Chrome Not Playing Sound? Let’s Fix It Effortlessly

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Of course, there is no comparison between Google Chrome and other web browsers when it comes to playing online media files like movies or videos from sites like YouTube and Netflix; however, you might face some issues if you come across the error ‘Chrome not playing sound‘. As irritating as it might sound, you can easily fix the Chrome not playing sound error; all you need to do is look for the source of the problem.

If you are facing sound problems while watching videos online, many different solutions will thankfully help you solve the problem of Chrome not playing sound. You will find a lot of online help and tips over the web that you can do even if you are not a genius. Or else, you can make use of dedicated repair tools that will help you restore old and corrupted videos so that you can watch movies/videos and get your dose of entertainment without any issues.

Part 1: Chrome not playing sound – What are the causes?

There are several reasons why you face the particular Chrome not playing sound problem. In most of these cases, it could only be your Google Chrome web browser that can be the cause of the issue itself. Let us check some common issues.

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1. Adobe Flash

At times, your Adobe Flash player might get outdated, especially if you do not update it regularly. If you get a prompt message asking you to update your Flash player, do it. Once done, the video should start working back again, with the sound.

2. Computer software

It is a possibility that you might delete a .dll file from your computer, or a software application might have turn corrupted. In case Chrome not playing sound, you might have to install your Chrome browser.

3. Clear cache files

Chrome not playing sound problem might also arise because of the storage of excessive cache files. All these temporary files might interrupt with the normal working of your Chrome browser. You need to clear your cache and, if required, reinstall your browser as well.

4. Computer driver

One of the reasons why you see Chrome not playing sound error is because your sound driver is not installed properly or has gone corrupted. In this case, you will have to reinstall the sound driver of your computer system. This could help you restore the sound the way it was before.

5. Volume mixer

If the sound is not working on your laptop, computer, or Chrome, you need to check whether the volume mixer is not muted or has its volume lowered. You can rectify the volume mixer error easily to watch online videos with sound.

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Part 2: Chrome not playing sound – How to solve this problem?

Even if you see Chrome not playing sound error after trying out the rectification methods mentioned above, you might have to work and solve the problem in other ways. Before you make use of these methods, you need to ensure that the volume bar of your system is not muted. You also need to ensure that your sound driver is working on the browser that you use on your laptop/computer.

Method 1: Repairing videos that have no audio by default to fix ‘Chrome Not Playing Sound’

If your video file is corrupted and cannot play the sound, you will have to get to its roots and fix the corruption to restore the audio. The best tool available today is Wondershare Video Repair; with its help, you will be able to fix up any video with no sounds almost immediately.

Additionally, you can also correct a lot of other issues like interruptions in video playbacks or frozen videos. Wondershare Video Repair is considered one of the best methods, and you do not even have an internet connection for the tool.

Get Wondershare Video Repair

Wondershare Video Repair is considered one of the top choices for fixing many different file formats ranging from MP4, 3GP, and MTS to M4V and MOV. There are a lot of instances when your video files can get corrupted, especially when you are shooting, editing, processing, or simply transferring the file. Also, there are no restrictions on file sizes and/or qualities.

● Step 1: Add the corrupted video

In this section, you need to add the video file that is corrupted into the repairing software.

● Step 2: Repairing process

Once the damaged video has been uploaded, you need to tap on the repair button. The repairing process should start immediately.

● Step 3: Saving the repaired file

After the whole process is completed, you can preview the file to check the repairs and save it on your laptop/computer.

Advance video repair

Wondershare Video Repair also has an advanced video repair option that will help you fix videos that cannot be fixed by simple repairing methods. You will find a lot of repairing solutions here, like interactive GUI features that can help you solve a wide range of video problems.

● Step 1: Adding the corrupted video

In this section, you need to add the corrupted video file into the repairing software.

● Step 2: Repairing process

Once you tap on the repair button, you will see a prompt window; this will allow you to save the video before the corresponding advance settings and then tap on the ‘Yes‘ button.

Method 2: Chrome not playing sound – How to solve this problem?

Most of Chrome not playing sound errors can be simply solved by changing your playback settings. This means that the sound, which is supported to be directed to the speakers (or any other output), is not connected the way it should. In these cases, you will find error statements that will notify you that the speakers are not connected properly.

In Wondershare Video Repair, you will have the chance to make some changes in the corrupted video files via the advance repair option. At first, you need to shoot some videos on an external device (like your mobile phone) and then send them over to Recoverit. The software will then deduce a solution by watching the video and will make the required changes to the corrupted video file.
Let us check how to change the playback settings:

● Step 1: Head to the Control Panel

You first need to head to the control panel by typing Control Panel on your laptop/computer’s search option.

● Step 2: Look for the Sound option

Once you have opened the Control Panel, you need to tap on the Sounds setting. A separate window should open where you need to tap on the Configure button and check if everything is set up fine.

● Step 3: Finishing the setup process

After tapping on the Configure button, you will enter the speaker setup dashboard. Here, you need to tap on the Stereo option and then on Next. Please ensure that you do not click on anything else.

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Method 3: Clearing out the cache and the cookies to fix ‘Chrome Not Playing Sound’

Most of the time, Chrome not playing sound problems might occur due to the overload of unwanted cookies and cache in your system. Hence, removing them can be a possible solution if your Chrome web browser is unable to play audio while the video is working perfectly fine. Because of cache and cookies, you might also get the Error-500 message, which is an internal server error.

● Step 1: Tap on the menu bar of Google Chrome

First, you need to open up Google Chrome and then head to the options button located on the upper-right corner. Here, head to the History option.

● Step 2: Clearing your browsing data

On the left, you should see an option that reads as ‘Clear browsing data.’ You need to tap on this option.

● Step 3: Choose the checkboxes

On tapping the Clear browsing data button, another prompt window will open up where you need to choose what you need to delete. Here, select the options Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data. Tap on Clear Data to complete the process.

Method 4: Updating the audio driver of your device to fix ‘Chrome Not Playing Sound’

The audio driver is considered one of the most important drivers in your computing system. It receives the signals from your system and converts them into an audible sound that we listen via our speakers or headphones. The driver also allows you to make use of an external soundcard for facilitating audio output properly.

With the audio driver’s help, you will be able to play different types of sounds used on a wide range of projects like music production, simple gaming, PowerPoint presentation, etc.

If Chrome not playing sound error occurs while you are watching a movie on Netflix, it could be a possibility that the error has originated from your system’s sound drive. It could also mean that your driver has not been updated for a long time. Follow the steps mentioned below to solve this issue:

● Step 1: Head to Device Manager

Simply tap on the Windows key and X-button to open Device Manager windows on your screen.

● Step 2: Search for the Sound option

You need to look for the Sound option on the dashboard of the Device Manager.

● Step 3: Updating the driver

Once you find the Sound option, you need to tap on right-click and then on Update driver.

Method 5: Re-installing Google Chrome to fix ‘Chrome Not Playing Sound’

If Chrome not playing sound error occurs, you might have to reinstall the web browser itself. Thankfully, the process is quite fast and will most likely resolve the problem.

● Step 1: Tap on the Windows key and R button

This should open up a dialogue box where you need to type in ‘appwiz.cpl.’ Then you need to tap on the OK button.

● Step 2: Uninstalling Google Chrome

Once a new window opens up, you need to look for Google Chrome. Once you locate it, you need to tap on the Uninstall button.

● Step 3: Reinstalling Chrome

You can now use other browsers like Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox to download a fresh version of Google Chrome and install it on your computer/laptop.

Method 6: Sound troubleshooting

Another reason why you could receive the Chrome not playing sound error is that the sound mix is not right in your system. If you can correct it manually, you will be able to watch videos on Chrome with proper sounds.

● Step 1: Opening the system settings

You need to right-click on the Start Menu, where you will see an entry ‘System.’ Tap here.

● Step 2: Tap on the option Sound

You then need to tap on the option Sound and increase the volume bar, if it is set to minimum.

● Step 3: Tapping on Troubleshoot

After you tap on the Troubleshoot button, let the system run its course, and any sound problem you might have had should be resolved.

Method 7: You need to choose the correct output device

In some cases, there are chances that Chrome not playing sound error is caused by plugging in the wrong output device. Hence, you need to solve this problem if you want to hear sounds while playing videos on Chrome.

● Step 1: Open the Windows Settings

Go to the Start menu and open the Windows Settings. From here, tap on the Sounds settings.

● Step 2: Tapping on the right speaker option

Here, you need to choose the right output device. Once you tap on the right device, you can check whether the problem is solved or not.

● Step 3: Heading to the advanced option

In case you still face any problem, you can head to the Advanced Setting option. Here, you can increase the volume of Google Chrome individually.

Method 8: Using the volume mixer to fix ‘Chrome Not Playing Sound’

For fixing the Chrome not playing sound error in Windows 10, you can make use of the volume mixer. Adjusting the volume of Windows 10 is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

● Step 1: Opening the Sound menu

You need to go to the Taskbar and tap on the Sound icon.

● Step 2: Tap on the Volume mixer

Here, you simply need to tap on the Volume mixer and look at the pre-defined level of the volume.

● Step 3: Changing the volume of Chrome

All you have to do now is increase or decrease the volume on Chrome according to the desired levels.

Method 9: Using Chrome’s guest profile

In case you cannot hear any sound on Chrome, you can simply log out of your Chrome profile and log in as a guest user.

● Step 1: Open Google Chrome

You first need to open Google Chrome on your system.

● Step 2: Log out of your existing account

If you are logged into your existing account, you can either log out of your account of surf it in the guest mode.

● Step 3: Open any video on a new tab

Once you are logged in as a new account, you can open any tab and play a video. You should not face any Chrome not playing sound error.

Method 10: Trying a different speaker or headphone

It is possible that the headphone or speaker device you are using might be damaged. In this case, you might have to purchase new accessories.

● Step 1: Connecting the speakers/headphones

You first need to connect your speakers or headphones on the dedicated earphone out jack.

● Step 2: Change the settings

You need to head to the taskbar on the right-hand side of Windows to change the speakers’ volume levels.

Part 3: Chrome not playing sound – How to prevent this problem?

There are many ways that you can solve the Chrome not playing sound problem. Some of these steps include:

  • Always check the connections of your speakers. This is the first thing you need to do when your sound is not working on Chrome or anywhere else in the system.
  • You can try muting the tabs on your Chrome and then hear if the volume is working on the tab where the video is being played
  • You must choose the right audio devices if you want to get the best sound quality when playing videos on Chrome.
  • It is also possible that sound might resume working if you keep clearing out the cache periodically from your system.

Final thoughts

When it comes to Chrome not playing sound error, there are a lot of methods that can help you solve the problem. However, you can make use of Wondershare Video Repair for the best result. The tool has earned many great online reviews and is considered the best in the market for this job.

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