Best “I Miss You Like…” Quotes to Text

One of the skills that most of us could improve upon is showing affection. Revealing your emotions isn’t easy, and it’s even more troubling when it’s a romantic relationship. After all, emotions are a key part of a relationship and to keep things going well, showing affection is crucial. Considering this, you might find it useful to learn some “I miss you like…” quotes or Love SMS.

There’s no shame in taking these quotes for yourself. Sure, coming up with your own quotes that come from the bottom of your heart can come across as more romantic. However, not everyone has the confidence to put their feelings into words. If that sounds like you, try using some of these quotes to show your loved ones affection when you miss them!

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Reasons to Send Romantic Texts

You might be wondering why it’s important to send your partner romantic texts every so often. Here are some of the main reasons that you should take the time out of your day to do so:

  • You’ll remind your boyfriend/girlfriend that you love them
  • Sending heartfelt texts will encourage your partner to send you some back
  • If you aren’t good at telling someone how you feel about them, then this will help you to learn
  • It can help to keep the romantic flame alive and supports a healthy relationship
  • You can improve your self-confidence, and you will also become a better partner in relationships

It’s always worth making this extra effort. Your affectionate text could put a smile on your partner’s face when they’re having a bad day, or it could remind them that you love them endlessly.

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Funny “I Miss You Like…” Quotes

Looking to bring some charm to your miss text message? A quirky quote that will make your partner chuckle is always a sure-fire way of putting a smile on their face.

1. I miss you as I miss my pillow
2. I miss you as Van Gogh misses his ear
3. I miss you as an idiot misses the punchline
4. I miss you a lot. You know, like a little, but a lot
5. I miss you as a shopping addict misses bargain hunting
6. I miss you as old men miss when they’re going to the bathroom
7. I miss you like a convict misses their freedom
8. I miss you as I miss my iPhone when I go to the bathroom and realize I forgot to take it with me
9. I miss you as you miss me, except not as much since I’m such an awesome person
10. I miss you as an alcoholic misses having a full hip flask
11. I miss you as Beethoven missing being able to hear music
12. I miss you more than Bert misses Ernie
13. I miss you as jokesters miss pulling pranks
14. I miss you as a diabetic misses insulin
15. I miss you as old men miss having hair
16. I miss you as I miss going to the dentist

“I’d Move Heaven and Earth for You” Quotes

On the other hand, if you’re aiming to show affection, a more romantic quote might be your style. For those poetic individuals out there, try one of these.

1. If missing you were an ocean I’d be drowning
2. I miss you as the Australian drought miss having rain
3. I miss you like the desert misses the water
4. Whenever I can’t be with you, I just pretend to cuddle you until we can be together
5. I miss you as the sun misses the moon
6. I miss you as July misses a snowstorm
7. I miss you like mountains miss the sky
8. No matter where you are, I’ll be waiting here for you
9. I miss you as stars miss the night sky
10. I miss you like the Titanic misses the iceberg
11. I’m like the moon, and you’re like the sun – I spend my whole life chasing you but can never catch up
12. I miss you as Winter misses a heatwave
13. I miss you as sunset misses the sunrise
14. I miss you like a forest misses trees

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“Words Can’t Describe My Love for You” Quotes

Maybe a quote that says you can’t put your feelings into words is more appropriate. There are always the classics, but here are some that you can text and show how much you love them.
1. I miss you so much right now, can you feel me missing you in your heart?
2. When I start to miss you a lot, I read our old texts and start grinning like an idiot
3. To me, hell is having you in my dreams but waking up without you next to me
4. There’s nothing that makes my bedroom feel as empty as wanting you here with me
5. I miss you as there is no tomorrow
6. I miss you as a heart misses its beat
7. I miss you like a headache misses aspirin

I Miss You Like Quotes for Animal Lovers

Everyone loves animals, so why not send your partner an adorable quote that involves our furry friends?

1. I miss you as bats miss the darkness
2. I miss you like moles miss digging their holes
3. I miss you as a dog misses a bone
4. I miss you like squirrels miss gathering nuts
5. I miss you more than a cat misses chasing mice
6. I miss you as fish miss swimming in the ocean
7. I miss you like bees miss flowerbeds
8. I miss you as a butterfly misses its cocoon
9. I miss you like a cat misses its kittens
10. I miss you as a cow misses being milked
11. I miss you like camels miss drinking water

Looking for something a bit different? You can always go with a quirky food-related quote that’ll make them chuckle in response.
1. I miss you like I miss chocolate… a lot!
2. I miss you as fat kids miss eating cake
3. I miss you as an egg missing a frying pan
4. I miss you like cheese misses the burger
5. I miss you as milk misses it’s shake
6. I miss you like apples miss oranges
7. I miss you as chefs miss their kitchens
8. I miss you as salt and butter miss popcorn
9. I miss you more than people dieting miss having ice cream
10. I miss you as frosted flakes miss being soaked in milk

A Few Other Quotes

And if none of the quotes so far have pinned how you feel, we’ve still got some left you can try.

1. I miss you like Jack Sparrow misses the sea
2. Whenever I feel my phone vibrate, I hope it’s a text from you telling me how much you miss me
3. I get jealous that the people you work with get to spend so much time around you every day
4. I miss you as pirates miss hunting for treasure
5. We go together like yin and yang
6. I miss you as detectives miss solving mysteries
7. I miss you like a librarian misses books
8. I miss you as a photographer misses their camera
9. I miss you like soldiers’ miss being at home
10. I miss you as a leprechaun misses his pot of gold
11. I miss you as Billy Joel misses his piano
12. I miss you like a lord misses his lady

To Conclude

So, if you’re lovestruck and don’t know how you can show your boyfriend or girlfriend how much you love them, texting them one of these quotes will take care of it. You should always take the time to tell your partner how much you love them. Whether it’s with a crazy romantic gesture or simply one of these, I miss you like quotes, putting in the effort will make them love you more than ever.

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