A Comprehensive Guide to Convert AAX to MP3

Are you looking for a complete guide on how to convert AAX to MP3? Do you need the best software to convert any audio file from one format to another? Well, this article comprises all the information you need. Read on!

You may need to convert an audio file from one format to another due to various reasons. Regardless of the reason, it is really important to find a reliable software to do so. We have come across a large range of audio converters with different types of features. So, it can be difficult for a novice user to select the best software out of the rest. However, this article reveals the best methods and most powerful software tools to get your audio conversion done.

What are the AAX files?

.aax is a specific file format that can be opened using certain applications only. In other words, .aax is not a universal file format. This file format is integrated with Audible Enhanced Audiobook. Audible is the company that introduced aax. file format to the world. These files generally come as multimedia files that may or may not have images, links, and a timeline. If you intend to play .aax files on every-day audio players, you will have to convert them into MP3.

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Part 1. Convert AAX to MP3 using Wondershare UniConverter in 1-Click

Converting a .aax file is pretty simple only if you have the right type of software. You should remember that not all the software applications can read “.aax” format. So, it is specifically important to select a powerful tool to get the conversion done correctly. This is exactly why we recommend Wondershare’s UniConverter for any reader. This specific software has all the power and features to convert AAX to MP3 and other universal file formats. In fact, Wondershare UniConverter is compatible with over 1000 file formats used in the industry. What’s more, this software works 30 times faster compared to the other audio converters you will come across. It doesn’t drop the quality of the videos or audios when converted. So, Wondershare UniConverter has enough characteristics to be ranked as the best converter.

Features of Wondershare UniConverter

Now, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with Wondershare UniConverter.

  • It is capable of converting MP3 to MIDI, AVCHD to MP4, FLV2MP4 & converting files into more than 1000 file formats
  • Let you reduce the sizes of the files simply by trimming the videos
  • It also can adjust the frame rate, bitrate, and resolution of the files you are converting
  • You can use it to burn videos into playable DVD
  • It offers you DVD templates as well
  • You can use Wondershare UniConverter to download videos from internet sources
  • It can also record video recording files from various sites
  • Highly versatile collection of tools that can perform various tasks including fixing video metadata
  • It comes with a built-in GIF maker, VR Converter, Cast Video to TV and plenty of other features
  • You can use this mp4 compressor to stream the videos from your computer (Mac or Windows) to other devices
  • It works perfectly well with all the Windows and Mac operating systems used today

Download UniConverter

How to convert AAX to MP3 using Wondershare UniConverter

Now that you know how powerful this MP4 to iPhone X Video converter is. Let’s see how to convert an AAX to MP3.

01. As the first step, you should download Wondershare UniConverter into your computer and get it installed.

02. Now, launch the software to see its main screen. Then, find the option called “Convert” and click on it. Under that, you should select “Converting” and then go to “Add Files”. Then, navigate to the AAX files and load them. Click on the option “Open” to proceed to the conversion process.

03. You should now click on the icon that has the appearance of a triangle (inverted). Select “Audio” and then go to “MP3”. You should now select the output quality of the file.

You can further adjust the settings of the file simply by clicking on the “Create Custom” option. It will open up a “Settings” window. Once you are done with the settings, you should click on “Create”.

04. If you need to convert multiple files instead of just one, you should select “Convert All”. If not, you can click on “Convert” corresponding to each of the AAX file icons and do it. At the completion of the conversion, you can click on the tab labeled “Converted” and see the output file.

Convert AAX to MP3

Well, it doesn’t take much effort to convert AAX to MP3 file format, does it? Wondershare UniConverter is surely among the best tools that convert various types of files into others.

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Get UniConverter

Part 2. How to Convert AAX to MP3 online

If you don’t want to download software to convert AAX to MP3, you have another option. However, we don’t think that this is not the best option for a professional task. This method can be useful if you intend to convert a file randomly for some basic work. Instead of using professional software like Wondershare Video Converter, you can use an online tool. This is a relatively easier method to convert AAX to MP3. So, if you are looking for a simplified, web-based audio converter, here’s a solution. In this case, we will be using a website called “Convertio” to convert your audio files.

01. As the first step, you should open a web browser of your preference and visit “Convertio” official website.

Online AAX to MP3 Converter

02. Select the icon that has a computer on it and navigates to AAX file you need to convert. Now, you will need to choose both the input and output format. In this case, the input format will be AAX and output should be MP3. If necessary, you can convert multiple files using this method.

03. Click on “Convert” to start the process. The AAX file on your computer will be uploaded into the website, and it will then be converted into an MP3 file. You may notice that this method is relatively easier compared to the previous option. However, the time it takes is more, and the dependability of the tool is less when compared to Wondershare.

Part 3. Remove DRM from AAX Audiobook

In general, all the AAX Audiobook files come with a DRM (Digital Right Management). It is a kind of protection that comes with AAX files. With the presence of DRM, one cannot necessarily distribute AAX Audiobooks. Also, AAX files aren’t playable on common audio players because of this DRM. Therefore, if you need to play AAX file on an audio player, you need to remove DRM protection.

The best option you can try to remove DRM from AAX is Aimersoft DRM Media Converter. This software is specifically designed to remove DRM protection from AAX files. In other words, it can be considered as an AAX converter. With the assistance of this tool, you can simply rip off DRM protection from AAX Audiobooks. It guarantees a high-quality output too. In addition to that, this software can rip DRM license from various other files including iTunes. Once the conversion is completed, you can easily transfer the output MP3 files into any portable device to play.

Well, that is how to convert AAX to MP3 using reliable software, an online tool, and a DRM removal tool.


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