10 Best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone or iPad

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Technology is all around us in our daily life nowadays. The amount of smartphone users is becoming larger and larger and it is said that over 50 billion iPhone apps from the Apple app store have been downloaded over the decades. According to the statistics, photography apps stand a significant status among all the apps in the App store.

Among all the photography apps, photo collage apps are definitely the most welcomed and useful ones. Because using a collage app on your phone directly is so much more convenient than do it on your computer. You don’t have to transfer the photos from your phone to your computer and use a Photoshop program to edit the photos. A powerful photo collage app can save you from the troubles. There are many choices about photo collage on the App Store, some of them are free while some are of a little charge. But all of them can provide you a great user experience and enable you to make photo collage directly on your phone or iPad Mini, iPad Air.

We will show you 10 best photo collage apps for your iPhone or iPad in the following part. Let’s focus on the main functions of the apps and the process of handling the apps.

1: Diptic

The first app we would like to strongly recommend to you is “Diptic“. It is probably one of the best photo apps since it allows you to make photo collage as a professional photoshop program. You are able to experience multiple features such as borders, filters and text captions. There are 179 personalized layouts for you to choose from. Besides, you can share the photos with your friends from the social network directly from the app. You can get the app from the App Store, both the iPhone and iPad can use the app. However, this app is not free of charge. You have to pay $0, 99 for it. In addition, there are some optional paid features in the app. The best feature of the paid ones is Expandable Layouts which costs you $0.99. You are able to make rectangular Diptics with this feature. You can get this app at this website


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2: InstaSize

InstaSize is also a powerful photo collage app for iPhone users. This app is originally designed to help users to put the whole photo of Instagram because Instagram normally needs you to crop the photos first. There are some nice features of the app in order to make a collage. You have various photo frames and collages styles choices. What’s more, you can share the photos through the social network with your friends on your iPhone or save the photos to the camera roll directly. You have many filters to edit your photos with the app which you cannot find on Instagram. For your information, you have 7 packs of filters choices by far and the new ones are still under development. You also have multiple background choices to make the collage. The app provides you different photo combinations. There are multiple border packs options for you to download within the app. Besides, there are many options for the layouts and stickers which you can add to the college to make it more interesting. Speaking of the stickers, you will find them very funny in the app. There are cats and pigs stickers which you can add to the photo collage to amuse yourself and your friends. You can download the app at the following website

instasize3. Photo Collage Unlimited

Photo Collage Unlimited is one of the most welcomed collage apps in the market. This app makes the collage process simple and quick. Although this app is quite easy to handle, it still shows powerful features for you to make photo collages. There are over 60 collage frames and background pictures for you to choose in the app. You can handle it with no efforts but still, be able to make gorgeous photo collages. In the app, you can see a collage pane. You are able to put the photos wherever you want in the pane and customize the collage photo with the exact size you want. You are also allowed to adjust the collage as you wish. Movements like scale, drag and rotate are all within your choice. The collage frame helps to keep the photo within the boarder line. You can see a pattern area down below the style tab. There are many kinds of interesting backgrounds to make the collages more attractive. Alike other apps, you can share the collages with your friends through social websites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Email. The app costs you $2. 99 but what comes with the app is absolutely worthy. You can download the app from the web

photo-collage-unlimited4: Fuzel

strong>Fuzel is quite an exciting app which comes with so many highly-spoken approvals and downloads. This app is famous for its unique animated collages. What has to be pointed out is that this app is the first one to take the animated decorations into collages. You are able to put music in the collages and see how it works out. One wonderful feature is that you are allowed to customize the layouts with the app. You can node, cut and merge collages as you wish. What’s more, you have so many layout choices in the app and it can organize the photos you selected in the best way automatically. Patterns, frames, stickers, and labels are what you can personalize your collages and make them different. Speaking of sharing, you have multiple network choices such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. This is an app you don’t have to pay for and you can download it from


5: Eventiles

Eventiles is the most suitable app for users who like to take pictures wherever they go. It is quite a handy tool for users if they do not have enough time to manage the photos and make collages. You can organize the pictures in random with the help of the app and the app itself can decide which is the best picture to make a perfect collage automatically. You don’t have to worry about the process too much because the app can take care of almost everything for you. Naming titles and delete duplicates are just easy movements. You are able to manage the photos on your iPhone as well. You can keep the photos organized by recording down the time and the place the photos were taken. The steps for using the app are quite simple. You can either allow the app to help you with everything or you can select the photos, layouts, and effects by yourself. You can choose to save the finished photo to the photo album or share the photo with your friends via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Get the app downloaded from this website free



Another useful app we would like to recommend now is ProCollage. This app is very easy to handle. It has three collage modes for you to choose: Freestyle, Template, and Stitch. You can decide the backgrounds, photo arrangements or more within the styles. With ProCollage, resizing the cell or inserting a text won’t be difficult things anymore. You have multiple templates to choose in the Template Collage mode. Thus, you can arrange the layouts with whatever order you like and personalize the borders and backgrounds with no efforts. Freestyle mode is where you can add photos with no rules and limitations. You can add a shadow to the photo under the freestyle and there are 15 themes for you to choose from. If you want to take a panorama photo then you can select the Stitching photo mode. This style allows you to take a panorama photo in either horizontal or vertical. With this style, you can personalize the backgrounds and borders as well. Like other apps we recommend above, this app also enables you to share the collages with your friends through major social network websites like Facebook and Twitter. You can get this app for only $1.99 from



Moldiv is an app that gets 4 out of 5. It is an app with multiple functions since it provides unlimited creativity to regard the photo collages. There are a lot of beautiful frames and useful editing tools come with the app. You are able to combine and organize the photos to make a wanted collage with the frames and tools. Some of the collage effects are unique and can not be found in other apps. To make the collages more attractive and interesting, you can add some stamps or other decorations. You can get this app for free. However, if you want to experience full of this app, you need to pay some of the features inside it. To get this app and give it a try, you can go to this website


8:Shape Collage

Shape Collage is a photo collage app that is originally designed for Mac only. However, you can get this app from the App store for only $1.99 nowadays. The app step outside the normal circle of the collage making apps and is famous for its own creative thinking. It enables you to manage the photos in a circle or in the shape of a certain word. And it only takes you only seconds to complete the process. You have over 200 collage shapes like star, butterfly, and heart in the app. You can select maximum of 100 photos and then the app will start to make photo collages as the shape you chose before automatically. At last, you can share the photo with your friends via social network or save it to your camera roll directly. You can try this app out in the following website.


9: LiveCollage Pro

The amount of user means everything. Over 30 million users have tried LiveCollage Pro out. So this app is definitely an app you don’t want to miss. The app contains so many beautiful and unique form boards for users to make photo collages. You’ve got multiple layouts to choose from and fonts and stickers are also within your choice. This app makes the collages of photos quite easy to handle. You will find many varieties of this app and they are developed for Instagram. Of course, you can use an only single one of the app as you wish. One good feature we would like to point out is that you can save the collage photo in your wanted size: large, medium or small. In addition, you are allowed to share the photo with your friends through the social network. If you are interested in the app, you can pay $ 0.99 for it from the following website


10: You Gotta See This

The last but not least app we would like to talk about is You Gotta See This! It is a special app that distinguishes itself from other apps. You don’t have to choose the photos by yourself. You can use the built-in camera of the app to make a panorama photo and the app enables you to take photos when you move. You can make collages by choosing the backgrounds in the app. If you try this app, you may get a unique user experience out of it, but it may not be suitable for every user and fulfill every need since the app focuses more on the background than on the subject. However, it still doesn’t affect the app to be a great photo collage app. You can get the app from!/id379058646?mt=8.

The apps we offer above are only part of the photo collage apps. They may cost you a little, some of them are even free. The common thing of the apps is that they can offer you powerful collage features if you try them out. Hope you can get what is best for you when you finish reading this article.

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