Best Mac Cleaner Review in 2021

Have you read many reviews but yet to find out what the best Mac cleaner is? Your search will probably end here. We composed this review about Mac cleaners for our readers so they can end up with the best option. So, continue to read on if you are still shopping around for the best Mac cleaner.

The need for a Mac cleaner

Long gone are the days when we would use megabytes to measure the capacity of storage devices. Now, we are in the process of moving from gigabytes to terabytes. With the workload we presently handle with our Macs, even those massive storage capacities aren’t enough. Pretty much every user find that their Mac’s hard drives fill too frequently due to the large files they handle. So, Mac users are always curious about making the best use of every gigabyte in their hard disk.

However, due to various reasons, hard disks tend to get filled with plenty of unnecessary stuff. In fact, that is one of the major causes behind the issue “Your disk is almost full”. Identifying and removing these unnecessary files is the ideal solution. However, that is usually a complex task even if you are a seasoned Mac user. Cleaning up a Mac manually is a time-consuming task. If you need to make the process fast and more efficient, you will need a Mac cleaner software.

As of today, you can find plenty of tools that claim that they can clean Macs. Practically, choosing the best Mac cleaner out of the rest can be an uphill task. Well, one of the best ways to differentiate the best option is to read some reviews. That being said, this review about the best Mac cleaner is composed using up-to-date and most relevant information. If I find the best Mac cleaner, you can get your Mac cleaned up in a couple of minutes.

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What is the best Mac cleaner?

As mentioned before, it is not an easy task to differentiate the best Mac cleaner from the rest. However, we have tested the most popular Mac cleaners in the market to get an idea about the features. In the next section of our article, we will list down all those options (along with our recommendation). You can go through this information and decide what the best option for you is.

According to our findings, the best Mac cleaner is CleanMyMac. From its first impression to functionality, CleanMyMac has plenty of awesome characteristics to stand out from the competition. The interface comes with a really intuitive interface. With the assistance of these tools, you will be able to clean all the junk files within a click or two. It is capable of uninstalling the applications and clearing up extra files that were left behind.

Moreover, CleanMyMac comes with several other interesting features. You can easily use this app to optimize all the startup items that hinder smooth performance. Removing the unnecessary web browser extensions is another handy feature associated with this tool. You can couple it with Gemini 2 (which is a smart app that can find duplicate files). Then, you can get rid of all the unnecessary duplicate files. So, to make it a complete operation, we suggest you install both Gemini 2 and CleanMyMac.

Drive Genius is another superb option that can clean your Mac’s hard drive and get the best of it. It can prevent most of the potential disk-related errors such as crashes. More importantly, this software can provide the necessary protection against malware attacks as well. In fact, Drive Genius is more of a combination of essential utilities rather than a single tool. That means, it can clean up disk, scan and remove viruses, clone and recover disk and many other things. Well, compared to the other Mac cleaners in the market, Drive Genius is expensive. But, as we believe, their cost is justifiable. After all, it is not a single tool (but it is a collection of tools). Also, Drive Genius is tried by the experts at the Apple Genius Bar, and they are fully satisfied with it.

We should also mention Dr. Cleaner as a very effective tool. This tool offers several useful features, and none of the other tools don’t do so. This smart tool is capable of scanning and cleaning large junk files. Also, there is no limitation when it comes to deletion of files. Dr. Cleaner, in fact, performs various tasks to improve the productivity of your Mac. It also shows a variety of metrics related to the performance of your Mac.

Apart from the apps mentioned above, this article explains a range of other apps that can clean your Mac. In fact, some of these apps are for free, and you may consider them as alternatives.

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The truth behind Mac Cleaning

We have come across a variety of misconceptions that are spread across the internet. Mentioned below is a list of such statements that are about Mac cleaning. Click it if you wish to find out What is Other in Mac Storage?

1) Mac computers tend to become dirty when you use it for some time

Individuals who use Macs (particularly those who have switched to Macs from PCs) believe this thoroughly. In general, Windows users tend to clean their registry pretty frequently. That is in order to get rid of the browser cache and leftover software. However, what you should believe is that there are substantial differences between these two operating systems. In a nutshell, you don’t need to clean Mac computers too often thanks to the Unix characteristics it possesses.

2) You can expect faster performance from your Mac by cleaning its system

A surprising number of individuals believe that they can increase the speed of the Mac through a cleaning app. They believe that cleaning up the old files will boost the performance of the Mac. However, the truth is that no research was done to determine if it is true. As we believe, users think of such aspects because of the exaggerating claims made by software marketers. Nevertheless, you can expect a slightly better performance through Mac by defragmenting it (if it is HDD based). On the other hand, Macs that have built-in SSD don’t require defragmentation.

3) Macs can be only cleaned through an App

Many app developers try to exaggerate the performance of their apps in order to gain more attention. Some of them are used to say that you cannot clean a Mac manually. They say that it is compulsory to have a Mac cleaner to do that. However, this is not true at all. You can clean your Mac without using any app. The apps you are using on the Mac themselves have options to clean their cache and junk files. The best example is the web browser you are using.

If you use Safari, Chrome or Firefox, you can easily clean cache and browsing history through their menu options. Also, if you want to disable login items simply by visiting “System Preferences” and then “Users & Groups”. To uninstall the apps, you can drag and drop them to Trash. To accomplish all these tasks, you don’t need an app – you can do them manually.

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The requirement for the best Mac cleaner app

If you can clean your Mac manually, why do you need a Mac cleaner app in the first place? Let’s find it out. The main reason for a user to rely on a Mac cleaner app is time-saving. As you may realize, cleaning a Mac manually will require a considerable amount of time and effort. However, if you use the best Mac cleaner app, cleaning a Mac is a matter of a couple of clicks.

With that said, here are some of the instances in which you will have to use a Mac cleaner.

  • Seeing “Your disk is almost full” message because your Mac is running out of disk space
  • You have just switched to Mac from Windows, and you are not that comfortable in handling it
  • You are an experienced Mac user, but you don’t have any time to waste in cleaning it manually

If your Mac is exceptionally slow and it is very old, a Mac cleaner will not be useful. General performance issues and other causes that make your computer frozen will not be addressed by a Mac cleaner. The only solution, in that case, is to upgrade the computer. If your old Mac lags, one of the most effective upgrades you can consider is replacing the hard drive. That means you should replace the HDD with an SSD. Such an approach would increase the performance by a notable margin.

If you use your Mac to do heavy graphics or video-related work, you should consider increasing the RAM. When RAM is increased, your Mac will hardly freeze even if you handle heavy tasks. However, apart from insufficient RAM, there are several other reasons for a Mac to slow down.

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How did we test these products?

In fact, we were able to test a wide range of software tools to differentiate the best Mac cleaner. Besides, we did contact their customer support teams as well to clarify more information. By doing so, we were able to get a good understanding of the products and their features. Mentioned below are the main aspects we considered when we tested the program.

1) Core functions of the app

The main goal of using a ‘cleaner’ is to clean your Mac, and that is obvious. For the sake of cleaning your Mac, you don’t need to install a variety of third-party programs. That means the software you install should be free from adware and malware. We have considered this aspect pretty seriously. So, we wanted to check if these apps were able to do its main job without any confusion. However, under practical circumstances, it’s difficult to find a software app that doesn’t have add-ons. So, we tested apps that had multiple features, but its main function is to clean the Mac.

2) The effectiveness of the cleaning functionality

As mentioned before, the core function of the software we test is ‘cleaning’ the Mac. So, the effectiveness of the cleaning functionality should be high in all means. The app should be able to deliver a considerable amount of disk space. It should have the smartness of identifying and deleting useless items. That might include obsolete iOS backups, heavy duplicated items, unwanted third-party apps, etc.

3) The convenience of the app

Ease of use (or the user-friendliness) of the apps is another vital aspect to check during our review. As we believe, the software should be able to handle easily by humans. After all, they are for humans. Having a large range of features is a good thing. However, that doesn’t mean that the respective software should be difficult to understand for the user. Difficult interfaces make the software less efficient. So, the user-friendliness of the software was a prime concern of us. We preferred interfaces that comprise of the sleek interface. We hope all our readers will agree with us in this case. As long as the navigation buttons clearly visible, functionality is smooth, and the instructions are clear, we like it. In addition to that, we didn’t like apps that often crash or freeze. Such apps cause bad user experience in general.

4) Cost of the app

It is true that free apps are really good when it comes to the cost factor. However, we don’t consider an app as the best Mac cleaner just based on the cost factor. In other words, we don’t prefer an app just because it is free. Instead, we carefully analyze the overall features with the price. Then we determine if those features are worth paying it. The main concern is functionality. Basically, if the app can clean your hard drive noticeably, we consider the product positively.

Then, we go through the price and determine if it’s worth paying it. If there are two tools offering the same features and different price tags, we would definitely choose the affordable option. We also consider the packages they offer. That means, if there are multiple subscription options, we consider them as good options. For instance, if a respective software offers ‘per Mac’ package as well as ‘time-based’ subscriptions, that’s a good offer. In a nutshell, it is mandatory to consider price and features together before deciding.

5) The efficiency of the customer service

The efficiency of the customer service they offer is another vital aspect to determine the quality of the software. Usually, we tend to experience some issues when we use the software. The most reliable way to resolve these issues is by contacting the customer care service. However, to get the issues resolved at earliest, they (customer service) should be very efficient. If they take days to respond to a certain question you have asked, you can’t call it efficiency. So, we preferred companies that responded to our queries faster.

Also, we checked the clarity of the messages they send. In addition to that, a reputed software development company should offer multiple options to contact them. For instance, they should offer options like live chat, email, phone, social media, etc. If the respective team offers a knowledge base (such as constantly updated FAQ). We have experienced that paid software tools are very effective in doing this as opposed to the free options.

6) Compatibility

No matter how efficient the software tool, it becomes completely useless if it is not compatible with your macOS. You may already know that Apple delivers a new macOS every year. If your version of OS is the newest and the Mac Cleaner is not compatible, it becomes useless. Surprisingly, some of the apps were found to be incompatible with the latest macOS. We came across such instances when we were testing some apps in our list. However, if you download the app through their official website, you can minimize this risk. If you have already installed the app, you can consider updating it to the latest version. To do that, the respective software should offer constant updates.

What would be the best option?

From this point onwards, let’s take a look at the best Mac cleaner software we have found. As mentioned before, we list down these tools based on the above criteria. Also, find out the ways to Force Empty the Trash Can on Mac.

1) CleanMyMac + Gemini [Best of all]

The combination of CleanMyMac and Gemini is our best choice due to various obvious reasons. In fact, CleanMyMac X comes with a wide array of cleaning utilities to eliminate junk files in your MacOS. Also, Gemini 2 is capable of detecting and deleting duplicate files.

These two apps are developed by MacPaw Inc. which is a reputed company in the industry. Moreover, both of those apps come with a really attractive interface. However, we believe that it would have been perfect if CleanMyMac comes with all the features of Gemini 2.

Well, when it comes to the price factor, both CleanMyMac and Gemini are available for a price of $53.95. That is with a discount of %10. If necessary, you can purchase these two programs separately. Regardless of the tool, we strongly suggest you use the trial version of this software. Such an approach will give you a clear idea about the functionality of the software even before you purchase it.

We had the pleasure of testing all the features included in CleanMyMac. Now, let’s take a look at the most notable features of this handy software.

CleanMyMac X is perfectly convenient for any user regardless of the level of the expertise. It has a very handy feature called Smart Cleanup. This feature is capable of scanning the hard disk (including SDDs) within a very short period. With our test, we noticed that it scanned more than 6 GB of junk files. However, if you are cleaning your Mac for the first time, you will have to expect more junk. Even the time it takes might slightly vary if the capacity is more.

It also has a dedicated feature to scan and eliminate old, large files. With a quick scan using “Large & Old Files” CleanMyMac X was able to find more than 105GB of files. In fact, this program is capable of categorizing them into groups as well. It can even sort these files determining the size as well. This is a very helpful feature particularly if you need to find and delete old, large and obsolete files.

Nevertheless, you must be careful when you use this tool. Just because a file is rated under the ‘old’ category, you don’t need to delete it if it is useful. Sometimes, you might be having very old but precious files in your HDD or SDD. So, be sure to review the file before you delete it no matter how old it is.

Once you are 100% sure about deleting the large files, you can simply select the file and hit “Remove”. Then, the file will be deleted, and a message will appear confirming it. As we believe, this is a very convenient way to find the old files that are overlooked.

When it comes to the “Utilities”, you will be able to see several options such as “Uninstaller”, “Maintenance”, “Shredder”, “Maintenance” etc. You can just click on each of those options to realize what they actually do.

To be frank, there are a couple of things we don’t really appreciate about CleanMyMac. After installing the app, it will get added into the startup list of the Mac automatically. However, you can get rid of this option by going into preferences. Also, we don’t like the amount of heat generated during the scanning process. But, as we believe, the heat occurs as a result of the quick scanning process.

All in all, the drawbacks we have mentioned aren’t substantial compared to the benefits associated with this tool. It can remove unnecessary files and help you achieve free space in your hard drive. Also, it takes very less time to get completed. According to our analysis, therefore, CleamMyMac 3 is capable of saving your time and making you more effective.

Now, let’s take a look at MacPaw Gemini 2 – the companion of CleanMyMac Mac cleaner. This is a tool that can find duplicate apps. As of these days, we use our Macs to achieve a variety of tasks. So, we tend to save a large number of files (including backups). Also, it is the place where you store your photos that are taken through your digital cameras. Some of these files might take a substantial amount of space from your hard disk. Also, there can be plenty of duplicate files. When you use a Mac for quite a while, the number of files can increase. Then, you will run out the disk space as an obvious result.

If you intend to check for the duplicate and delete them, you will find it almost impossible. Imaging the process of reviewing tens of thousands of files manually and recognizing the duplicates – that’s impossible isn’t it? However, by using Gemini 2, you can overcome this instance pretty conveniently. Gemini 2 is an exceptionally convenient software to use. Thankfully, this software is compatible with the latest MacOS.

You can use Gemini 2 to scan for specific folders instead of scanning the entire system. For testing purpose, we scanned a folder on a Mac using Gemini 2. Within less than a minute, the scan was completed. To our surprise, it found a large number of duplicates. Also, it was able to review the files for us. We didn’t test the entire system, but we are fully confident with the results achieved through the random test.

We went through some reviews left by previous users of this software in various forums. And we were able to notice that the vast majority of them praise this software a lot. Some individuals were able to delete over 35GB of duplicates through this software, and that’s impressive. Our honest suggestion, however, is to download Gemini 2 through their official website only. Such an approach lets you use the trial version before purchasing the original. There is no difference in price when you download it through the App Store.

We are also impressed with the support rendered by customer care of CleanMyMac and Gemini. Both of these apps are developed by MacPaw, and you can access them in various ways. For instance, you can contact them through social media, live chat, over the phone or emails.

Get CleanMyMac X Get Gemini 2

2) Drive Genius [Runner-Up]

Drive Genius is another decent alternative you can consider if you are looking for the best Mac cleaner. However, if you go for Drive Genius, you will have to pay a bit more compared to CleanMyMac. Drive Genius is developed by Prosoft Engineering, and it has a good reputation in the industry.

This Mac cleaner comes with a range of features you would expect from the best cleaner app. In addition to that, this app comes with a special feature to protect your system from viruses as well. As we believe, that’s an impressive value addition.

What we really appreciate about Drive Genius is that it has won the trust of the Apple Genius Bar.

Some individuals believe that Macs are invincible. But that is not true. Despite the claims made by Apple and what’s believed by some users, Apple can get viruses. Over the past couple of years, virus-related threats for Macs have increased drastically. There are plenty of examples out there in the world about Macs that are infected with malware. Also, even a Mac user will not be safe under the threats associated with scams and phishing attacks. However, what we should say is that Macs are relatively safe compared to PCs.

Some of the versions of MacOS were there with some vulnerabilities. For instance, High Sierra lets others extract your passwords through its keychain feature. Although apple fixed this issue immediately, it caused a substantial damaged to their reputation.

Initially, Drive Genius was introduced to clean the hard drives of Macs and resolve potential disk errors. However, it went through various upgrades over time, and it has become a very sophisticated tool. It is empowered with a malware scanner as well. This special feature lets you detect and eliminate potential malware conveniently. As you already know, Macs aren’t invisible and therefore, it is great to have a malware scanner.

In order to clean up your Mac and optimize its speed, you can use the range of tools provided by Drive Genius. One of the tools we really admire in Drive Genius is “Find Duplicates”. In fact, it functions pretty similar to Gemini 2 we discussed earlier. With this tool, you can expect to free up more space from your Mac’s HDD. Also, it comprises of the feature called “Find Large Files”. This feature reminds us about “Large & Old Files” included in CleanMyMac software which we tried earlier. We hope that you don’t need an explanation about this feature.

Defragment is another feature included in Drive Genius. With the assistance of this tool, you can expect better rearrangement of the files stored in Mac’s HDDs. After defragmentation, you can expect better speed because the system is capable of reading those files faster. In fact, we experienced a notable speed boost after the defragmentation process.

Prosoft Engineers (the developers of Drive Genius) has a very impressive customer support team to assist you. They offer email support as well as phone support. They aren’t available during weekends. Also, they do have very handy documentation with all the required information in handling Drive Genius. It also gives you a good idea about the basics of MacOS. They usually release timely updates. So, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of this software. All in all, we consider Drive Genius to be one of the best Mac cleaning apps in the market.

3) Dr. Cleaner [Honorable Mention]

Dr. Cleaner is another useful and effective tool that can be considered as a good Mac cleaner. This tool is developed by a company called Trend Micro. In fact, Trend Micro is a well-known cybersecurity company that is specialized in developing antimalware solutions. This app offers a range of handy features to the delight of many Mac users across the globe. Although there are some improvements to be made, Dr. Cleaner is a very good option to clean up your iTunes library.

Dr. Cleaner also comes as a free version too. This specific version allows you to clean the disk. That allows removing the cache, browser extensions, download folders, temporary files, and many other things. Also, it can optimize the memory usage of the Mac simply by closing the obsolete apps. Also, it can seamlessly monitor the usage of the CPU and functionality of the networks connected. If you go for the professional edition (Dr. Cleaner Pro), however, you can enjoy several advanced features. Duplicate Finder, Smart Scan, File Shredder, and App Manager are those tools. To enjoy these features, you will have to pay an amount of $14.99, which is fair we guess.

Once the Dr. Cleaner is installed in your Mac, you will be able to see that a new menu. This menu is added to the Mac’s Menu Bar. So, it appears as a built-in app into your MacOS. Because of this, some amount of convenience is added. Because of this, you don’t need to launch Activity Monitor always when you have to monitor the performance. This menu displays the real-time status of your Mac conveniently.

Dr. Cleaner can be downloaded for free through your Mac App Store. The app actually supports OS X 10.10 or greater. So, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of Mac. When it comes to the customer support factor, it is really impressive. The support they offer is clear and precise. We tried their service with a couple of queries, and they responded promptly with proper information.

A bit about the competition

In this section of the review, will see the other apps that can be considered as competitors.

iMobie MacClean

iMobie MacClean is a utility that comes as an all-in-one cleaning suit specifically for Mac systems. Some would suggest that MacClean is more of a combination of Gemini 2 and CleanMyMac. However, the truth is that iMobie MacClean comes as a more efficient tool. That is particularly because it can detect and eliminate malicious cookies. It can scan the apps installed and download folders in your Mac. Such an approach allows you to eliminate potential security risks you might come across when dealing with the internet. The overall appearance of the app is really nice. The user interface, in particular, shows great intuitiveness. All the options can be seen from the navigation panel conveniently.

Just like the other apps that are used to clean Mac, MacClean comes with a range of tools. It can accomplish the job of cleaning a Mac very conveniently. We had a test run with MacClean, and the results are pretty decent. In fact, the Mac we tested had an SSD and MacClean was able to free more than 28 GB space. In most of the cases, the scans were pretty fast. Some of the scans took less than 20 seconds to be honest. That is pretty fast, isn’t it?

As we believe, however, there should be some improvements. We experienced a couple of crashes during the short period we tested the app. Also, MacClean couldn’t find some of the large files that were obsolete. But, still, we believe that MacClean is a very decent option particularly considering the affordable price. You can obtain a personal license for $29.99 and a family license for $39.99. Through family license, you will be able to get the software installed in up to 05 units. Also, you gain priority support. The customer support (for Family License we tested) was really impressive just like they say. That means they responded pretty quickly to our email queries with proper information.


DaisyDisk is another handy tool, but it functions in the form of a disk space analyzer. With this tool, you can analyze the disk space and identify the aspects that consume the storage. With a test scan we performed (quick scan), we noticed that over 200 GB was in use. One of the most attractive aspects associated with DaisyDisk is that it utilizes a sunburst chart to display data. To view the details of each portion, you will have to hover the cursor on them. By reviewing the details, you can decide what to do with the files that aren’t required. What you should know is that this tool’s free version doesn’t allow you to delete the apps or files. You will see the popup message when you try to delete the items through trial version.

To access all the features, you should purchase the license at the cost of $9.99. You can purchase this app though Mac Apple Store or through their official website. This app is recognized by many reputed institutes. The design of the app and the overall functionality is really impressive. More importantly, this app is a very affordable one. After all, paying $9.99 to keep the Mac in good condition is something we appreciate. Their email support is impressive. Also, this app runs on all the latest MacOS versions.

However, you should also know that Apple offers pretty much the same feature as a built-in function. This option allows you to do exactly what is done through DaisyDisk. To access this feature, you should click on the Apple logo and select “About This Mac” option. Then, you should go to “Storage” and select “Manage”. You will then get a full description of the system and the storage of the Mac. For instance, you can simply view the details of the Documents and even organize them based on various information. That means you can order them according to the size, date created, etc. You can easily decide what to delete and what to keep by looking at the information. So, you actually don’t need to purchase an app to do that since the built-in feature is already there.

IObit MacBooster

IObit MacBooster is another strong contender when you shop around for the best Mac cleaner software. Through this app, you will be able to enjoy a wide array of features that aren’t present with CleanMyMac. For instance, this tool has features like defragmenter, photo sweeper as well as a duplicated finder. In addition to that, it has a large range of features. All these features are categories into four groups. Those categories are as follows.

  • System Risks
  • Cleaner
  • Booster
  • Tools

The interface of the program has a nice appearance, and we are impressed by it. There are three main dashboards that are located within the center. In fact, the interface appears more of a car dashboard.

When you go to the “System Status”, you can see that it scans all the potential issues on the system. However, what we honestly believe is that they (IOBit) exaggerate the issues in MacOS system. We guess that they try to grab the attention of the users. When the scan is finished, we were surprised to see that there are thousands of “issues” in the system. Moreover, it rated our system’s stability as dangerous. We were really excited to know what those issues are.

To our surprise, the vast majority of those ‘issues’ are related to cookies, browsing history, etc. They were related to web browsers. So, in a nutshell, what we saw was a false report. But we really appreciate what they offer under the name of ‘Duplicate Finder’ and ‘Photo Sweeper’. These two features are pretty similar to what is offered by Gemini 2. If you usually synchronize your mobile phone photos and you don’t clean them often, this is a great feature. Through this feature, you can find the duplicate files quickly and delete them.

With this, you will be able to free up a large range of potential duplicates. Since most of the photos are usually in large size these days, getting rid of duplicates is compulsory.

You might remember that CleanMyMac Menu appears as a shortcut in the menu bar. Just like that, MacBooster Mini gives you the opportunity of reviewing Mac’s functionalities. For instance, it displays the amount of memory, the network speed, available space of the storage, etc. All in all, we would like to mention that MacBooster is a useful and efficient app. The main purpose of this app is to clan the Mac. In fact, the functionality of MacBooster is pretty similar to what is performed by CleanMyMac and Gemini.

Also, we think it has some effective features compared to CleanMyMac. But we suggest that you don’t choose MacBooster over CleanMyMac just because of the number of features. We have enough reasons to consider CleanMyMac as the best of all. It is light in weight, super-fast and convenient to use. Also, know more about iPad memory cleaner as well.

There are different price packages to consider if you want to purchase MacBooster. If you intend to get it for one Mac, the price would be $39.95. For 3 Macs, it would be $59.95. If you want it for 5 Mac, you will have to pay an amount of $89.95. The app is compatible with the latest MacOS. They offer prompt support through email. In addition to that, they maintain a forum which is very informative.

MacFly Pro, on the other hand, is relatively new software that can clean Macs. During the initial launch, however, it was branded as ProductHunt. It doesn’t sport annoying popups. Also, the interface of this handy software is very clean and intuitive. We had a test run with this software. Installation of the product is pretty convenient. After a scan, we noticed that it was able to clean about 4GB of files off the Mac we tested.

But there is a downside to this software. That means, it had identified the files in /private/var/folders to be junk files and that is a false alarm. About 50% of the files located within the results belong to this folder. So, we don’t think it as a good idea to delete these files if you aren’t an expert. Deleting some of the files can cause errors in your OS. As of today, MacFly Pro comes with a free trial as well. After a period of 7 days, you should renew the license at a rate of $4.99 per month. We honestly cannot suggest our readers use this app because it is still undergoing some crucial developments. In addition to that, it can be too expensive if you go for the monthly subscription plan.

Free Mac Cleaner Apps

Here are the free options for those who are looking for the best Mac cleaner.

CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner for Mac is a very popular option used by millions of individuals across the globe. This software is particularly popular among the PC user. We tested this app on one of our Macs as well as on a Toshiba laptop. In both the platforms, the interface appears to be pretty much the same. However, when it comes to the Windows version of this app, it is equipped with a registry cleaner as well. That is obviously because MacOS doesn’t have a registry cleaner.

Using CCleaner, you will be able to clean the web browser cache and cookies conveniently. Also, it can clean the history of the web browser. There are several new utilities included in this software. These utilities are capable of removing third-party apps, managing startup items and deleting a disk. But when you delete a disk volume, please be careful.

CCleaner is a really decent solution for those who are looking for a free solution. Nevertheless, we still have the urge of going with CleanMyMac. That is obviously because of the powerful functionality, speed and accuracy it delivers. Also, CleanMyMac stands ahead of this app in terms of convenience. Also, we have noticed that there are various comments about finding malware in this app.


OnyX is another freeware that is preferred by many Apple users as of today. If you are a techie, OnyX is a really nice option to try. Compared to the other apps that are mainly designed for novices, OnyX has a complex interface. The appearance is pretty different from the others. There are various options to select. Also, you would feel daunting to see a large number of buttons. To clean your Mac, you should know what is denoted by those checkboxes as well as from the buttons. Although it is capable of doing the job, we don’t consider it the best because of the complexity.

Note: Please note that OnyX makes your Mac frozen for several seconds (perhaps up to 10). That is during the app is verifying the startup disk. During this process, you will not be able to do anything with the Mac (it is completely frozen). At the end of the process, you will see a message. But we strongly recommend you to wait until the process is completed. Don’t restart the Mac. In fact, this delay is mentioned in their disclaimer. If you don’t read the disclaimer, please note that you don’t want to restart the Mac. This software works fine with the latest MacOS versions.


AppCleaner is another tool which is particularly designed to remove the unwanted apps off your Mac. It also removes the files that are related to those apps. Frankly, this app has the same functionality of the “Uninstaller” feature associated with “CleanMyMac”. However, AppCleaner doesn’t list the apps installed in the Mac you intend to clean.

AppCleaner is an app that performs batch operations. That means you can easily drag multiple files and drop them into the main interface. This feature is a very efficient one. All you have to do is to drag and drop the files. This is a very handy feature in the context of efficiency. After dropping them, you can see that the apps and the files linked to them get removed effortlessly.

The app appears as a small bundle of software. It has a nice design with perfect designs. Have you installed plenty of apps already and you need to give a cleanup to the Mac? If so, this would be a good choice to consider. More importantly, this app is free!

Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X is another good solution which claims to have the ability to scan the disks. It also shows the capacity of the files and folders that are stored in the system. In a way, this app has some similarities to DaisyDisk, we should say. Both of these apps let you see the information in a very attractive manner. One of the major issues we experienced with Disk Inventory X is that the time it takes to clean the disk. We have noticed that this app takes a very long time to load.

Despite the duration it took, we were thrilled to see the results of the scan. We went through the treemap option and viewed the files that were eating up space. There is an option called “Reveal in Finder” which allows you to review the files further. If not, you can simply click on the option “Move to Trash” so you can get rid of the contents. So, our conclusion about this software is that it is a very handy software. But we should also remind you about the default option included in Macs (Manage Storage). Through this option, you can do the same job you did with Disk Inventory X.


If you want to delete the language files that are no longer necessary, you can consider using Monolingual. Through this app, you will be able to clean up those language files and gain less than 1GB space. To make use of it, you can open it and select the languages you don’t need any further. Then, you can click on the option “Remove”. Please note that Monolingual is capable of automatically selecting the languages that are hardly used. So, we recommend you to check the files before hitting the “Delete” button. This app works fine with the latest MacOS.


dupeGuru is capable of searching for the duplicate files on the Mac. Well, it is pretty similar to what Gemini 2 does for you. This app comprises of three different modes called Picture, Music, and Standard. You can choose the mode depending on the type of the files you need to get rid of.

With each mode, you will be able to find a “Scan Type” as well. For instance, when it comes to “Standard” mode, you can perform the search using file names. If not, you can search “Music” files through tags. We experienced that the process went really smooth and fast. The results were presented on a screen using a table. We found it really convenient to identify the files that are no longer required. The duplicate files were highlighted in blue color for our convenience. It displays the size of the file the files are stored within etc.

We find this app to be a very handy option. Being a free app, we really appreciate its functionality. Although duperGuru is impressive, we still appreciate the user-friendliness of Gemini 2. The attractive appearance and the ease of use presented by Gemini 2 are unmatchable. Features like “Smart Selection” plays a major role in making it a friendlier option. We had a test run using dupeGuru as well. The experience is pretty smooth. It is compatible with the latest MacOS.

Conclusion for the best Mac Cleaner

Well, that is our review about best Mac cleaner software tools in the market. According to our findings, we are confident about the combination of CleanMyMac and Gemini 2. Both of these tools are superb options for any Mac user as we believe. They are safe and do not contain annoying advertisements. However, the other software tools we have mentioned in this review are decent options. If you don’t want to spend money on a Mac cleaner, you may try one of those free Mac cleaners.

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