Easy Way to Delete iPhone SMS Text Messages Attachments Permanently

Question 1: When I check my iPhone’s store space, I find more than 4GB SMS messages. But I do regularly delete useless messages on my phone which really make me feel confused. Some other people told me it is the message’s attachments that take all these spaces. I would like to know the way to delete these text messages attachments on my iPhone, or even to know where I could find this thing on my iPhone.

Answer: Your problem is a very common issue among iPhone users. People always feel confused to find more and more space been occupied while they keep deleting SMS text messages on their iPhone. The fact is, even you delete the text, and the attachments still remain on your storage space. You need to act according to the following steps to delete the attachments of the message.

The regular way to delete SMS text messages attachments on your iPhone

  • Step 1. You can connect the iPhone with Wi-Fi and then tap “Settings” to find “iCloud”. Log in your Apple account so that you can use the iCloud backup option after you find “Storage & Backup”. You should turn on “Backup Now” option.
  • Step 2. Setting > iCloud where you can find and turn off “Documents & Data” option. And then, tap “Setting > iCloud” again but to enter “Storage & Backup”, turn on “Backup Now” this time
  • Step 3. Tap in turn as “Setting>General>Reset” and “Erase all content and settings”. You can find Set up your device after finding the “Setup Assistant”. Then you need to tap “Restore from a Backup>Choose Backup”, you can choose the latest iCloud backup in step 2.


Permanently way to delete your iPhone SMS messages attachments

After above steps, you have already deleted iPhone SMS text messages on your iCloud. But if you need to erase all these data on your iPhone permanently, you should turn to a third party professional iPhone Data Eraser – iMyfone Umate Pro, just click here to find out how to permanently delete messages and attachments on your iPhone by iMyfone Umate Pro.
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