Top 13 Best Family Calendar Apps in 2021 For You

The best family calendar app is what you need to organize your life. At all times, it is nice to learn what date today is and schedule your plans accordingly. It is a fun and wonderful thing to get a platform, where you could plan a number of events for a single day. This makes it easier for you to look for whose birthdays are coming, upcoming job interviews or special events, and lots of other things. Furthermore, you can even make a to-do list using a family calendar app.

Here, we have outlined some of the best family calendar applications available online. The time when you had to have a physical calendar has actually gone. Now, it’s time to switch to the best family calendar app, which is an easy and fast way to manage and know about your activities. So, these family calendar apps act as a time management service.

You can share your schedules with your family members using these apps. A shared calendar application helps you to remind other members about someone’s birthday or other significant dates. So, let’s have a look at the best calendar applications for a family.

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Top 13 Family calendar applications

There are lots of calendar applications out there. Know about the best ones in this section!

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1. Best Family Calendar Apps – Google Calendar

Best Family Calendar Apps - Google Calendar

It is the most popular family calendar app. Google Calendar is very easy to use and even features seamless integration with various other Google applications. This means users could add events right from Gmail or Google Task’s to-do-lists.

Also, it is pretty simple to share a schedule with this app. Just add email IDs to this calendar or share your unique link with others. Tweak the settings if you like others to add or edit events. It is the best family calendar app for managing carpools, school presentations, upcoming events, and other occasions. This application is available for both Android and iOS.

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2. Best Family Calendar Apps – Apple Calendar

Best Family Calendar Apps - Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar is very simple to use, and most families admire this family calendar app. It is a built-in app in all macOS and iOS devices. One can even access this calendar app for free via iCloud. The interface is very simple that even non-tech people can work on it. Every event includes a title, reminder, invitees, and location. You can add notes and extract data from various other calendars like Exchange, Google, or Yahoo.

3. Best Family Calendar Apps – Any.Do

Best Family Calendar Apps - Any.Do

It is another best family calendar app that lets users manage their calendars, shopping lists, and to-do lists. Any. Do is perfect for families and teams who like to manage their day-to-day agenda. Using this family calendar app, you could invite others to specific events. With its ‘Share List’ feature, any member of your family can get access to your schedule. It can be synced with other calendars like Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar.

The best thing about Any. Do is its working with Alexa speaker. For this, you just have to say, “Alexa, schedule grocery shopping to the to-do list,” and your work will be done. It works perfectly with Android, Apple, and Web.

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4. Best Family Calendar Apps – Cozi


Cozi is an incredible family calendar app that all family members can use. It comes with amazing features like color-coding for individual app users, managing to-do lists, and creating menu events. It even allows you to keep a journal. Using Cozi, you can set reminders and create events. The best family calendar app is available for different smartphones running on iOS and Android or computers.

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5. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

This family calendar app is great due to its elegant design. It lets users schedule and manages all their activities. When you compare this best calendar family app with its precursor, it features many languages that assist you in configuring the settings effortlessly. Fantastical two comes with various calendar sets, which users can switch to their favorite design when they want from their offices and homes.

The calendar app supports CalDAV and WebDAV extensions for syncing with Microsoft Exchange, Google, iCloud, and other accounts. On behalf of the user, this app creates automated responses, cancels messages, and accepts, declines, or forwards invitation. It is available for iOS and Mac systems.

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6. CloudCal


CloudCal is another great family calendar app that you can consider. This application features various special functions like speech recognition. It synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, and Google Tasks. It is even capable of attaching voice notes, photos, or catalogs to the reminder for finding them easily.

The best family calendar app features lots of background designs. It features a widget for easy managing and also a smart bot. CloudCal is only available for Android smartphones.

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7. CalenGoo


It is an impressive family calendar app, which you can share with your friends and other groups. Users can access this app on their iOS smartphones. It has some amazing features like smooth navigation and quick transitions from a year, month, week, or daily calendar. The app allows you to add the contacts as well. CalenGoo features a floating widget for incomplete events or activities.

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8. DigiCal


Digital is the best family calendar app that you’ll find online for Android devices. It comes with a free and a premium package. There are some interesting features on this app, like weather forecast feature, editing function, and location search. The amazing thing is that DigiCal supports more than 27 languages. One can sync this calendar app to other servers like Exchange, Google, or Outlook. This family calendar app comes with lots of preset designs and themes. It supports customizable widgets and instant notifications.

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9. Timepage


Timepage seems to be the best family calendar app for iOS devices, featuring brilliant abilities. This app lets users schedule and organizes their month or week in advance seamlessly. The family calendar app integrates well with other apps, services like Uber, and contacts. It features a split-screen function for multitasking. It features a good widget and instant notifications for keeping you updated.

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10. Wave


Among the best family calendar app is E-sites’ Wave. This family calendar app comes with awesome features and impressive design. Its widget features a nice design. This app lets you sync your contacts and integrate other apps like Outlook, Exchange, Google Apps, and iCloud. One can access this application on both iOS and Android devices.

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11. TimeTree


If you are in search of the best family calendar app across diverse devices, TimeTree is a nice option. It works with Android, iOS, and PCs. It features easy scheduling and organization of events and tasks. The family calendar app comes with discussion panels to let you interact with attendees of different tasks or events. There is also an option to modify the background colors. It can display various calendars depending on the OS. To manage plans easily, all members can schedule plans on just a single calendar.

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12. Informant


The core of the Informant app is productivity tools and family apps. There is everything on this family calendar app from working with Exchange, iCloud, Google Apps, and contacts to adding reminder notes. This smart application handles all scheduling and organizing of your events. One can customize its background and themes. Informant works well with Android and iOS devices and even on PCs.

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13. Jorte


This is the last but best family calendar app for Android, iOS, and PCs. It is a highly customizable app having various language versions. It features various special functions like event calendars and simple integration to other applications. One can even opt for its membership plans. It features an event calendar, where you get the recent updates and news on the ongoing events. So, when you follow your favorite cooking show or team, you get the latest recipes or news.

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FamiSafe Parental Control App – Reliable Guard for your Family

FamiSafe is an incredible parental control application, which comes with fabulous features. This application works perfectly well with both iOS and Android devices. Here, parents can become the admin and manage the online activities of their kids. Along with online management competencies, FamiSafe can make a list of scheduled activities and tasks for the family members with detailed time and date.

The parental control application is a great option for all offline and online undertakings of scheduled activities. This is because this app sends notifications to all attendees of events or tasks as a reminder. Its user-friendly interface makes the entire procedure an easy breeze. Now, let’s have a quick glance at FamiSafe’s unique features below!

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Try FamiSafe

Special Features of Wondershare FamiSafe:

  • This tool lets you set geo-fencing and view the location history.
  • It monitors all phone activities and applications.
  • FamiSafe filters and monitors the browser content.
  • This app monitors and controls screen time activity.
  • It detects suspicious photos and content effectively.

So, there are lots of incredible family calendar applications. Even Outlook and Google also have their own amazing calendar applications. However, when compared to all, FamiSafe seems to be the best family calendar app for a family. This tool does not just come with amazing features but even enables you to enjoy its free trial. Wondershare FamiSafe is an ideal choice due to many reasons, like scheduling events, activities, GPS tracking in real-time, and a lot more. So, it’s time to get more than a family calendar app. Now, download FamiSafe on your smartphone and start organizing your things seamlessly!