Cocospy Review – Everything to Know About Cocospy

If you are confused about whether to use Cocospy, this Cocospy review is right for you. iPhones give every developer a spying headache until they come up with a solution to counter this problem.

Today, we have spy applications that tell users everything that is happening on the target device. The best part about some applications is that they do not need any installation or download. These applications are absolutely safe to employ as they do not ask for a jailbreak.

However, choosing the best application is quite a tough task. We have lots of options available out there; users sometimes pick up the wrong app. Here, we will discuss Cocospy, an incredible spy application that most users employ across the globe. As per Cocospy’s official website, they have about one million active users.

Part 1: Cocospy Review: What is Cocospy?


Cocospy has become a popular application in the spy world. With this application, users can monitor their children’s offline and active activities or other loved ones. Even though this application was designed for parental control, it is even beneficial for people who like to track their co-workers and spouses.

This spy application allows you to monitor call logs, text messages, and chats on the target phone’s social media apps. This app features an in-built GPS functionality that lets you find the misplaced or lost device.

Along with offering real-time and accurate information, this application also secures your data. No one can view the target phone’s activities apart from the main user. Not just that, but the company does not save the data on any server. Thus, people can employ this spy application without thinking about security issues.

How Much Cocospy Costs?

In this Cocospy review, you will know about the different subscription plans of Cocospy. The application features six plans, where three are for Android and the other three for iOS.











$59.99/3 months
$69.99/3 months
$99.99/3 months




$79.99/3 months
$199.99/3 months
$699.99/3 months

Cocospy offers a money-back guarantee for three days on all the plans. So, choose a perfect subscription plan from these different options based on your requirements. Compared to other well-known spy trackers, this application offers more spying features and is a bit less expensive.

How Much Cocospy Costs

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Part 2: Cocospy Review: Spying Features of Cocospy

In this Cocospy review, it is time to know about the spying features of Cocospy. Here are the things that users can track using Cocospy.

  • Call Tracker: Users can track every outgoing and incoming call along with the call duration. Also, this application shows the saved phone contacts.
  • SMS Tracker: Users can read every outgoing, incoming, and even deleted SMS. It even tracks the SIM Card location and information.
  • View Gallery: With Cocospy, people can see the saved videos and photos on the target smartphone.
  • Installed Applications: This application lets you see the installed applications on the monitored device, which allows you to see what all third-party apps the target user uses.
  • Location Tracker: Users can track the real-time location of the target device with the coordinates. Plus, there is an option for geofencing. The application sends alerts when the device moves out of the restricted zones.
  • Track Facebook messages: Cocospy lets you read Facebook messages. Not just Facebook, but this app also tracks LINE and WhatsApp messages.
  • Track Web Browser History: Users can see the browser’s history, including the website descriptions, timestamps, and most visited sites.
  • Track Social Media Platforms: With Cocospy, users can track the activities of all social media applications like Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and others.
  • iPhone Keylogger: The app records the key details on the phone. This feature could be used for collecting usernames and passwords of the target phone.

Along with these features, the best thing about this app is that users do not have to root or jailbreak the target iOS or Android device. This saves your time as every feature works without jailbreaking or rooting the device.

In addition, Cocospy works in stealth mode. Most spying applications claim they work remotely. However, they cause your phone to restart, dry the battery, slow down, and even let the target user that they are being tracked. On the other hand, Cocospy is a great spy app that is pretty difficult to detect.

Its iOS version functions completely via the web browser. For using this version, users do not need to download any application. Also, its Android version requires you to download a 2MB application on the target device. After installing this app, you can hide this application. This application will run in the background without employing many resources.

Part 3: Cocospy Review: How to Use Cocospy for Spying

First, Cocospy does not need downloading, jailbreaking, or installation when you have to spy on iOS devices. To track the device, you just need the iCloud details of the target phone. Before you start monitoring, you must ensure that you have turned on the iCloud sync option and disabled the two-step verification. Once done, the monitoring process turns out to be a seamless experience.

Besides, we will learn more about how to spy on someone Using Cocospy and how to figure out someone’s Instagram password with ease.

Now, have a look at the stepwise guide to understanding how to use this application hassle-free.

Step 1: Visit Cocospy

In the first place, visit Cocospy’s official website and create a new account by putting in an active email address and set up a password.

Visit CocoSpy

Step 2: Buy Cocospy Subscription

Choose and buy the subscription based on your needs. The premium subscription is great for spying on one device, and the family subscription allows you to spy over three smartphones.

Step 3: Enter the Details

If you like to spy on Android devices, you will require physical access to the phone for five minutes. Now, install the application on the phone and hide the same after installation.

Enter Details

If the device is an iOS one, just configure the credentials of iCloud of that device. Here, you do not require to access the device physically.

Login iCloud

Step 4: Start Spying

Once done, log into the Cocospy account on your device. After that, the application will show the results through an online dashboard. It is entirely compatible with all web browsers, implying that users can employ any nearest device with internet connectivity to view the target device’s activities.

Users will come across options for tracking text messages, browsing history, GPS locations, social platforms’ activities, and much more from its dashboard. Also, you are the sole viewer of all of these activities, and no other person could see it. This spy application does not save any result or activity on its servers. This makes the app so secure and safe to use.

How to Use Cocospy for Spying

So, this is it! Now, you can spy on any device using Cocospy. After reading this Cocospy review, you will be able to use the app effortlessly.

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Part 4: Cocospy Review: Why Employ Cocospy for Spying iPhones

As you know, there are many other applications out there using which you can spy on iOS devices. In this Cocospy review, it is time to know why you should go with Cocospy than the rest.

● Fast Set-Up

Cocospydoes do not take more than 5 minutes to begin spying on iOS devices. All you have to do is to register and begin spying on the target device.

● No Jailbreak

To spy using Cocospy, there is no need to jailbreak your device. Thus, this app does not require tampering with iOS for spying. This makes it easy to spy on the target iOS device!

● Complete Stealth Mode

As Cocospy employs iCloud ID for spying on the target device, no one will detect the app. It does not require downloading any application. Thus, it functions completely in stealth mode without letting the target user know about it.

● Real-Time Updates

This application delivers the results immediately as the actions happen.

● Reliable Application

When syncing the data, Cocospy does not take much battery. It is even safe as only users can access this information.

● Remote Uninstallation

If you do not want to employ Cocospy any longer, it is easy to uninstall the app remotely through its control panel.

Conclusion on Cocospy Review

If you have been searching for the best spy application for Android or iOS devices, your search will be over. Cocospy is a great tool for tracking any Android or iOS device. The best thing about this spy app is that there is no need to jailbreak or root your device. This makes it simpler to track iPhones than you thought before. Today, millions of users use this application in over 190 countries, and this number is still expanding.

This Cocospy review states that this app provides lots of features for spying call logs, messages, and other activities without physically accessing the device. Once you get the iCloud ID of the phone you like to spy on. This is all that needs to employ Cocospy. So, this spy application is what you need to keep an eye on your loved ones. Download Cocospy now and enjoy its amazing spying features!

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