Top Best Ringtone App for Android in 2020

The android market is full of apps that enable you to download or buy custom ringtones. You can use these for phone calls, notifications, alarm tones, and the like. But instead, if you want to use a song or an audio clip that isn’t accessible through their libraries, what are the options?

In such situations, apps that allow you to make your own ringtones come in handy. These apps will enable you to take any audio file – including your personal recordings – edit them to the length of a ringtone, and use them as ringtones for multiple purposes.

Read further to get to know the best ringtone app for Android.

PS: also, here, you will figure out the best MP3 to M4R converter and best ringtone maker for Android, as well as the tips for iPhone ringtone MP3 download.

#1 Best Ringtone App for Android – Ringtone Maker – MP3 Cutter

Looking for a simple MP3 editing tool or a ringtone maker? Ringtone Maker is here to make your life easier. As a free app, it may have some ads, but that shouldn’t deter you from getting the most out of this app. The app doesn’t just allow you to work with MP3 files. A host of many other popular file types can be edited, such as AAC, 3GP, M4A, and many more.

You have the freedom to edit music and audio files stored on your android device, or you could make use of the built-in app recorder and record, edit and set your custom files as ringtones. This app contains all the functions needed to get you the ringtone of your choice, and its simplicity makes it a contender for the best ringtone app for Android.

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#2 Best Ringtone App for Android – Ringtone Slicer EX

The design and user-interface make this app stand out from all other apps on this list. It has a paper-like feel and is super easy to use. Moreover, Ringtone Slicer EX also has a file explorer built into it. This feature allows you to use files stored on your android phone regardless of where they are stored.

The files are edited and stored in the waveform that makes it easier to use them as ringtones. The app also contains some of the best visual themes to choose from that will ensure that you are never bored by its looks.

The app allows easy, trimming options. However, only MP3, WAV, and AMR formats are supported. The best thing about this app is the inclusion of audio effects, audio equalizer, volume booster, and fade-in and fade-out effects. These unique elements are the selling point of this app. If you are looking for the best ringtone app for Android, Ringtone Slicer EX should take care of all your needs.

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#3 Best Ringtone App for Android – Ringtone Cutter

The files in Ringtone Cutter are displayed in the waveform that makes the job of cutting and manipulating them quite easy. A variety of file types are supported, such as AAC, 3GP, WAV, and many more.

All you have to do is to open the app, select the file from your phone, trim the section of the file to your liking, and save the file. The app also includes a media player and a built-in audio recorder. These two functions allow you to record and test your ringtone files.

As a part of our best ringtone app for the Android list, we must mention some minor drawbacks to give a balanced review. The app doesn’t allow you to access folders, and so you’re stuck with your pre-selected folders and files. You could always move your files to the right folders, but that is just extra work.

The other minor drawback is that the app contains a lot of linguistic errors since it was written by a non-English speaker. However, the mistakes aren’t so jarring, and you can still understand the menu and the prompts.

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#4 Best Ringtone App for Android – Ringdroid

Ringdroid was originally developed and published in 2008. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is the oldest app on our best ringtone app for Android list, and the user-interface clearly proves that. That said, it still allows you to edit WAV files seamlessly. Given the fact that it is a free app, it contains no ads, which is a major plus point in our point of view.

#5 Best Ringtone App for Android – Timbre

Timbre is essentially a video editing app, but it also contains audio editing features as well. Since it can edit and modify video clips, you can extract out the audio and create ringtones from video content. Timbre allows you to strip away the video content and keep only the audio of the file.

The only drawback with this app is that the audio files do not display the waveform of the file which can make editing them a little difficult. Other than that, the app works like a charm and is perhaps the best ringtone app for Android.

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6. Ringtone Maker/ MP3 Cutter

Just like the other apps on our list, this app does exactly what its name suggests. The audio files in this app can be edited in the waveform that allows you to have total precision and full control while manipulating files.

A wide variety of audio file formats are supported, including MP3, WAV, AAC, and AMR. One of the most notable features of this app is its user interface, which is very intuitive and easy to use.

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7. Audiko Ringtones

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of cutting, modifying, or downloading extra content to make your own ringtones, Audiko Ringtones is the app for you. With over two million files to choose from and download, this app deserves the title of the best ringtone app for Android.

Additionally, you can use the app to manage, modify, and edit the files in the database to create your own ringtones. The user-interface of Audiko Ringtones is visually appealing and comes with a number of features. There are no restrictions on the features that you can use.

Since this app is free, you will have to contend with ads popping up every now and then, but they do not come in the way. You can always pay for the app to have the ads removed if you want.

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8. Zedge

Zedge allows you to edit your audio clips just like most of the apps on our best ringtone app for Android list. But more than that, the app also is home to a massive library that includes audio files, ringtones, and notification audio. All you have to do is to install the app to get instant access to them. In order to use the audio clips as your ringtone, you’ll first need to download the files to your android device.

The app is completely free, which means there are bound to be a few ads that can sometimes be a bit annoying.

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9. Z Ringtone 2019

As an alternative to Zedge, Z Ringtone 2019 is the latest addition to our list of the best ringtone app for Android. It contains a large catalog of ringtones that are available for quick download. Just like most apps that are free and allow you to download ringtones, this app contains a lot of ads that can sometimes be irritating to the user. That said, the collection of ringtones are relatively decent, and you can definitely find ringtones that complement the holiday season.

The user-interface is delightful and easy to use. The app tries to mine five-star reviews so the rating that you get may be exaggerated. Still, in our testing of this app, we found many features that give it an edge over other ringtone downloading apps.

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10. Pi Music Player

The app was initially been marketed as a music player. However, it also has some decent ringtone editing capabilities. The app boasts of a variety of features like a music player, including audio equalizer, metadata support, multiple themes and backgrounds, and a beautiful user-interface.

That is all well and good, but we are chiefly interested in its audio editing and ringtone-making feature. With this app, you can take any audio file or song in your library and convert it into a notification sound or a ringtone without much effort. It may not be the best music app out there, but its ringtone editing function is definitely better than most. This feature alone makes it, arguably, the best ringtone app for Android.

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A decent ringtone app consists of features that include the ability to cut, modify, and export the ringtones with ease. It should also support at least the basic formats like AAC, MP3, and WAV. The larger its file support system, the better it is.RingtoneRington

Other aspects include a downloadable catalog of a variety of ringtone sounds for people who do not like tinkering with audio files. A built-in file explorer and a sound recorder give an added advantage and allow users to use custom sounds as ringtones. Although most free apps are rife with ads, as long as these do not come in the way of using the app properly, they are excusable. If you are annoyed by the ads, you always have the option of making an in-app purchase and shutting them off completely.

Whether you want to customize your ringtones fully and own your ringtones, or you want to download a ringtone simply, there is an app available for you. In our list of the best ringtone app for Android, you can look through and find the app that best suits your needs. These apps make up some of the most downloaded and used apps in the android market, and the sheer number of people who use these apps speak volumes about their reliability and effectiveness.


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