How to Backup WhatsApp Messages from Android to Computer

There is absolutely no doubt that when it comes to an application that aids communication among persons in the world, WhatsApp is among the most popular ones. Almost everyone does depend on it for not just easy communication but also sharing of files on its platform. This is perhaps the most vital reason why you may need to Backup WhatsApp Messages from Android to Computer so that you can be on a safe side regarding information or data that are sensitive. One major way to have such data or messages backed is to have them transferred to your Personal Computer.

It is vital to point out that WhatsApp just recently integrated Google backup into its features to aid backing up of data in an easy way. Although this new development has been able to make it to be really easy having to transfer Chat History in WhatsApp to another device, it is still very difficult having such Chat History in WhatsApp to be moved to your Personal Computer.

Having your Chat History stored in your system is actually a very reliable way to make sure that your data has been backed up just in case you lose the original one in your device, you can be able to recover the one in your Personal Computer. This means that the data can be easily sent back to your device.

PS: let’s figure out how to backup Android tablet to computer.

How you can Backup WhatsApp Messages from Android to Computer.

This could include messages as well as attachments in your WhatsApp platform.

dr.fone Android Data Recovery – how you can make use of it in having your WhatsApp Messages transferred from your Android device to your PC.

In other to ensure that you effectively have your messages and Chat History transferred to your Personal Computer from your Android device, you will need a very reliable tool that can make things to be very easy for you. The truth is that there are very few applications that can meet your needs when it comes to carrying out a successful transfer of data of such magnitude. However, with a tool such as Dr.Fone for Android, you don’t have any problem. This program makes it to be very easy when you want to have your WhatsApp messages transferred to your system.

  • It can easily have your Android device completely scanned during the recovery process.
  • It allows you to have what you want to recover from your Android device previewed before deciding on whether to recover it or not.
  • Different file types are fully supported by this program. Such could be any form of file ranging from videos, messages, images, calendar as well as any type of documents.
  • It is fully compatible with different Android models (over 6000).
  • It is fully compatible with different Android operating systems.

You can follow the steps below to successfully transfer messages to your system.

Step 1. First of all is that you will have to go to the official web page of Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android and download the program from there. You need to have the software installed before anything can happen. To do this, go to the location where you happen to save the package of the program on your system. Locate the .exe file and have it clicked on. You will need to have the software wizard installed from there.

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Step 2. Get a USB cable and then use it to have your Android device connected to your system.

Step 3. If it happens that your Android device has not been enabled in terms of USB debugging, there will be an instruction that will popup requesting you to have it enabled. Skip this process if it has been enabled in the past.

Step 4. Once it has been debugged, Dr.Fone for Android program will be able to see your device and recognize it. There will be another window which will come up. It is through this window that you can choose the WhatsApp messages to recover. If you want to recover WhatsApp messages, locate the icon which says “WhatsApp Messages & Attachments“. Now click on the icon and locate the down button which says “Next”.

Step 5. The next thing to do after completing the above successfully is that you will need to click on scan for your device to be scanned by Dr.Fone for Android program. There are two types of modes which are “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode”. If you need a quick scan, then you will have to choose the Standard Mode option. The Advanced Mode scan will be more thorough than the standard mode but will take more time.

Step 6. Immediately you have chosen the scan mode, the process of scanning will be commenced by Dr.Fone for Android program. In this scan process, every attachment as well as messages will be scanned through by the program. The time for scanning will be greatly dependent on the amount of files that you have in your device. You will need to wait for the scanning process to be complete.

It is important to inform you that during the scanning process, a notification may popup trying to request for Super-user authorization. At this point, just locate the “allow” button for the scanning to continue as usual.

Step 7. As soon as the scanning process is finished, the next window will show you all the files in your device. Locate the messages and attachments in your WhatsApp platform. If you would want all the messages to be recovered then just have all of them selected.

On the other hand if you want to specify the messages that you want to be recovered, you can select them and then locate the button which says “Recover” and click on it. Once you click on the recover button, the messages will be then be saved to your computer where you can access all of them.


Even if it happens that you lost some messages in the past, Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android will be able to bring out all of your messages (deleted and existing). This will help you recover lost messages that you may have need for.

Also remember that this program also allows you to view files that have been deleted. If you want to do this, there is a button for such, just click on it and you will be able to view your files that have been deleted. Also, there is a search feature which makes it possible for you to easily locate your files most especially when you have a lot of files that you find it very difficult to locate which ones that you would want to recover.

Given the above, it is obvious that when it comes to how you can easily Backup WhatsApp Messages from Android to Computer, dr.fone – Android Data Recovery is second to none out there.