How to Clear Out Junk Files on iOS / Android / Windows / Mac

It is really annoying to have the litter files & junk files on the devices, which usually makes the devices to act slowly and sometimes crash. It is advisable to clean them regularly. But to start that, you have to do a spring clean on them. Here are the detailed tutorials you may need if you want a spring clean.

PS: here, you will learn more about How to Clear Cookies on Mac and How to Get Rid of Junk Files on Mac with ease.

Part 1. Clear out your Windows computer – Delete junk file on Windows

There is a built-in tool in the Windows computer called the Disk Cleanup.
Step 1. Run the tool we said just now on your computer. You can find it easily in the Accessories folder of the START menu.


Step 2. Then you can choose all the litter files you want to delete, and click on “Delete Files”.


Part 2. Clear out your Mac computer – Delete junk files on Mac

You can turn to the Disk Utility on your Mac computer.
Step 1. Choose the “Applications” and find the “Utilities”, where you can see the “Disk Utility” tool. Click on it to launch it.

Step 2. After that, you will see the primary interface pop up. You need to click on “First Aid”.


Step 3. Then, click on the button reading “verify the disk permissions” so that you are allowed to clear out all the litter files on your Mac.


Part 3. Clear out your Android phone – Delete junk files on Android

If you don’t clean your phone often, it will get more and more slowly, because the store space of a phone is much smaller than a computer. For an Android phone, you can do as this.


Step 1. Go to “Settings”, and then find “General and Storage”. Now you can see the storage situation of your phone, including the Pictures, Music, Videos, Apps, and other files.

Step 2. If you want to delete all the litter files, you can click all the items there. And you can also choose to clean only a part of them.

Step 3. Then, you will see a message box asking you to confirm the action of cleaning. Just click on “OK” and it will clean your phone automatically.

Part 4. Clear out your iPhone – Delete junk file on iOS

1.Files of apps

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Manage Storage > Documents and Data

Step 2. Then you can see all the items that you can delete. Just choose the one that you want to delete.

2.Files in the Safari’s cache

The files caching can help you to browse faster on the Internet, but they also make your phone slow. So you’d better clean it regularly.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Safari > History and Website Data.


Step 2. Choose to Clear History and Data.

Step 3. If you have agreed on “Accepting Cookies”, you will have a lot of cookies, and you can clean them too.


Part 5. What if some important files are deleted by accident

When we are clearing out our devices, it is possible that we delete some files of importance by accident. To get back these files, you can turn to the professional recovery tool called the dr.fone – Android Data Recovery or dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery, which can help you to recover data from the iPhone, Android device and the Windows computer. And it is easy to use. Just have a try.

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