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Having a suspicion about your partner/s loyalty and activities is quite an uneasy feeling. No one would want to see themselves in such a doubtful situation. You would be seeking many answers to obtain some clarity on the matter. You might have tried a variety of methods to catch the person at fault. Even nothing has seemed to work till now, then do not worry. You can blindly trust any catch a cheater app mentioned here. Certainly, it will prove to be beneficial for you.

Part 1: The best catch a cheater app

A variety of applications exist nowadays which can help you in catching a partner who is cheating on you. Each kind of application has its own features, pros, and cons. But the most useful, beneficial, and multifunctional applications for catching a cheater are Android Spy app, Connect, and Cheating Spouse Tracker. Before you decide to choose one, know that the most reliable and the app which tops the list is KidsGuard. It is the best among all free keylogger for Android apps present for such purpose.


KidsGuard Pro is the most amazing relationship tracker and catch a cheater app. It is extremely admired by a large number of people as it is quite effective in spying a person who is cheating on you. It comes with quite a number of features that have helped many people find out if their better half is cheating on them. If you would want to describe this application in just three words, then they would be flexibility, versatility, and convenience. It is the best multifunctional tool for spying on someone.

What does KidsGuard do?

KidsGuard is a catch a cheater app is widely known among people due to its versatile features. Using this application, you can straight away monitor the mobile of your partner by checking the complete call history of that device. You can also see private Facebook photos and view a private Facebook profile, Hack Facebook without survey, hack Line password &  check the entire call log in chronological order.

Through the call logs, you will also be able to analyze and discover the people who are most contacted by your partner. Information about the receipt of calls, dates, and their duration is also easily discoverable through this application. These apps leave nothing which you cannot discover or know which your partner is doing using their mobile device.

How to make use of this catch a cheater app?

KidsGuard can be used for a variety of other purposes too. This Boyfriend Tracker can help you in supervising your teenagers. This can prove to be a great help for protection against cyber threats, internet bullying, and many other disastrous effects of social media. Moreover, KidsGuard is a helpful application for solving all kinds of cheating mysteries. The procedure of using this  GPS tracker for kids application is mentioned below in detail.

1. The first thing you need to do to be able to use this wonderful application is to set up your account on it. Setting an account on KidsGuard will not take you much time. For the creation of one, you have two options to choose one. You can create your account straightaway into the application or create it on KidsGuard’s website itself.

Create KidsGuard Account

2. The next step after the creation of an account, which enables you to use a catch a cheater app is the installation of the specific program on your partner’s android device. This will help you with monitoring the activities of your partner through that particular device. Ensure that you provide all the required information and do not forget to feed in a name on the very first page of its Setup Wizard. Writing the name will help you with identifying the target with ease.

KidsGuard Pro
3. Now you need to install KidsGuard’s application and also change the required setting on the target’s mobile device. For doing this, you need to first go to the Settings then security, and after that, you need to give permission for the installation of an application from an unknown source.

4. After this, you need to make a download of the APK edition or version of that particular application on your mobile device. Once it is downloaded, click on the “Install” tab.

5. After its installation, you need to click on the icon of it for feeding in your KidsGuard’s credentials. This will enable you to log-in. You need to also grant the required permissions for letting the application work seamlessly.

6. Next, you need to turn on the mobile device administration. This will enable you to start with the monitoring of the targeted device. After it’s enabled, delete the application’s icon. This will make it run or work in a stealth mode.

7. Access the particular device’s control panel dashboard for synchronizing it, which are enabled you to see all of the data. On its dashboard, you can view the call logs, contact names, phone numbers, the call duration of each call, and much other stuff that will help you in figuring out whether your spouse is cheating on you. Although, you need to make sure that the tracked Android device has a working internet connection for enabling you to have access to its data.

catch a cheater app - KidsGuard

KidsGuard Demo

Part 2: Most useful GPS tracking catch a cheater app

Apart from mobile device spying applications, you can also make use of GPS tracking applications which would enable a person to keep track of the exact location of your spouse throughout the time. There exist two; most commonly used applications as a catch a cheater app. They are described below in detail.

mSpy – A Useful Mobile Tracker

mSpy is compatible with Android devices and IOS. It is a GPS tracking application that helps you with keeping track of a mobile phone device. You just need to obtain the entire iCloud account credentials of your partner for being able to track his or her location with ease.

catch a cheater app - mSpy

  • Geo-fencing characteristics will enable you to receive an instant alert each time your partner leaves a set territory. You can set or predefine this territory in advance.
  • GPS tracking feature lets you track the precise location or position of the mobile device which you have targeted. This will enable you to stay informed about your partner’s whereabouts at all times.
Installation of the program can be done privately through logging in the control panel of your device. You need to choose all the preferred options and follow each step that comes your way. You can only access the GPS tracking data if the said targeted device has a working internet connection or is linked to a Wi-Fi connection. Click on the “Back up now” option for letting mSpy application synchronize all of the information with your own account. After this, you can start keeping track of the exact location of the targeted device.

Get mSpy

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TruthSpy is a Hidden Spy Application which can be used for mobile tracking of an Android device. It is an amazing catch a cheater app using which you can monitor your employees, ensure complete parental control on the cell phone, or catch a cheating spouse. It also acts as an SMS tracker and lets you track every SMS which is sent or received by the person which you have targeted. Moreover, it is compatible with both IOS and Android as well. It can be downloaded from its website. TruthSpy features are discussed below in detail.

catch a cheater app - TheTruthSpy

  • Multimedia files which are shared by the targeted mobile device such as images and videos can be monitored. Such a feature proves to be very useful for parents of teenagers and employers
  • Alert can be set for each and every activity of the targeted device. You will receive instant notifications for the same
  • Restriction can be put on the usage of the net by a targeted person. Unnecessary access and usage of websites which are not related to work can drastically leave an impact on the employee’s productivity. This is checked through such a restriction
  • Monitoring can be done on all of the internet actions or activities by a user
  • GPS tracker helps in acquiring the precise location of the tracked person 24*7
  • Spying can be done on all calls. Each and every detail can be known to you using this catch a cheater app.
  • SMS spy feature helps you in receiving all the information about all text messages which are exchanged by the user.

Get TheTruthSpy

These are top 3 keylogger for Android which can help you in sorting out and getting rid of any worries and doubts regarding the loyalty of your spouse. Parents can easily keep a check on the activities of their children and keep them safe this way. You can use these applications with ease to keep a check on the activities of the desired person.

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