iPod Touch data eraser software

To begin with, download this software. Then install and launch it on your PC. After it, use a USB cable to connect your iPod Touch with the PC. Once recognized successfully, your iPod Touch will be shown on the main interface. Just select the first mode – ERASE ALL DATA and move forward.

Step 2: Select a level of data deletion

There are three levels of data deletion available on your iPod Touch: Low level, Medium level and High level. As your own preference, you are allowed to select any of them. We strongly recommend the medium one. When you are all set, just simply click the Start button to initiate scanning and erasing data on the iPod touch.

Step 3: Start erasing data on your iPod Touch

Once this software is wiping data on the iPod Touch, make sure your device is connected, or you won’t make it. As to the amount of time-consuming, it fully depends on the amount of data saved on your iPod Touch. When it comes to an end, your iPod Touch will automatically restart itself. Bingo!

Now your iPod Touch is as empty as it was produced. And you can sell it without worrying about the privacy leakage issue.

Just try dr.fone – iOS Erase and you will get the idea.

Get dr.fone – Erase (iOS)

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