Different Ways to Download Ustream Videos For Free

Brad Hunstable and John Ham founded Ustream along with another partner named Gyula Feher. The main idea behind Ustream was to offer soldiers a way to communicate with their loved ones during their limited leisure time. Today, Ustream is a website that streams live videos anytime, anywhere.

With Ustream, users can watch online events, news video, sport videos, live streaming videos, and much more. Not just that, but users can view these videos offline by preserving them for later use via Ustream.

However, there is no download service available on the official website for saving these videos. That’s the reason they look for a reliable and effective Ustream downloader to download Ustream video. If you want to know about amazing methods to perform this task, keep on reading!

Ustream is a well-known live streaming broadcast platform. This tool works great as a digital media campaign and advertising platform. It enables users to broadcast over various devices like streaming players, mobile devices, connected TVs, and many more. However, one cannot download these videos on mobile devices directly. That’s the reason you need a video downloader for carrying out this task. Here, you will get to know about the best ways to download Ustream video hassle-free. These different ways to download Ustream video are:

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So, let’s know about these three amazing ways to download Ustream video right below.

Method 1: Download Ustream Video via iTube Studio

If you are looking for an incredible way to download Ustream video, iTube Studio Video Downloader is the ideal solution for you. This program is a user-friendly and simply designed video downloader tool. With the help of iTube Studio, users can accomplish the task of downloading Ustream videos on Mac OS just through a single click.

Apart from Ustream, iTube Studio assists you in downloading videos from 10,000+ sites, including YouTube. Now, read about the unique features of this amazing program below.

Unique characteristics of iTube Studio:

  • iTube Studio downloads videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, and other 10,000+ sites three times faster.
  • Using a download plug-in, users can download videos on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari directly.
  • It supports batch downloading of videos and the entire YouTube channel or playlist in one click.
  • The tool allows you to convert videos to other popular formats. Hence, users can watch them hassle-free on their mobile devices.
  • iTube Studio offers a record feature that enables users to enjoy videos from unable-to-download video sites.
  • It downloads videos directly to MP3 to save the converting time.
  • This tool features a private mode that protects your private downloaded list using a password.
  • The program is capable of downloading music or video files from sharing links from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and various other cloud applications.

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Steps to download Ustream video via iTube Studio:

In order to download Ustream video with just one tap, follow the instructions listed below.

Step 1: Launch iTube Studio

In the first place, you need to download and install iTube Studio on your Mac system. You can even use this program on Windows PC.

Step 2: Download Ustream Video

There are three ways to download videos from Ustream using iTube Studio. Here, you can download videos through a download extension, URL, or recording.

1. Download Ustream video through Download Extension

In this method, you have to launch this Ustream downloader. After that, visit to look for the video that you like to download. Once you tap on the video, look for the button “Download” on the left corner. After tapping on it, your video will start to download.

2. Download Ustream video through URL

It is another way to download videos. There are two download options, where you can copy-paste or drag-drop the video URL to the program’s dock icon.

3. Download Ustream video through recording

Most of the time, users are not allowed to download specific videos. If that’s the case, you can watch this video in another way. For this, you can make use of the video recording software like iTube Studio. It will record the video clips that you like to watch on your mobile devices.

Here, users can record Ustream videos using the feature “Video Recording.” To perform this task, open the program and tap on the menu “Record. Then, click on the button “Record” to launch the recording interface.

Next, open the video that you like to download. After that, tap on the button “REC” to begin recording the Ustream video. Here, users can even set the screen size and record duration.

Convert the Downloaded Ustream Videos

Apart from downloading videos, iTube Studio even offers the feature “Convert.” Using this feature, you can convert the downloaded videos to various formats for keeping or playback them on other mobile devices such as iPhone or Android phones.

If you want to convert videos, tap on the tab “Downloaded” from the main interface. After that, select the videos to put them on the menu “Convert.”

Once selected, launch the menu “Convert” and tap on the button “Convert” present on the right side. Now, select the desired output format and lastly, click “O.K.”

Tips for downloading Ustream videos

  • There is also a one-tap solution to download and convert videos automatically to the desired format. For this, all you have to do is to tap on the button “Download then Convert” before you begin with the downloading process.
  • With the Ustream downloader, users can manage lots of videos like HTML5, WebM, MP4, FLV on their system at one place. For this, navigate to the library “Finished” and choose “Import” after clicking on empty space. With this, all of your flash videos on the system’s hard drive will be added to this program. To enjoy these videos, tap on any of them to play using its in-built media player.

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Method 2: Download Videos from Ustream via All Video Downloader

The software comprises a search engine that assists users to search for videos. All Video Downloader even allows users to add video URLs. It enables you to sort the sites that carry out the searches and brings the corresponding results.

With All Video Downloader, users can preview videos on its home interface. This program makes use of an in-built browser to find, watch, and also download videos from Ustream. It works well with numerous output formats for downloading videos and extracting audios like MPEG, WMV, AVI, etc.

There are even pre-configured settings for various devices like PSP, PS3, iPad, iPhone, etc. Plus, you can manually configure settings like the video appearance and size, number of frames a second, and codecs.

Special features of All Video Downloader:

  • This program enables users to download audio files from YouTube without even downloading the video file.
  • All Video Downloader offers support to over 190 video streaming sites.


  • Supports various file formats like MOV, MPEG2, AVI, PSP, DVD, FLV, WMV, and others
  • User-friendly interface offers hassle-free usage


  • Downloads just two videos concurrently
  • Impossible to download specific videos

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Method 3: Download Ustream Video via Plug-ins

There is another great way to download Ustream video through online video downloading sites or plug-ins. One can easily find these downloading sites or plug-ins over the web through an easy Google search. However, there are so many websites available out there. This makes it difficult to choose one out of so many options available.

To ease your worries, we have come up with the best online downloading site i.e., Video grabby on Mozilla Firefox. It is really simple and easy to download videos on your system using this tool.

Special features of Plug-ins:

  • One can access several websites at a place
  • Just look for the desired video and download instantly
  • Downloading of Ustream videos is so much easy via plug-ins


  • Simple and easy to install
  • Downloads videos from Ustream or YouTube directly
  • No external application required


  • Slow downloading speed
  • Complicated process
  • No batch downloading
  • Not able to convert to other formats
  • Support for a few websites only

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Is it legitimate to download videos from Ustream?

Most of the people ask whether downloading of videos from Ustream is legal or not. It entirely depends on the terms and conditions of Ustream. If you are going to download copyright-free videos, it is fair for users to download those videos. On the other hand, if you are opting for copyright-protected videos, users need to ask permission from the owner of that video.

So, it is quite legal to download videos from Ustream as long as you comply with its regulations. Now, download videos from Ustream and enjoy it.

More Exciting Tips on Downloading Ustream Videos is quite an effective tool to download and convert videos. However, it can be used for other purposes as well. One way that users can employ is to use it for internet branding, which is identical to the infomercial format that people see on television. Here, you will be on live television, demonstrating or talking about your product or business. Plus, you can even have a time frame for which a specific deal is being provided.

Ustream even offers an open round of questions and answers due to its chat room. So, you can do what you actually want to do with it. One can even use this tool for press releases. These releases are great for internet branding. It comes handy when you like to introduce a special service or sale.

So, and other such sites can be a great addition to anyone’s internet branding campaign. It is not late to make use of internet technology. However, you have to carry out some preparation. In the end, it is all worth it as the conversion rate could be massive if you handle the platform perfectly. Therefore, make use of this amazing platform in the best possible way.

Now, you know what all you have to do to download Ustream video. In this article, we have listed three different ways to download videos from Ustream hassle-free. Out of all methods, iTube Studio is the best option to enjoy Ustream videos on your devices. This tool works perfectly on both Mac and Windows PC. Install iTube Studio Video Downloader and Converter to download Ustream video as well as convert it effortlessly!


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