How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone for Free

Facebook has quickly become the biggest social media platform online, in the world, and has billions of active users who are contributing to the site every single day.

When you sign in to your Facebook account, there are a few different things that you’ll notice instantly – your friends and family updating their statuses, Facebook apps, and games that you can waste hours of your day with, and most importantly, a wide range of entertaining videos.

Just like YouTube, Facebook hasn’t yet offered a way to download Facebook videos on iPhone X, or for any iPhone for that matter.

But, again just like YouTube, there are a few different ways that you can download Facebook videos, and in this article, we’re going to walk you through some of them.

Part 1. Using iTubeGo to Download Facebook videos on iPhone X for Free

You’ve probably already browsed the internet for a while trying to find the best program to download Facebook videos on iPhone X, but most of the free tools that can be downloaded online are either difficult to use or are virtually useless.

This is why iTubeGo is the best choice for downloading videos from the internet, especially Facebook.

When you use iTubeGo for downloading videos, all you have to do is enter the video’s link, select a few download settings, and click on the “Download” button – it’s that easy! If you aren’t familiar with this m4ufree downloader program then don’t worry, we’re going to be walking you through each of the steps below.

#1 – Start by downloading, installing, and launching iTubeGo on your computer.

Get iTubeGo

#2 – Launch iTubeGo when you’re ready to begin.

#3 – Open up a web browser (e.g., Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), go to, and locate the video that you want to download.

#4 – Either right-click on the video and click on “Show Video URL“, or copy the URL from the address bar.

#5 – Lastly, back on iTubeGo, click on the “Download” option from the left menu followed by clicking on “Paste URL”.

#6 – The video will automatically download, and you will be able to view it by clicking on the “Downloaded” tab.

Everyone thinks that downloading videos from the internet is difficult, but if you have access to the right tools, which in this case is iTubeGo, then it is incredibly easy to download Facebook videos on iPhone X!

Also, let’s find out how to download the Bilibili video.

Part 2. Using KeepVid Online to Download Facebook videos on iPhone X

If you are intrigued by what iTubeGo has to offer but you aren’t keen on installing a third-party program on your computer, or you’re on someone else’s computer, there is an online version of KeepVid.

Of course, the online version doesn’t give you access to as many features, but it’ll get the job done and is capable of downloading videos from a wide range of websites.

#1 – Open up the web browser of your choice and head to

Using KeepVid Online to Download Facebook videos on iPhone X

#2 – Next, open a new tab in your browser, head to, and find a video that you want to download.

#3 – After locating the video, either copy the link from your browser’s address bar or right-click on the video, click on “Show Video URL“, and use the link which is shown.

#4 – Next, go back to your KeepVid tab and paste the Facebook link into the box shown.

#5 – Click on “Download” and from the next display, select video quality to have the video downloaded as.

Note: the best quality for downloading videos is 1080P/4K, although this quality is only available with the desktop version; iTubeGo.

#6 – Lastly, click on “Download” next to the video quality that you’re satisfied with and within a few seconds it will be downloaded to your computer.

If you take a few minutes to try out iTubeGo and KeepVid Online, you’ll notice that they are very similar and are both fantastic tools for when you want to download Facebook videos on iPhone X. While KeepVid Pro gives you more features and flexibility, KeepVid Online will get the job done.

Part 3. Using Video Download Helper to Download Facebook videos on iPhone X

Using a browser plugin can be very convenient, especially if you are frequently downloading videos from Facebook or any other website. One of the benefits of these plugins is that you don’t have to deal with a user interface and the process is always relatively straightforward.

One particular browser plugin which is designed for downloading videos is the “Video Download Helper” plugin. This plugin is compatible with all of the most popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and even Opera.

After installing this browser plugin, a button will appear on the browser’s toolbar so that whenever you are on a website, and there’s a video on the page, all you have to do is click on the button and it’ll be downloaded.

Using Video Download Helper to Download facebook videos on iPhone X

There is also a browser that has a built-in video downloader that can download videos from pretty much every website. This browser is called “Torch” and is a modified version of Google Chrome – definitely worth checking out.

You can download Video Download Helper from here. If you have any uncertainties or questions about this plugin, take a look at the “Help” section of their websites as your queries will most likely be answered.

Part 4. Using HD Video Downloader to Download facebook videos on iPhone X

Instead of downloading the videos that you want onto your computer, there are a few apps that can be used to download the videos straight to your smartphone.

For example, if you have an Android or iPhone, then you can use the “HD Video Downloader” app which is developed by New Essence and is one of the best apps to use to download Facebook videos on iPhone X.

Aside from having the video downloaded straight to your smartphone, these types of mobile apps are typically faster for downloading and have sleek user-interfaces, making them a pleasure to use.

Using HD Video Downloader to Download facebook videos on iPhone X


  • Faster download speeds.
  • Modern and sleek interface designs.
  • A download log is stored, keeping a list of the videos that you’ve downloaded.
  • Videos are downloaded straight to your iPhone.


  • Given that smartphones have significantly smaller screens, the video quality of the downloaded video is worse.
  • If you don’t have a lot of storage space available, then you won’t be able to download a lot of videos.

About iTubeGo

Out of all the options which we have shown you in this article to download Facebook videos on iPhone X, using iTubeGo is by far the best choice. Below are some of the other features that you get access to when you use this program.

  • Download and save Tumblr videosDownload Twitter videos, and download videos from virtually any website including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, and many more!
  • Download your videos in a wide range of formats depending on the device that you’ll be watching it on; MP4, AVI, MP3, MKV, MWV, and several others.
  • Rather than having to download all of your videos individually, you can copy the URL of a YouTube playlist into the iTubeGo download box and have all of them downloaded at once.
  • If you have another video that you didn’t download with iTubeGo, and which you need to have in a different format, you can use the built-in converter to get the job done.

Fortunately, if you want to try out iTubeGo before you buy it, there is a free version of the program available for you to do so!

Try iTubeGo

To Conclude:

There are a lot of different reasons for wanting to download Facebook videos on iPhone X. Some people want to edit Facebook videos, and by downloading the video that they want to edit, they can easily copy it into the video editing software of their choice.

On the other hand, some people just want to download Facebook videos so that they can store them on their computers and watch them in the future.

Regardless of why you want to download Facebook videos, you can use either iTubeGo or any of the other tools that we introduced you to in this article, and within a few minutes, you’ll know how to download Facebook videos.



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