Delete Unwanted Contacts from your iPhone Permanently

Since the new iPhone 7 is launched in the market, I decided to sale my old iPhone 6 for some money to buy a new iPhone 7. But the contact number on my old phone is quite sensitive because some of my clients are not comfortable to let their numbers known by other people. I cannot fail their trust, I think permanently delete my contacts on this old iPhone must be done. Simply delete them on the phone is not the correct way, because I know a lot of data recovery software can get them back, let’s say, the iMyfone D-Back iOS Data Recovery, really powerful software that is capable of recovering all kinds of data on your phone.

Well, to permanently delete contacts on your iPhone is not that difficult, the iMyfone Umate Pro can handle this issue. This software easily clean the contact details on your iPhone and make sure nobody can use any method to recover, even by using D-Back.

Frankly speaking, I think to really permanently delete contacts will be a very complicated task. Turns out that the iMyfone Umate Pro manage to make it quite simple to handle. No instructions that too professional to understand and unexpected errors come up. Just follow the 4 steps below; you can learn how to use it.

Step 1: Delete contacts on your iPhone manually

Even though you know this cannot help you to permanently make these contacts disappear on your iPhone, this step is still very necessary. Don’t worry, if you keep doing the next 3 steps, eventually the contacts will be gone for good. You need to go to the Contacts app on your iPhone and select contacts you would like to delete and then click Delete contact to tell the phone you want to clean these data.


Step 2: Launch data delete software on your computer

Download iMyfone Umate Pro

First, choose the correct version for you, since the iMyfone Umate Pro have both Windows and Mac version. After that, follow the instructions to install this software on your computer. Let’s check the interface, there are two main parts, the right side window will show your iPhone’s basic information if you connected your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. It is a good chance to check your phone’s condition; maybe you will find it is necessary to clean other useless data on this iPhone.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Connect iOS Devices

Step 3: Let the software scan your file

Now check left side column, find the Erase Deleted Files option, and then move to the right side to click START SCAN button so the software will start scanning your deleted files on iPhone. This step might take a longer time, but consider about its massive workload, this software does work fast.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Erase Deleted Files

Step 4: Finally make contact delete from iPhone permanently

When the software finished scanning, you can check the result at the right side window. Mark those you need to let them irrevocably delete from your phone. If you think you have checked all of the data, just click ERASE NOW, soon all the unwanted contact will truly disappear on your iPhone.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Erase Deleted Files

In addition to deleting iPhone contacts completely, iMyfone Umate Pro can also clear call history from your iPhone 6/5S/5C/5/4S/4, permanently remove photos on iPhone 6 Plus, delete iPhone text messages as well. Just download and have a try now.

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