Top Best App to Put Videos Together in 2020

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Merging two videos together might seem difficult, but there are apps out there that will help you solve the problem fast and in an efficient way. There are plenty of times you will have a video that won’t go well without the other. Carrying two videos will have its fair share of problems to the user. And playing the video will be a huge annoying thing to deal with it, as after you have done with the first video. Then you have to open the second video to continue with the topic of the first video. This takes the moments out of the video from the user.

It’s just like when you are watching a movie, but an interval happens, but here you have to deal with it on your laptop or desktop computer. If you are one of those people who are tired of doing these steps, then you can use the app to put videos together without spending time to learn about the techniques behind it. All the steps that you need to know here are simple. Basically, anybody can follow them, even if they don’t have any technical knowledge about the machine or apps, in general.

Here this software not only will have the option to merge videos together, but you can also render them after they merged; you will have the option to define the setting that is right for that video. You can add a lot of information on that video after they are merged. This is what makes the app to put videos together, so appealing because they can do all of that without any price.

Best Apps to Put Videos Together in 2020

Without making you any further, here are some of the best app to put videos together that you can use to merge videos together easily without any issue.

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1. BeeCut


If you like the simplicity of an app, then BeeCut is the right choice for you. With this app, you can easily merge videos together. You can even put more than two videos together. All you have to do is to import your videos from your local disk; then, you need to adjust the videos by order of your choice. That’s it. You now have an app to put videos together in fashion too. BeeCut also provides a lot of advanced features to the table. Here you can use stickers, overlay, transition effects, aspect ratio, and many filters to make the video more appealing.

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2. VideoShow


VideoShow is one of the best video editor apps to put videos together without putting you through a bunch of tutorial messages to get you started. VideoShow is available on both Apple and iOS. The interface is appealing, but some people who never used video editing software will find this out of place. The interface function allows you to see the result right away without any issue. If you want to add some effects or transitions to the video, you can certainly do that here.

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3. VidTrim


It is one of the most powerful software in the market. What makes VidTrim so powerful than others? The answer is all the features that the app provides to the user. It includes trimming, grabbing frames, rotating, cropping, cutting. Extraction of the audio from the video, and many for filtering options. Now you can, this is one of the best apps to put videos together, but also it is capable of other things that make this app more handful than others. The app is much easier to use; from the first page, you will have direct access to all the important functions to help you video merge with others.

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4. Video Merger

Video Merger

As the title suggests, this is an app to put videos together, so what is so special about it? It is one of the fastest apps to merge videos together. The user has the option on which version they should go for the best experience. The free version has a limited amount of features, while the pro version contains a lot. One of the significant changes that you are going to experience from the free version to the pro version. In the pro version of the app, you can merge more than just two videos at a time. Here you also add overlays to make the videos more flashy. The ability to add special effects to the videos make this app more noteworthy.

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5. Movie Director Pro

Movie Director Pro

It is another app to put videos together that you can find in the market. The transparent interface is one of the liking factors of this app. With that, you also get functions like the clipping of the videos, merging the videos, adding background music to them. The setting and the use of the app are simple, and it’s intuitive. If you are an iOS user, then you can certainly benefit a lot from using this app.

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6. iMovies


If you are looking for an app to put videos together on iOS. Then the appropriately named iMovie will be the perfect choice for you. This app supports all apple devices. It is also compatible with many file formats. So rest assured on the compatibility issue. The app has a lot of features that will make the handling of the app much easier. Here you will also get a lot of transition effects, templates, special FX to put on your videos. One of the best things about this app is that it costs nothing. You can get it for free with a high amount of features.

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7. AndroVid


It is easy to manage the video editor for the Android OS. Here you can use the software to view the videos and edit them if you want to add some more stuff to it. AndroVid is special because of the easier to manage functionality that it offers with the software. Here you can use the app to put videos together, add music, change the format, resolution change, and create a slideshow. You will also get the option to share it with your friends.

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8. Movie Maker

Movie Maker

Here you have another great app to put videos together with a seamless interface of the application. You can separate videos from audio with this app. This program features some of the basic functions in a simpler form; anybody can pick up the app and start using it in a second without any prior experience. The app acts like an app that you use on the phone rather than on a computer because everything will look just about right. With multiple selections for the user to perform on the video. You can also add texts with different fonts, color levels to them. If you are looking for an app to edit videos on your iOS product, then you can’t go wrong with picking Movie Maker.

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9. Magisto


If you are looking for an app for a more premium experience, then Magisto is one of the best apps to put videos together with ease. There is also a free version of the app that you can use to get to know the app better. Once you find your way around the app and its features, then you will have no trouble following the system. As all the features of the apps are long, you can edit the videos, and then share it with your social media website, the ability to create your own albums. Features like face detection, image stabilization, transitions, and filter make this one of the notable apps to put videos together available in the market.

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10. Vidstitch


This program will help you merge your videos and your photos too. Here you will have plenty of funny frames that you can add on your videos or photos to make them social media typos. Here you will also get to add soundtracks, edit your photos, and can watch the preview of the video before exporting to the disk. The video you edit may get posted to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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11. VivaVideo


Here is an app that supports both Apple and google platform. It is one of the best apps to put videos together without following any training guidelines. As most of the functions here are much easier. You can edit videos, and trim the voice clips, control the playing speed of the video, add subtitles, effects, titles, transitions, filters, and music to make the video much more interesting. Pick this app if you want to create the best level of cinematography on your smartphone.

Here you will have access to 60 functional filters with a range of special effects, the ability to embed images into each other. The powerful built-in kernel, the option for multi capture, and the PIP function will make the work much easier.

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12. Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips

This free video editor does everything that you expect to get from a video merging app. Here is an app to put videos together and get to cut off the parts that you don’t want, add the music, and transitions to make the video much more alive. Once you edit the video, you can directly upload the video to the social networking apps to get likes and comments. The opinion that people hold will change your style and will definitely for the better.

You can also add different music tracks. Transition effect of making the video much more watch worthy for a lot of people. One of the things about getting free apps that you have to waste your time watching plenty of ads before getting to the real work of the app. But here, the picture is different. You won’t get distracted with any apps. There is no advertisement on the screen and no time limit on the clips. All the basic tools are listed on the main page; if you don’t have any experience with the app, you will have little time to pick it up.

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13. Videoshop


One of the best video editing tools in the app market is Videoshop. It packs in plenty of filters for editing the videos as the way you want to do it. Trim the parts that you don’t want in your videos as you will have the option to glue the newer parts in to make the video much more. This will be the perfect app to put videos together with all the effects that you add to the final file to make it more interesting. You can also add animated subtitles underneath the video so the viewer would get much more interaction with the video. Videoshop also supports high definition video, and all of the videos are share-ready once you are done with it.

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14. Cute CUT

Cute CUT

If you are looking for more of a simplistic approach to the video editings software, then look no future than Cute CUT. Here the video editing can be done in a simple method, and you can use the app to put videos together in an easier way. If you want to select multiple videos on the list, then you can certainly do that with this app. The website also offers a detailed guide to how to use the software, in case if you get lost in the video editing process, you can always use the guide to how to make videos faster by giving you a lot of free examples.

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Final Thoughts About Best App to Put Videos Together in 2020

Now you know the list of the best app to put videos together with ease and simplicity that are the essential features every user wants from an app. All of the apps here share different features and accessibility. It is up to you to decide which is the way that hits the perfect zone. You can get a Free version of the app for a limited feature, or you can choose the Premium version to get more out of it. Either way, you are getting the perfect app to put videos together.

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