How to Clear Cache on iPhone 7 / 8 / X / XR / XS / 11

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The iPhone devices are probably among the smoothest phones that the world has ever seen. But, even with their greatness, there are instances when your iPhone can feel a bit junky and work slower than before. This issue happens due to the junk files and logs as a result of the different applications you have in your device. That’s why clear cache iPhone is very important.

This is the very reason why iPhone users are interested in learning and knowing how to clear cache on iPhone since any unnecessary files can make your iPhone storage full, making it work slower. Take note that an overloaded cache can affect the overall performance of your device. As a result, you probably fail to get live notifications on your favorite app, or you are possibly having a hard time installing new apps on your gadget. But, there is no need for you to worry as there are several simple, easy and proven effective methods that can help you clear cache iPhone or other devices.

1st Part: Clear Cache iPhone of your Safari Browser

The cache of a browser plays a very important role in the general performance not only of your iPhone but also of your iPad. In order to clear cache iPhone, you can get started with Safari cache. When clearing the cache of your Safari browser, below are the steps you have to follow:

  • 1. Go to the Settings option and look for the Safari logo.
  • 2. Click on the Safari logo to be directed to a new list of Safari’s view show settings.
  • 3. Scroll down to find the Clear History, and Website data option then click on that option.

Performing these steps can clear cache on iPhone which includes cookies, browsing history, and all the credentials you saved on various sites. This way, your Safari browser is going to be like a brand new one all over again.

2nd Part: Clear Caches of Apps on Your iPhone

There is actually no proper way to clear the cache on each and every app on your iPhone device. But, for you to get rid of file data and clear any cache on your device, below are the steps that you have to perform:

1. Get started by downloading the professional versions of iMyfone Umate Pro. See to it that you pick the compatible version for your Mac or PC.

Download iMyfone Umate Pro

2. Run the program then connect your device to it.

3. Click the Junk Files option from the 1-Click Free Up Space tab then scan your device.

4. Next, tap on the Clean button. The program will then start clearing up the useless junk files on your gadget, including the app caches.

The best thing about iMyfone Data Eraser is that you can clear all junk files from your iPhone with no need to spend even a single dime.

3rd Part: Clean the Memory of Your iPhone

When you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod full of music files, videos, and apps, there is a tendency for your device to get a bit slower. It is a bit difficult to manage your device’s storage manually for your device to run smooth. There are two important tips you have to know to clear cache iPhone.

  • 1. You can go through your video files and photos and choose those that you like to delete. Deleting large files of videos can give you more free space.
  • 2. You may also get rid of the old music files that you do not like to listen anymore. For you to manage the storage, you may open the Music app and choose the music you like to get rid of. If you want to clean out the tracks in an album, you may do this by swiping this to the left.

4th Part: Get Deep Cleanup for Your iPhone

All methods that were discussed above are very useful, yet several users cannot perform such steps in an effective manner. Therefore, the 1-click and easy solution of utilizing iMyfone iPhone data eraser is never a bad choice whenever you want to clear cache iPhone. It will also help you clean your device and give you lots of free space.

Clearing up the junk files is the only basic cleanup for your iDevice. For you to give your iPhone a boost, you may maximize the use of storage and protect your privacy. You must also know more about the powerful functions of iMyfone and these include the following:

  • Delete in Bulk – one-click to mass delete different videos/apps/photos from your iPhone to free up big storage. Still, videos and photos will be backed up.
  • Compress the Photos on Your iPhone – photo compression may release seventy-five percent of your photo space, and you will have an automatic backup for the original photos on your computer.
  • Clear Up Any Temporary and Invisible Junk Files – equipped with an exceptional cleaning technique. The program may clear up temporary and junk files hidden in every app. As a matter of fact, to clear up every app cache on iPhone completely, you’re suggested strongly to get rid of the temporary files.
  • Erase the Deleted Files Permanently – the deleted files may still be recovered using the data recovery tool. To get rid of any privacy leak and free up space, we need to erase such files in a permanent manner.
  • Delete the Private Data – private and sensitive messages, notes, chat history on WhatsApp, voice memos, videos, photos, and so on can be deleted by this program and the data deleted can’t be erased by any app.

Just consider downloading iMyfone Umate Pro, then begin cleaning your iPhone. Follow these steps that will be used for clearing iPhone cache and memory:

1. Start by Connecting iDevice to Your PC

Launch the iMyfone Umate app on your Mac or PC. After that, connect your iPhone.

2. Scan Your iPhone

After you have launched the software, click on Quick Scan option. This will start scanning your iDevice. Once the process of scanning is completed, it’ll show all junk files that eat up your storage.

3. 1-Click to Clean

Now that you already have the list of every junk file including the photo caches, crash logs, temporary download files, cookies, app caches, and much more. You may choose any of those and click on clean as well as iMyfone Umate will clean every file in just a few seconds giving you tons of free space.

The process of clearing cache on your iPhone is never a difficult task. With the use of simple and convenient software like iMyfone Umate Pro, you will be able to clear cache iPhone and clear cache on iPad successfully and effectively without the need for you to deal with any issues. The only thing you should do and remember is to follow the steps properly. In this way, you can be assured that you will get your desired results in no time, enabling you to experience peace of mind when clearing cache. Also, once you’ve done it correctly, you will enjoy a lot of benefits.

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