Broken Samsung Contacts Recovery, Just Got Easy & Straight Forward

How to Recover Contacts from Broken Samsung Phone

One problem that seems to be common with almost every Android phone user is the problem of the screen that is cracked, fallen inside the water, water penetrating it one way or the other and screen going black when Android phones are being used by us. Whenever we experience any of the above problems, the main concern will not be our broken phone but rather most importantly; it will be the data that we can’t seem to be able to assess. Such data could be our messages, contact that has been stored in the memory of the phone. On the fortunate side, we have Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android which can help a lot in the process of Broken Samsung Contacts Recovery. Here is how this one tends to work.

The need for this program is to aid people like you to have files successfully recovered from your broken Samsung phones without breaking sweat. Before the advent of this application, such a recovery was almost impossible as people were always frustrated wanting to go through the process. However, with the introduction of a package such as Wondershare Dr.Fone Android; the sky is definitely your limit when it comes to recovering your data and files from your broken or damaged Samsung device.

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Broken Samsung Contacts Recovery User Guide:

Step 1. Ensure that Dr.Fone is run on your PC.

After the process of having it successfully launched on your personal computer, you will have to locate the “Data Recovery” and then choose it as your option. Change to “Recover from Broken phone” tab Before you click on “start” button, try to ensure that you have selected the file type that you want to have Dr.Fone recovered. After you have done the selection and are very sure of it, locate the “start” button at the down part of the application and click on it to begin the process.

dr.fone Broken Samsung Contacts Recovery

If Dr.Fone Android is not well installed then it is really possible that you might have missed out on some of the steps during the installation process initially. What you will have to do is go back, uninstall the one currently on your PC and then have it reinstalled.

The reason for the stressing of this installation is that if it is not properly installed then it may not detect your Samsung device when you will want to attempt to connect.

Step 2. Selection of the fault category of your device.

After the process of choosing the file type that wants to be recovered, you will then click on next. It is at this point that you will have to identify the category of fault type that your device belongs to.

By fault type, we simply mean the fault being currently experienced by your Android Samsung device. They are of two types and you are likely to see them like this.

  • 1. “Touch doesn’t’ work. Cannot access the phone”
  • 2. “Black/Broken screen”.

You are expected to choose one of these two to go to the next stage. Make sure that you have successfully chosen the fault that your device has so as to make the process successful. This is because if you choose the wrong option then your device may not be well detected and analyzed completely for the needed data to be seen.

After choosing the fault type, a new window will popup. At this place you are expected to put the name of your Samsung device and also the model. As of the time of writing this report, this software or application is only compatible with a few Samsung models like:

  • Galaxy Tab Series
  • Galaxy Note
  • S Galaxy

After choosing the name and model of your Samsung device correctly tap the next button.

Step 3. How to enter the download mode on your Samsung device successfully.

In other to get your Samsung device into download mode, you will have to follow the step by step instructions below.

  • Switch off your phone
  • Press the following buttons: volume down, power button and home button. All these should be done simultaneously.
  • After that press the volume up and you will enter download mode.

One thing that is worthy of note here is that if you don’t follow the above instructions to the latter then you may not be able to put your Samsung phone in download mode. You need to make sure that actions that are meant to be done simultaneously are done in such manner for best results.

Step 4. Analyzing your Samsung device.

Now you can connect your Samsung device to your PC. Immediately Wondershare Dr.Fone is able to detect your device; it will automatically start analyzing it. If it doesn’t connect immediately you will have to patient with the program as it could be that your system specifications such as RAM are low. Or it could be that your system is being attacked by some malware which is slowing it down. You will have to be very patient while it tries to completely analyze your Samsung device.

Step 5. Have your contacts previewed and recovered from your broken Samsung device.

When the scanning and analyzing processes have been successfully concluded, Wondershare Dr.Fone will have all your file types displayed according to their various categories. After that, you can be given access to preview concerned files. Select the files you think are important to you. After that click on “Recover” and your data will be saved. With this method, you can rest assured that your Broken Samsung Contacts Recovery will be 100% successful.

Broken Samsung Contacts Recovery - dr.fone

There are no special skills here as you can see. Just make sure that you have religiously followed the steps from the starting point of this guide to the last part. Don’t skip any part for any reason. Once you can do all these you will get the desired results.

From the above it can be seen that no other software or program does it better than dr.fone – Android Data Recovery –  A Broken Samsung Contacts Recovery program that is very effective and user–friendly at your doorstep today to help you recover your lost files (Including recover SMS from broken Android phone).

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