Top Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 in 2020

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Capturing life’s best moments with a camera is a career for some people and a hobby for others. But to get those moments to appear in the best way they can, a photo editing program is necessary. By editing your photos, you can make simple changes that have a massive impact on a photo’s appearance. This is where the best photo viewer for Windows 10 comes in.

Taking a quick search through Windows 10’s built-in utilities will bring you to the generic photo viewer app. It has a few useful features, including the basic photo editor. However, most people will agree that this photo viewer simply isn’t enough. It lacks crucial abilities that all photographers, aspiring or professional, require for their work. We’ve done the research, and in this article, we are going to be listing the top photo viewers users can download on Windows 10.

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#1 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 – ApowerSoft Photo Viewer

Starting off our list is Apowersoft Photo Viewer. This is one of the most popular photo viewers to use and rightfully so.

Users can open pretty much any photo in this viewer. It supports a lot of formats from the common JPG and PNG to newer formats like HEIC. Whenever you use Apowersoft Photo Viewer it runs smoothly – your CPU usage will be low whilst your photos continue to be displayed quickly. This software can also open your PDF files without any compatibility issues, doubling it as a PDF viewer.


  • Includes a built-in screenshotting feature
  • Share photos to social media from the program
  • Convert multiple photos to different formats in batch
  • Upload your photos to the free cloud storage space
  • Free to use


  • After installing, it automatically becomes your default photo viewer

ApowerSoft Photo Viewer

#2 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 – Imagine Photo Viewer

Simple, quick, and easy – three words that perfectly describe this next best photo viewer for Windows 10. Even though this program doesn’t jump out as the most impressive photo viewer, it has a few surprises.

Everything you expect from a photo viewer is included, but there are also image editing features too. This includes cropping and resizing, brightness or contrast changes, and you can add filters too.


  • Lightweight and uses very little computer resources
  • Provides full-screen image viewing and tiled view
  • Share your photos via social media, various image hosting sites or email
  • Also provides a selection of helpful image editing tools
  • Supports very large photos of many photo formats


  • The official website is outdated and hard to find (making it risky to download)
  • Not actively maintained or updated, not compatible with Windows 10
  • Requires additional framework to be installed

Imagine Photo Viewer

#3 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 – IrfanView

IrfanView is as simple as a photo viewer gets. Navigating the interface to access different features is really easy, and there’s something that stands out about this software. It is a photo viewer, image editor, and a photo converter all wrapped up into one neat package.

When it comes to the image editing section, you can make simple edits, like cropping, or tricky but important edits like removing red eyes.


  • Converts photos to different formats either individually or in batch
  • IrfanView can convert photos to various formats
  • Users can edit their photos after opening them in this viewer
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and older versions too (8, 7, Vista, etc.)


  • Although this is a free photo viewer, commercial usage requires a license
  • Outdated interface design
  • Doesn’t offer support for image cache decoding

Download IrfanView

#4 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 – HoneyView

HoneyView is another simplistic photo viewer that also includes editing features. The interface’s design can make it seem like an older program, but don’t let this fool you. It is just as good a photo viewer as the others on this list if not better.

Not only does HoneyView let you view your photos, but the feature that puts it on our list of the best photo viewer for Windows 10 is the archive compatibility. If you store your photos in archives for efficient storage, HoneyView lets you view archive photos without decompressing.


  • Adjusting photo resolutions or converting file formats can be done in bulk
  • Displays additional image information including EXIF and GPS
  • Compatible with various photos formats as well as archive formats


  • Includes only little image editing features
  • Old and unappealing user interface
  • Not available for 64-bit systems

Download HoneyView

#5 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 – FastStone Image Viewer

First impressions of FastStone Image Viewer can be deceiving. The interface is rather bleak, but it’s simple and presents the features in a way that makes them easy to find.

After opening the program, you’ll see that the window is split into three components. At the top-left, you have a directory menu for browsing, the bottom-left shows image previews, and the right displays folders’ contents.

Presenting these features in this way makes this a much easier image viewer to use.


  • Unique interface layout improves user experience
  • Supports all common image formats
  • Creates lossless JPEG transitions
  • Compatible with RAW images from most digital cameras
  • Free for all users
  • Continues to receive updates


  • Outdated interface design can be unappealing

FastStone Image Viewer

#6 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 – digiKam

Next, we have digiKam, a more advanced photo management program that offers so much more than the standard photo viewer does.

As well as a photo viewer, digiKam is also a photo editor and is open-source too. This means that users who can vouch for it as the best photo viewer for Windows 10 are able to contribute to the ongoing development.


  • Capable of displaying RAW camera photo files too
  • Search photos based on various criteria (name, tags, metadata, etc.)
  • Professional interface design
  • Also available on Mac and Linux computers
  • Free for use


  • Doesn’t always work properly
  • Windows’ built-in security does not authorize digiKam since it does not have a signed certificate

Download digiKam

#7 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 – Nomacs

Nomacs is a name that comes up anytime there is the talk of the best photo viewer for Windows 10, and it is more than capable as a photo viewer.

In particular, it has a photo editing studio where you can resize and rotate images, but there’s also viewer synchronization. Nomacs is free so if you like the look of it be sure to give it a try.


  • Provides image editing and viewer synchronization features
  • Users can see EXIF data of photos
  • Compatible with RAW photo formats
  • Can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers


  • Somewhat slower performance than other photo viewers
  • Infrequent updates

Download Nomacs

#8 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 – XnView

XnView has a similar design to FastStone Image Viewer. As you browse through your folders full of photos, all of the photos are shown to the right, and a preview appears below. Next to the preview, you’ll see data including the last time the photo was edited, the file size and format, and more details.

XnView is also available on Mac, Linux, and iOS devices. Features include resizing, converting, and numerous other tools that can be beneficial to photographers and editors alike.


  • Great for general photo viewing and editing
  • Free for use on all platforms
  • Available on Mac and Linux as well


  • Using XnView commercially requires a license

Download XnView

#9 – Picasa Photo Viewer

Picasa is an older image viewer that Google developed. Although it’s no longer maintained and has been replaced by Google Photos, we still consider it among the best photo viewer for Windows 10.

The only way you can obtain a copy of Picasa is from a third-party website. This does open up the risk of downloading a virus, albeit a small risk, but if you were a fan of Picasa prior to its discontinuation, then it might be worth it.


  • Detects duplicate photos in your library
  • Has an attractive user-interface that’s easy to use


  • Facial recognition feature is not always accurate
  • Only available from third-party sources
  • Google no longer maintain Picasa

Picasa Photo Viewer

#10 – Windows Photo Viewer

And if you find yourself at the end of this list and none of the entries screams best photo viewer for Windows 10, settling with the Windows Photo Viewer is still an option.

The big selling point with this photo viewer is that it’s already on your computer. Windows 10, and every other version of Windows for that matter includes a basic photo viewer. You don’t need to download and install anything, and if you don’t have another image viewing app on your computer, this is the default selection.

Newer versions of this app include some editing features, but there is nothing impressive about them.


  • Includes all of the basic features a photo viewer needs
  • It is on your computer by default, part of the Windows operating system
  • Absolutely no risk of viruses or malware as it’s an official Windows tool
  • Easy to use, simple, and nothing complex about it


  • Explicitly supports photos (no PDF viewing)
  • Sometimes the app doesn’t display thumbnails properly
  • Only available on Windows computers

Conclusion on the Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10

Now that you’re aware of the photo viewers available on the internet take your pick! These are all definite contenders for the best photo viewer for Windows 10, and we recommend trying a couple of them before settling. As you can see, they each have their pros and cons. When making a decision on which photo viewer to use, consider the pros and cons of each solution and compare them to each other. After doing this, you should be able to make an educated decision and find the best photo viewer, which is suitable for you.

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