Top AVI Compressor 2021 – Compress AVI Files For Free

Are you looking for an AVI compressor? Well, you are reading the correct article as we explain the best tools below. So, continue reading and pick the best AVI compressor for your job.

In many cases, users start to worry about the large size of the AVI files. In fact, AVI files come with heavy file weight compared to many other files. Since they are so large, your device’s space will run out soon after saving a lot of AVI files. As a result, you won’t have enough space to save other files, and you’ll experience a lack of speed. Moreover, the large file size can cause issues when you upload the AVI files to social media. This is exactly when you should consider compressing as a solution. However, is it possible to compress AVI without losing the quality? Of course! As long as you use the correct AVI compressor, it is possible. And, the purpose of this article is to explain these tools.

Part 1: Use an AVI compressor to compress AVI files

There are many conventional ideas to consider when compressing an AVI file. One of those common methods is using a standard compression tool. RAR and ZIP are some of those utilities. However, this is not the most efficient method you should try. In that case, it is always better to try something new. Mentioned below are some of those new methods you can try.

#1. Convert format

Convert the AVI files into a new AVI file or other different formats like FLV or MP4. With such a new decoding technology, you can expect a relatively smaller size without losing the quality.

#2. Cut unwanted parts

Cutting out the unwanted parts of the respective video is another way to reduce the size of the file. You can trim the respective file and deleting unnecessary parts of the video to keep only what you want. However, this method might become hardly effective if you need the entire video.

#3. Reset the parameters

Resetting the parameters of the video is another method to reduce the size of the video. For instance, you can reset the frame rate, resolution, or bit rate of the video. But if you need the video in its original quality, that won’t do any good.

The above three solutions are the most practical ones for you. As long as you are OK with the drawbacks of Methods 02 and 03, you can consider them too.

The good news is that you can use Wondershare UniConverter to accomplish any of the above. That means, UniConverter can convert, trim or change the parameters of any video to reduce its size. Another important aspect associated with this tool is that it features batch conversion as well. That means it allows you to convert videos in batches.

With its batch conversion ability and built-in editing tools, you can compress AVI files at your fingertips. If you wonder how to compress a video for email or how to compress MP4 video, UniConverter can help you too.

Main features of this AVI Compressor – UniConverter

  • It can compress any AVI file simply by changing the video resolution, encoder, bit rate, etc.
  • Be compatible with more than 1000 different output files, including MP4, FLV, MKV, etc.
  • You can convert any video to a well-optimized preset for any device used today.
  • It can convert CPI to MP4 and convert videos 30 times faster compared to other tools.
  • It lets you edit, trim, cut, and even enhance AVI videos with real-time preview as well.
  • You can transfer those converted videos from your computer to any other device.
  • Download videos from more than 10000 video-sharing platforms.
  • It comes with a very useful toolbox that includes a variety of tools to perform various tasks. For instance, it can fix metadata, create GIF, cast video, record screen and even burn DVD.
  • Well compatible with Windows & macOS platforms.
Wondershare UniConverter AVI Compressor

Part 2: How to use Wondershare UniConverter as an AVI compressor 

First of all, you should download this AVI compressor and get it installed on your computer. After that, you should launch the application to see its main screen. After the preparation part is completed, you can follow the steps mentioned below and compress an AVI file.

01. Add the file(s)

First, you should drag the AVI file to the main interface and drop them. If not, you can simply go to the Menu bar and choose the option called “Video Converter.” Then, click on the icon next to it (the purple color box with a plus mark on it). That will allow you to load the AVI files into the application. You can even add multiple files for the purpose of batch conversion.

Add AVI files to UniConverter

02. Compress AVI files

There are three methods to compress your video file and make it smaller than the original one. Mentioned below are those three options so you can choose the method depending on the nature of your requirement.

Method 01: Trim the video

The first method is to trim or crop the respective video and reduce the size. To do that, you should go to the Trim window and drag the slider bar. You can then click on the button labeled Cut, so that will split the video into different parts. You can then choose the unwanted parts of the video and delete them. After that, click on the “OK” button so you can return to the main interface. If not, you can even reduce the size of the video file by cropping it.

Trim Video Using UniConverter

It can be done using the Crop icon. That will take to you to the Crop window. Just adjust the area to match your requirement.

Crop video Using Uniconverter

Method 02: Convert the AVI file into a lighter format

The second method is to convert the respective video file into a lighter format. In fact, this could be the best solution if you need the entire video without trimming or cropping. To do that, click on the icon that looks like an inverted triangle next to the “Output Format” option. Then, click on the dropdown and choose the desired output format. If you choose MP4, that would be a better option to compress AVI files without losing the quality. Generally, MP4 files come with lightweight and better compression rates. So, it will be a nice option for you if you want to compress AVI. Then, go to Format and choose Video.

Convert AVI using Uniconverter

Method 03: Reset the compression settings

The next method is to reset the compression settings. To do that, you should click on the icon labeled for compress and change the parameters. You can change the resolution, encoder, and even the bit rate of the video to reduce its size. Also, it allows you to preview the file before compressing it. With this method, you can cut down the size of the video significantly and achieve your target.

03. Start Compressing AVI files now

Now that you have decided on the compression method, you should click on the option called “Start All.” Then, this AVI compressor will compress the file. Just leave it to do the job, and the duration it takes might vary based on the video’s size.

Compress AVI files with UniConverter

Part 3: Using an online AVI compressor to compress AVI files

Some individuals prefer using an online tool over an installable application. That is because they don’t want to take the trouble of installing software on their computers. If you choose a reliable online tool, you can get the job done without much trouble. One of the best online tools is Online UniConverter. Well, this is a very handy, free online tool that can convert video or audio and compress them. In addition to that, it can change the file format, size, and resolution as well. Nevertheless, if you compare an online AVI compressor with a desktop version, the former has some restrictions. Online tools limit the size of the files you can upload. Also, the performance of the converter is based solely on the internet.

That said, you can follow the steps below and compress an AVI file online.

  • First, open a web browser of your preference and go to the Online UniConverter website. Then, you should add the AVI file that should be compressed. To do that, you can simply click on the “+” icon located on the interface.
  • Now that the AVI file is added to the interface, you should see file information. You can now customize the parameters such as resolution and output format.
  • That’s it. You should now press the button labeled “Compress” on its interface. Then, this AVI compressor will compress the uploaded file. You can either save it to your local drive or save it to Dropbox.
Online UniConverter

You can choose this online AVI compressor to convert smaller files. However, when it comes to professional work, you should go for a desktop application. Wondershare UniConverter does not have any limitations when it comes to the size of the file you can convert. Also, it supports batch compression and video editing, which are not available on online AVI compressor tools. So, choosing a compression tool should be done based on your purpose. For more online mp4 compressor, just click to read more.

Option 01: Use YouCompress AVI compressor to compress your AVI file

Please follow below simple steps to compress an AVI file using YouCompress.

  • First, you should go to their official website,
  • Then, please click on the option called “Select File” and upload the AVI file.
  • After that, you should click on the option called “Upload File & Compress.” Now, the file will be compressed, and you can easily download it.
  • After that, you can share the file easily.
YouCompress AVI Compressor

Besides, if you wonder How to Crop a Video with ease, here is the top guide for you.

Option 02: Use Clideo to compress large AVI files

You can use this tool to add your AVI file from your local storage. Also, it allows you to add files through URL, Google Drive or Dropbox as well. However, the maximum file size you can add is limited to 500MB. So, you can use this tool with some restrictions.

  • First, you should go to
  • Then, go to the option called “Choose File,” and you can import the AVI video.
  • Now, you can preview the AVI video that is compressed. If that is fine, you can easily download the AVI file but with a smaller size. AVI Compressor

Option 03: Use Online Converter to compress AVI file

You can consider Online Converter as another online AVI compressor. However, it does have a limit of 200MB when it comes to uploading files. In addition to that, it shows the video sizes of the original and the output video size directly.

It also allows you to change the output audio quality as well. It can be adjusted up to 128 kbps. If not, you can even choose the “No Sound” option as well.

Here’s how to use this tool. AVI Compressor

Option 04: Use Clipchamp to compress AVI files

This is another good option for those who don’t want to use a desktop AVI compressor. However, you are supposed to create an account before compressing files. After the conversion is done, you can easily download it to the local disk.

  • Go to
  • Click on the option called “Get Started Now.”
  • Sign up for the account when prompted and upload the AVI file to proceed.
  • Configure the settings, output format, and resolution values.
  • Compress the file. You can either share it or save it to the PC.
Clipchamp AVI Compressor

So, that’s our list of compressors for AVI files. As we consider, UniConverter is the best option because of its speed, stability, and efficiency. What’s your best AVI compressor?