Data Transfer from Android to iOS iPhone or iPad

I used to be an Android fan, but recently change my Android phone to iOS iPhone because I want to find out what makes other people so crazy about iPhone. But before I can start my test of iPhone’s function, I found it is very difficult to find a direct way to transfer the data on my old Android phone to the iPhone. Anyway, I’m lucky enough to find the dr.fone – Phone Transfer to help me deal with it.

dr.fone – Phone Transfer can help you transfer contacts, music, videos, photos, text, SMS, apps and even calendars from old phone to new devices.

 Free Methodsdr.fone – Phone Transfer (A Paid tool)
CalendarsSync calendars with GoogleNot support
ContactsSync with Google/iCloud
AppsDownload in iTunesNot support
Music/Video/PhotosSync with iTunes
SMSNo solution
                           Cons & Pros
  • Time-consuming
  • Support only a few kinds of files
  • Easy to have errors
  • Not free
  • Not support transfer apps and calendars
  • Time-saving
  • Easy to handle
  • transfer data between two phones in 1-click with 100% original quality

Method 1: Transfer files from Android to iOS through free ways

How to transfer contacts and calendars from Android to iOS devices, like iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Way 1: Through your Gmail account to copy contacts & calendars

Find Setting > Accounts & sync on your Android phone. Then enter your Gmail account.

Tap Sync contacts and Syne calendar and then tap Sync Now on your Android phone.

All contacts and calendars should be transferred to your Gmail account after the previous 2 steps.


Tap Setting > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Google on your iOS device which should run iOS 7/8/9/10/11/12/13.

Login your account and then open Calendars and Contacts to sync the data to your iPhone


Way 2: Trough Gmail or iCloud to transfer Android vCard files

Since not all Android phones have Gmail Sync function. You have to find another way to solve this data transfer problem.

Find Import/Export on your device and choice Export to the USB storage. The VCF files will be found as 00001.vcf.

Tap Sync Contacts.

Connect your Android phone to the computer. Open your SD card and find the VCF file.

Log in Gmail account through your computer, after that, you should click the triangle icon beside Gmail, choose Contacts in the drop-down menu.


Find the VCF file and click open in order to upload it. Then click Import to move your contacts on your Android phone to Gmail account.


Open your iPhone and transfer your Gmail contacts to it.

Except Gmail, iCloud can be also used for uploading VCF files

  1. Same prepare woke as the above first three steps
  2. Log in your iCloud account
  3. Click Contacts and find the menu tab on the left corner
  4. Click Import vCard. And you can find the VCF files and copy it to iCloud
  5. Tap Setting on iPhone and then log in iClound account
  6. Check the contacts on the Contacts app

Way 3: Transfer media files from Android to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch through iTunes

It’s much easier to use iTunes to transfer your music, videos, and photos from Android to iPhone. You can learn how through the following tutorial.

  1. Use USB cables to connect your Android device to your computer
  2. Open Android SD card, then transfer the data you want to the computer
  3. Start iTunes. Click Flie > Add File to Library. You can move the data from computer to your iTunes Library
  4. Find your iPhone under the DEVICES. Then sync the Android files to your iPhone.

Way 4: Using App store to download some apps

Move apps from Android to iOS devices could be a difficult process. But you can still download the same apps from the iTunes app store.

As those apps you bought from Google Play store or other channels, you’d better counsel their customer service center to see if you can move them from your Android to the iOS device in a compatible format.


Even though there are many free ways to transfer your data from your Android to iOS devices. They are all very time-consuming and hard to handle. And also very easy cause errors that most people don’t know how to correct them. If you don’t want to lose your important data and waste your time on waiting, you should think about changing your data transfer method.

Method 2: Transfer data from Android to iOS by using the dr.fone – Phone Transfer in 1-click

The dr.fone – Phone Transfer is not free. But it is well designed Android to iOS device data transfer software. Users can use it to move music, videos, photos and SMS between your Android and iOS devices. dr.fone – Phone Transfer can also convert your incompatible music format to a playable format on your devices directly.

All the functions can be done in just one click.

Now download the dr.fone on your computer and learn how to use it in the next part.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1. Connect both your devices to your computer.

After downloading this tool on your Windows computer, you only need to follow the installation guide to have dr.fone on your computer. You will get a primary window on your screen. And you should also launch the latest version iTunes on your computer to help dr.fone – Phone Transfer transfer data.

Use USB cables to connect your Android and iOS devices to your computer. Then you can see the Android device displayed on the primary screen as the Source on the left side and the right side would be your iOS devices as Destination.

android to iOS data transfer

There is a “Flip” tab in the middle of the primary window. You can click it to Phone Transfer position of your Source and Destination devices.

Note: dr.fone-Phone Transfer is fully compatible with all different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone (Windows Phone only for Windows).

Step 2. Transfer data from Android to iOS directly

The previous step is almost all the work you need to do before you click “Start Transfer” to transfer data. You can see a process bar to tell you how much work dr.fone had done. This tool will finish it work very quickly. You only need to click “OK” at the last step.

transfer data from android to ios

Note: SMS on the Android phone can be exported to iPhone. But not iPad or iPod touch.

See, you can transfer all your contacts, videos, music, SMS text messages and photos from Android to iPhone 12/11 (Pro)/XS (Max)/XR/X/8(Plus)/7(Plus)/6S(Plus)/6(Plus)/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS in batch easily now.

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