The Best Employee Monitoring Software & Useful Open Source for You

The purpose of using an Employee Monitoring Software is to keep track of employee’s activities during the work. With the assistance of a good Employee Monitoring Software, employers expect the betterment of their company. Such software provides evidence if an employer does something bad for the company and ruin its prestige. On the other hand, an employer can track loyal workers and appreciate them through such software. Although most of the employees don’t admire the process of monitoring, Employee Monitoring Software works for the greater good. That said, this article will reveal the best Employee Monitoring Software tools in the market today.

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Section 1. What exactly is an Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring is the process of keeping a close eye on the employees of a given business. With such a strategy, the employer expects to track productivity, performance, and loyalty of the staff members. Employee monitoring activity can assure the overall security of any business. Generally, the human resource department of the said business deals with employee monitoring systems. A good employee monitoring system consists of a powerful Employee Monitoring Software and some physical devices. Through such a system, the authorities will track employee behaviors and encourage them to be more productive.

Employee Monitoring Software is also capable of monitoring resource utilization. If a given employee misuses company-owned phones or other devices, a good monitoring system will track it. For instance, if an employee wastes his time on social media during office hours, that is unacceptable. A good Employee Monitoring Software must be able to track such behavior on behalf of the employers. So, having such monitoring software is a real benefit for any company.

Section 2. The best Employee Monitoring Software we found

By far, KidsGuard is the best Employee Monitoring Software. This respective spy call recorder software comes with the special ability to monitor the phones of the employees. Practically, modern-day employees tend to waste most of the time on their phones than on computers during office hours. Therefore, having a way to monitor their phones is a really smart idea for any employer. This is exactly why every employer should consider using KidsGuard.

A. Monitoring employees’ activities through KidsGuard

Being the best employee monitor software in the market that tracks phone activities, KidsGuard comes with various features. In a nutshell, an employee can use KidsGuard to track an employee’s phone activity during office hours.

Here are some of the reasons you should select KidsGuard

  • KidsGuard can track essential elements like call logs, text messages and the contact list of the employees
  • It can help you keep a track on the websites visited through a given mobile phone
  • KidsGuard gives you access to media files saved in the device you track
  • This powerful Snapchat spy app can also hack SMS messages, monitor instant messaging apps, social media apps, etc. on the target phone

How to monitor your employees through KidsGuard

From this point onwards, let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to monitor an employee’s phone.

Step 01: Get registered with KidsGuard

The first step is to get yourself registered with the powerful Tinder hack app – KidsGuard. This is a really easy step; just visit KidsGuard official website and signup for a user account. In this case, you will have to provide a genuine email address. Then, you will have to enter the details of the target device. This means that you have to enter the owner’s name, age and the OS of the device.

Create KidsGuard Account

Step 02: Install the app on the target Android or iPhone

Using the following steps, you will be able to install and configure KidsGuard on the target device. In this case, however, you will have to access the device physically for a while.

For Android device

Download KidsGuardapp and get it installed on the device you need to monitor.

KidsGuard Pro

Open the app and then sign in using the KidsGuard account you created just before.

When prompted, you should grant all the permissions and then select “Start Monitoring.”

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Demo for Android Devices

For iOS devices (iPhone or iPad)
First, you should get the iCloud ID and the passwords of the respective device. Then, enter the credentials to KidsGuard Setup wizard.

When prompted, click on “Verify” button.

KidsGuard Demo for iOS Devices

Step 03: Start using KidsGuard to track employees

Now, the process is almost completed. What you have to do is to go to your login page using your computer. Then, you should go to the control panel of the account. Eventually, you will be able to monitor all the activities of the target device on your computer screen.

B. Open source Employee Monitoring Software

If you don’t want the assistance of a professional Employee Monitoring Software, here’s a list of opensource tools. However, these tools aren’t developed to monitor employee’s mobile phones. Instead, they can be used to track the activities on computers.


ActivTrak is a pretty decent open source software that lets the users monitor the activities of their employees. In fact, Activtrak is a cloud-based monitoring system that tracks what employees do during their office house.

  • ActivTrack is a cloud-based tool that doesn’t need you to download massive installation files
  • It is offered for free
  • It can monitor web activities and block websites you need
  • In the event of suspicious activity, it can send warnings
  • The usage of the free version is limited for a maximum number of 3 options
  • It cannot work as a keylogger


TeraMind is another decent software that comes with several decent features to track the activities of your employees. It even has some advanced monitoring options. These advanced monitoring options can practically identify untrustworthy staff members. In addition to that, it can monitor productivity, work as a keylogger, track websites and send smart alerts.

  • It helps you identify the behavioral patterns of the employees
  • IYou can use it as a file sharing tool apart from monitoring printing activities
  • IThe smart alert system that activates upon a suspicious activity
  • IIt has smart features to track the productivity of the employees
  • It is not the most user-friendly Employee Monitoring Software


VeriClock is another cloud-based Employee Monitoring Software which is offered for free. This tool works on all the platforms such as Windows, Mac PC, iOS, and Android. Thanks to its real-time monitoring feature, it lets the employees experience the benefits of real monitoring software.

  • You can configure the monitoring parameters to match your requirement
  • It is a very user-friendly solution even for a beginner level user
  • If you need to subscribe premium service, it is pretty affordable
  • VeriClock comprises of a range of monitoring tools
  • It comes with smart time tracking features
  • It doesn’t have an impressive user-interface
  • It is relatively less reliable compared to other monitoring tools


InterGuard is a must-check software if you are looking for a free and effective Employee Monitoring Software. Considering the fact that it is offered for free, InterGuard is a pretty effective employee monitor. It comprises of a large range of tools to match your requirements.

  • It can monitor all the web activities in addition to the email activities
  • It comes with advanced file sharing feature
  • InterGuard as a data theft prevention features too
  • It is efficient enough to filter web contents and facilitate blocking
  • You can use this software to track suspicious activities
  • The user interface of this software is not the friendliest of all


Qustodio is another opensource Employee Monitoring Software tool that comes with several essential features. It can track websites and even take the screenshots of the target device. It also provides a detailed report of the employee activity. If your employees use company resources and spend office hours on some other work, this tool can track them.

  • It can block websites on the target computer
  • Depending on your requirement, it can take screenshots of the target screen regularly
  • It can remotely manage the apps available in the target computer
  • Convenient overall remote management
  • It doesn’t have a feature to track suspicious behaviors of an employee
  • Comes with relatively less number of features

06.Veriato 360

If you are looking for a free and efficient Employee Monitoring Software, Veriato 360 can be a good solution. Over the past period, this software tool has become pretty popular among the employees. It is unique particularly because of the security threat detection feature.

  • It is powered by an IP theft detection feature
  • This is a relatively user-friendly software than the other options
  • It comes with secure insider risk detection feature
  • Veriato 360 doesn’t come with remote monitoring features

07.Time Doctor

Time Doctor is another employee monitoring tool and a time tracker which comes with a free license. It is efficient enough to track various activities on the target computer. In addition to that, it can calculate payroll of the staff members.

  • It has advanced time tracking tool to help employers
  • Screenshots of the target computer are taken on the regular basis
  • It generates timely reports for the employer
  • An automatic payroll processing feature is integrated to this software
  • It is more efficient in terms of time tracking compared to other free monitoring tools
  • Time Doctor doesn’t have a feature to block websites and applications

Before you start using an Employee Monitoring Software, you should analyze the advantages and disadvantages associated with such implementation. Be sure that you don’t violate the privacy of the employees. As a responsible employer, it is better to limit your monitoring process to office hours only.