Electrician meme – List of Funniest Ones

Looking for a really cool and funny electrician meme? Well, here is a list of awesome memes you can find. We created this list after doing a considerable amount of research. So, keep reading and be impressed.

In fact, it is not that easy to become an electrician and carry out all those responsibilities. There is absolutely no room for mistakes in an electrician’s life. It requires a lot of patience and professionalism to be an electrician. That said, there are plenty of funny electrician meme designs you can find across social media these days. If you have a friend who is an electrician, you can use those memes to add some humor. Those memes will add some relief to them at the end of the day. So, we have prepared this list of memes that are designed based on electricians.

#1 Electrician Meme. An electrician visits the museum

This could definitely be a favorite one among many electricians out there on social media. No matter where they go, they are interested in what they do.

An electrician visits the museum

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#2 Electrician Meme. Old yet fascinating electrician meme 

This electrician meme is designed based on the famous “what my xxxxx think I do” concept. Although it might not be the funniest, it can wake up your nostalgia and bring good vibes.

Old yet fascinating electrician meme

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#3 Electrician Meme. A typical electrician who loves his toolbox

This electrician meme shows how much electricians love their toolbox. This could be rated as one of the most realistic and relevant memes designed for electricians.

A typical electrician who loves his toolbox

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#4 Electrician Meme. This is so true

No one can blame this electrician meme as it portrays the nature of every electrician.

This is so true Electrician meme

#5 Electrician Meme. Cats… they know everything and they are everywhere

This curious cat is looking thoroughly at the wiring. It appears as if he is searching for some mistakes. You can add any other text to this and make it funnier.

#6 Electrician Meme. Besides a couple of mistakes, a better option than your apprentice?

The same picture with some more exciting images of the same cat? Well, it speaks a lot about how professional this cat is. He is now so sure that there is something wrong with the wiring.

#7 Electrician Meme. Let’s call it a day!

The picture below says everything about a “talented,” “conscious,” and “professional” electrician. In fact, this meme doesn’t need any caption at all to make someone laugh.

Let's call it a day! Electrician meme

#8 Electrician Meme. It can’t be more realistic

Yes… this electrician meme works perfectly to explain what electricians do. They work in the dark to serve the light, don’t they?

#9 Electrician Meme. Can this be real…. By any chance?

Oh.. this can be called one of the “masterpieces” of an electrician who “knows what he does.” 

#10 Electrician Meme. Don’t be too smart, especially with electric wiring

Can you become an electrician just because you watched a couple of YouTube videos? Don’t even think about it. Besides the humor, you shouldn’t touch wiring unless you have professional training.

11. Another “still better than apprentice” electrician meme 

This meme says that this goat is a better option than an apprentice electrician. Is it true? Who knows? Only electricians do.

12. Innovation?

Interesting innovation from the worst electrician ever!

13. Let’s talk about facts

Everyone will agree that this isn’t an electrician meme. Funny, once again.

Let's talk about facts

14. Oh… these outlets have surely seen things that are serious

Well, it is not a joke to be an electrician, and these outlets say a lot about it. Look at those outlets – they just look so amazing.

Oh… these outlets have surely seen things that are serious

15. Some say that they don’t need an electrician

Pretty much every customer says that they don’t really need an electrician to get some jobs done. Eventually, though, they will end up with something like this.

Some say that they don't need an electrician

16. Wow… that’s professionalism

Common… you cannot take electrical safety as a joke. Be careful all the time, and please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Wow… that's professionalism

17. Oops… wait… this is confusing

How will you rate this battle? Who is the winner? Can you guess?

Oops… wait… this is confusing

18. Think twice before throwing up an electrician out of your bar

The meme below describes why shouldn’t throw an electrician out of the bar. The consequences can be pretty annoying as he will shut the power of your bar completely!

Think twice before throwing up an electrician out of your bar

19. Who works in the dark, for real?

In fact, this could be one of the best memes that actually make sense, even if it’s a joke.

Who works in the dark, for real

20. Is this a layman’s work?

We can guess that the below is created by a layman.

Is this a layman's work

21. Shocking! Isn’t it?

This does make a sense (a lot), and that’s what an apprentice electrician is in the real world.

Shocking! Isn't it

22. Here’s the battle, once again

The battle between electricians and plumbers continues, forever.

Here's the battle, once again electrician meme

23. What’s your guess?

Should you call an electrician or a plumber (or both)?

What's your guess electrician meme

24. This is how a normal day of an electrician’s life is spent

Can you take it as a joke? Probably you shouldn’t.

This is how a normal day of an electrician's life is spent

25. Oh…. It’s ironic

This is an absolutely funny electrician meme. We still want to believe it as a coincidence, though.

Oh…. It's ironic

26. Hopefully, a parent will arrive right now!

Parents… here’s another good reason not to leave your kids alone.

Hopefully, a parent will arrive right now

27. This is so specific

Thanks to the in-depth information, it looks very scary.

This is so specific

28. Not the best idea

Nothing much to say about it, but this is not the best idea.

Not the best idea

29. Make very good sense, doesn’t it?

This is a pretty good sign useful for many.

Make very good sense, doesn't it

30. A typical electrician’s van – seriously

No electrician will disagree with this electrician meme. It is so true!

A typical electrician's van – seriously

31. Oh… that explains everything

Pictures speak louder than words, and this picture tells it louder. Sure, there is a long story behind this scene.

Oh… that explains everything

32. This is a completely legitimate move, isn’t it?

Yeah… the process is completely legitimate, and it explains how sensible this electrician is. Good for you. But we only doubt its voltage. It should be high, shouldn’t it?

This is a completely legitimate move, isn't it

33. Trust me! I am an electrician

Of course, no one will doubt the talents and skills of this electrician, and the picture tells it all.

Trust me! I am an electrician

34. Old but still valid

This is a pretty old electrician meme but its validity hasn’t expired, at least for now.

old electrician meme

35. Another old gold

If your electrician doesn’t have eyebrows, never trust him. Do you know the reason? Ask a “real” electrician and he will tell enough and more stories.

Another old gold

36. Once again, it’s your move!

This is pretty complicated. So, if you have faced this sort of situation, think hard and make your decision.

Once again, it's your move

37. Funny!

Yet another old but funny electrician meme.  

funny electrician meme

38. One of the luckiest on earth

This is the absolute truth… a bed without an electrical socket near it is almost useless!

One of the luckiest on earth

39. Seriously?

What else could go wrong?


40. Nice one, yet again!

Here you see another electrician meme which is so funny.

Nice one, yet again!

41. Well, he is the electrician

In certain cases, it is better to leave it that way.

Well, he is the electrician

42. Next level!

This is a next level electrician meme that makes a great sense. Wonderful and meaningful. SO, sing it electricians.

next level electrician meme

43. Sometimes, it is just like that

Well, in some cases, it is OK to admit defeat. More importantly, you should know when to do that.

Sometimes, it is just like that

44. Oh… that’s so smart

You don’t have to be an electrician to figure out what’s wrong here. Hopefully, someone stopped him.

electrician meme - Oh... that's so smart

45. Orderliness at its best!

Here’s the work of a group of “classy” electricians. Great work guys… keep it up.

Orderliness at its best

46. Even the outlet knows something is wrong there

Don’t even think about trying this at home you geniuses!

Even the outlet knows something is wrong there

47. One pair is angry and the other is scared

Oops… these four outlets have some great expressions to show.

48. Electrified spaghetti?

Some might not like this recipe though!

Electrified spaghetti

49. What do you feel?

That’s not a joke… seriously.

What do you feel

50. Cheating, for reason?

Looks like she is cheating but she has a good point.

Cheating, for reason

51. Are they always like that?

Well, is this what you were looking for?

Are they always like that? electrician meme

52. What’s your say?

Have you got anything to say about it?

Russian Electricians meme

53. Russian Electricians

They do have vacancies… do you want to apply?

54. Scared power outlets

Sometimes, even a power outlet might tend to hide.

Scared power outlets electrician meme

So, those are the memes we have to present. What is your favorite electrician meme? Do you have better ones? Please share them with us.