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Deezer, one of the most popular music websites in Europe, provides streaming audio service. This French website is launched in 2006 and is in its prime at present. It has a large amount of free and legitimate music for people’s audition as the occasion demands. But the pity of it is that the Deezer music is only available online and Deezer does not enable people to download, so it is not possible for you to enjoy it offline. However, don’t be disappointed. There are still some professional Deezer Music Downloads tools can be contributing. Let’s follow this article to have a look.

Part 1. iMusic – The Best Deezer Music Downloader

iMusic as the world’s number one Deezer Music Downloader & Google Music Downloader can help you in many ways when you record Deezer music with it. Some main features of it are as following:

  • 1. It enables people to record Deezer music without any quality loss.
  • 2. This Deezer Music Downloads is able to schedule to download Deezer music & download SoundCloud songs to iPhone X.
  • 3. The Deezer Music Downloader can filtrate the ads and saves your time.
  • 4. It offers to synchronize the tags and cover art of the Deezer music downloaded, by automatically identifying information of it.
  • 5. It helps people to download the whole playlist from Deezer to MP3 & Spotify to MP3, and enables them to get complete and separate audio files.

Download iMusic

Steps to record Deezer music to MP3 with iMusic

Step 1. Download and Install the Deezer Music Downloads

It is compatible both with the PC and the Mac. So be careful when you pick the version. In this article, I will just take an example of the operation on the PC for the processes are really similar. After you find its downloading URL, you can simply download it and install. Run this application after installation, and you may have to do some settings to make it collaborate better with your PC. As the case stands, there are a great number of formats that the iMusic can store audio files for you, not just MP3. But the MP3 format is most acceptable. So I urge that you choose this one.


Step 2. Begin to Record the Music From Deezer

Then, on the friendly interface, please find and click on “RECORD” button under the “Get Music” Menu. After that, you should begin to play the music you want to download on the Deezer. The software will start to record the sound on your computer. So it is significant that there is no other sound on your computer during the whole process.

iMusic - Record Music from Deezer

Step 3. Get the Music as an Independent Audio File

When the music goes to the end and there is a long silence, the recording will stop automatically. Or you can simply click on the “Record” button to make it stop whenever you like. Then you can get the audio files in the Library.

Deezer music downloads

Remember, the recording of the whole playlist is also available. And as it can identify the end of each song intelligently, you will get complete and separate audio files afterward. And it can help you to download the tags and cover art and something like that of the audio file.

Step 4. Transfer the Deezer Music Recorded to the iTunes

Why do you want to transfer the Deezer music recorded to your iTunes? In fact, I am doing this all the time. It enables me to enjoy the music on my Apple portable device both iPad and iPhone. It is quite convenient.

Deezer music downloader

To transfer your recorded Deezer music to your iTunes, you should click “LIBRARY” on the top of the interface and then tap the record icon on the left. You can see all your recorded Deezer music files. Select those you would like to transfer to iTunes, then right-click your mouse and choose “Add to” to add them to one of your playlists. Then the iMusic – the best Deezer Music Downloader will help you to fulfill your wish. Also, you can export Deezer music to your iPhone, iPod, iPad as well. That is why I like this program very much. Really handy!

Step 5. Transfer the Deezer Music Recorded to the MP3 media player

Instead of playing the music on your iPhone, you can also transfer it to your MP3 media player. At this time, you can simply select the audio file and give it a right-click. Then choose “Open in Folder” on the emerging menu. Of course, the folder you chose should be one of your MP3 players. At last, you can copy and paste the audio file or just drag it to the folder.

So, if your FFMpeg Audacity Not Working, try iMusic now.

Download iMusic

Part 2. Audacity – Smart Deezer Music Downloads

It is a smart Deezer music downloader freeware, which acts as both a music editor and recorder. It supports the formats including WAV, and AIFF, without MP3. After some settings, it can work quite well. Yo can use it to record Deezify music or other streaming music. All that you need to do is to make sure the sound device of your computer is compatible with this application and then play your favorite Deezify music. After the recording, you will get the audio files you want.

Also, here are the best audio joiner online tools for your reference.

Part 3. Deezify – Deezer to MP3 Downloader


It is an extension of Chrome, which will help people to download Deezer music, as well as music from other websites such as Xbox and Spotify. Just like the iMusic, it also enables you to store the music download as MP3, so that you can easily play it on your mobile phone or some other mobile players compatible with MP3. And it also helps you to do the ads filtration. Useful as it is, it turns out that you can use it only on Chrome. Yo need to download and install it on your Chrome before you start to download Deezer music.

After this article, you may know something about the three Deezer Music Downloads tools and get how to download Spotify, Pandora, Deezer music to MP3. But as the saying goes, the experience is the best teacher. Why not choose one and give it a try? And I am sure that you have already found the one that you adore from the table above. You may also like to click here to know more about how to convert URL to MP3 and How to Record and Convert Streaming Music to MP3.

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