How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone in 1-Click

The common problem with iPhone products is the limitation of its memory storage. In spite of its durability, sleek and attractive design; there is limited space for games, internet data, documents and data on iPhone. In addition to its drawback, iPhone does not have the capability for an upgrade or external SD slots to extend its memory space. That’s why we need to know “How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone” easily.

But let us all admit it, despite the mentioned memory storage limitation of iPhone; everyone still prefers iPhone over any other high-tech mobile and smartphone devices. Considering the high price of iPhone brand and other Apple products, people are still hoping to bring one home and own iPhone. Although it is somehow a bit expensive compared to other smartphones, still people are buying iPhone because of its popularity.

But how can you fully enjoy your iPhone without sacrificing and limiting apps installed on your phone? Easy, introducing iMyFone Umate Pro, which is your invisible memory cleaner. It can automatically distinguish and detect idle/unused data cache, temporary files, documents and data on iPhone.

Know More about Documents and Data on iPhone

Can you manually delete these unnecessary documents and data on iPhone? No, because iPhone’s default settings do not allow you to erase these documents and data on iPhone. Try to check out to your iPhone “Settings”. Under “General”, check on “Usage” tab. Try checking on the specific app such as “Instagram” or “Safari”, you can clearly see how huge “Documents and Data on iPhone” it consumes. The sad part is, you cannot delete those documents and data on iPhone because these are disabled.

Now, we identified the culprit that makes your device slow because you run out of space because of these unnecessary documents and data on iPhone. Then how to delete documents and data on iPhone effortlessly.

How to delete documents and data on iPhone?

There are three (3) ways. Although you must take it into consideration, not all of these three methods are all effective, time-saver and reliable.

1st Option to solve “How to delete documents and data on iPhone” issue

Erase or Delete documents on iPhone as often, as often as you can and as much as possible

This is a process or procedure where you have to manually delete unnecessary files such as images, documents, browser history, file extensions and other cached data on iPhone.

You can manually search through these folders of data on iPhone. Then delete the files that you think are unimportant and are taking space on your data on iPhone.

  • >Settings>Safari>> clear cache, reading list, browser history, cookies, temporary files
  • >Messages>>clear message attachments, delete old conversations
  • >Mail>> delete out old mails and attachments, update contacts by deleting inactive e-mail addresses
  • >iTunes>> erase unused or Music, Movies & TV Shows that has been backed up to other files, delete thumbnail cache and other temporary file extensions
  • >Voicemail>> Delete all voicemail
  • >Other App’s folder>> you can choose files that need to be deleted

You can do this by manually going through each folder of each application and erase or delete each file. This will require a little bit longer of your time and effort because you have to do it by yourself. Imagine? If there are hundreds of unused and unnecessary file extension that needs to be deleted, you have to exert and effort to dig into folders, click on each of the files and delete the documents or data on iPhone. This method is time-consuming.

  • You can select and make sure which documents and data on iPhone you wanted to remove
  • Requires a lot of time to perform – Search and delete of documents and data on iPhone manually

2nd Option to solve “How to delete documents and data on iPhone”

Uninstall and Re-install all Apps

This is the most basic and easiest and most conventional way to delete unused and unnecessary files and data on iPhone. This will enable the data on iPhone system to basically restart from the initial settings of your iPhone. All files will generally be deleted, and new apps will be installed back to square one. The only issue with this procedure, aside from time-consuming (the same as the first method), you need to make sure that all the apps you need to install are still available on iTunes/Apps Store. It means if it is not free, you have to buy it again- Requires to spend money all over again).

You must also consider that if your iPhone applications such as messages, business contacts, images and other documents and other data on iPhone are not auto-synched on iCloud so you won’t have to delete the files manually there. Or else all synced/backed up documents and other data on iPhone will have to be removed too.

  • Simple and conventional method to reset and delete not needed files, documents on iPhone
  • You still have to perform manual checking, search on iCloud and other backup apps to delete unnecessary data on iPhone, thus
  • This method is still time-consuming

3rd Option to solve “How to delete documents and data on iPhone”

Seat back and relax – use iMyFone Umate Pro

This is the best process that can solve your problem in addressing insufficient iPhone memory space and slow running apps. With iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac, you can delete files without having to check from time to time if what documents or data on iPhone you need to remove. iMyFone Umate Pro an excellent app that will delete all kinds of unnecessary documents or data on iPhone.

iMyFone Umate Pro will be your auto-cleaner and guard app. It can do the following tasks without you having to do it manually:

  • Automatically detect unused and useless documents on iPhone
  • Auto-delete unnecessary files and junk files, temporary extensions, documents on iPhone
  • Simple installation of iMyFone Umate Pro
  • Can identify/spot useless, unnecessary and unused documents and data on iPhone
  • Deletes the auto-detected unnecessary files on iPhone that clogged iPhone memory space
  • Worry-free and convenient to use
  • Saves time in doing the manual way
  • Install and forget (iMyFone Umate Pro will do all the auto-cleaning jobs for you)

How to delete “documents and data on iPhone” using iMyFone Umate Pro?

1st STEP
Go to iMyFone Umate Pro Website.

Download and install iMyFone Umate Pro to your computer or PC.

Download iMyfone Umate Pro

Connect iPhone to PC using a USB cable.

Go to 1-Click Free Up Space tab and hit the Quick Scan button. When the scan finishes, it will show you how much storage can be cleaned up on your iPhone.

2nd STEP
Click on “1-Click Free Up Space” tab.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Connect iOS Devices

Choose “Quick Scan” Button.

iMyfone Umate Pro - Free up Space

This procedure will scan your iPhone device and will show how much documents and files on iPhone can be removed or cleaned.

free up space on iPhone

3rd STEP
Click on “Clean” button on the files, images, videos, documents and other cached data on iPhone you want to delete. You also have the option to keep images and videos by compressing it before will be backed up to currently linked PC.

iMyFone Umate Pro is able to:
  • Search and Scan through all your (including hidden or invisible files) documents on iPhone
  • Removes all hidden temporary files in all your apps
  • Compress images or photos, thus decreasing space occupied in your iPhone memory
  • Mass deletes multiple or same photos
  • Auto-backup program
  • Can detect large files
  • Has selective bulk/batch deletion
  • Privacy Protection feature which permanently deletes documents and data on iPhone especially sensitive files which cannot be recovered

Get iMyfone Umate Pro


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