Anime Subtitles Download – Top Best Ways to Do It

Are you reading this article to know about a good anime subtitles download method? Well, you have landed on the correct place, and here we introduce several effective options to do it. So, continue reading and pick the best option.

There are some users who don’t want to have subtitles when they watch movies. However, if you watch a movie in a language that you don’t understand, subtitles become very handy. For instance, assume that you watch an anime series in a completely foreign language. In that case, you cannot enjoy the best of the Anime unless you have the subtitles. With that said, anime subtitles download is pretty much a mandatory task for anime lovers.

If you can download subtitles for an anime, the language restriction will be lifted. Anime is a Japanese style of animation used for various movies. So, most anime movies are available in foreign languages such as Japanese. So, to enjoy those movies, you should either understand the Japanese language or find English subtitles. The purpose of this article is to reveal the best anime subtitles download methods.

Best anime subtitles download websites

In this section, we list down the best anime subtitles download websites for your reference. One of the great things about these websites is that they provide subtitles for the entire series.

PS: let’s learn more methods to download anime English sub and perform Anime OST download easily.

01 Anime Subtitles Download Site. OpenSubtitles

Without a doubt, OpenSubtitles is among the most popular online resources for anime subtitles download. This special website allows you to find the subtitles of a massive collection of movies. It is true that their interface is not as modern as you would expect. However, OpenSubtitles features one of the biggest databases of subtitles. You can find subtitles for pretty much any anime on this website. In addition to Anime, this website has subtitles for a large collection of other movies as well.

Searching for anime subtitles is very easy with this website. All you need is to click on the name of the Anime and choose the option called “download.” If not single movies, you can even choose anime series as well. You will be asked to answer a couple of questions or even to fill a captcha. That is done as a security measure. However, the process is pretty smooth, and downloading the correct subtitle will only take a very short time.

Notes: Although the website is very good, the ads displayed will be annoying for any user. Also, it requires you to sign up for a VIP account to eliminate those ads.

02 Anime Subtitles Download Site. Kitsunekho

Kitsunekho could be rated as one of the best websites that can download anime subtitles in various different languages. Compared to the previous option, this website features a pretty convenient user-interface. You can even select multiple options and series as well. In addition to that, you can download the subtitles with a single click without much trouble. This website also allows you to download subtitles in different languages. It includes subtitles in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., in addition to English. All those subtitles are arranged in a very convenient manner based on the language as well as the genre.

Note: This website comes with excellent smoothness. More interestingly, it doesn’t have any annoying ads to disturb your user-experience.

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03 Anime Subtitles Download Site. Subscene

Are you looking for a website that offers subtitles for both Anime and movies? If so, Subscene will be one of the ideal options you can have. It comprises a handy search bar so you can easily find the subtitle you want. After finding the subtitle for a movie of the Anime, you should click on it. As a result, the download options will be displayed. The best thing about this website is that it comprises subtitles of nearly all the widely used languages. After clicking on a series name, you will see a massive collection of random subtitles in different languages.

Note: Although there are some ads displayed on the website, it is a very handy tool.

04 Anime Subtitles Download Site. SubDb

SubDb is a very handy open-source platform that comprises a massive database of anime subtitles. Basically, SubDb is a P2P network where users upload and download content. This special website offers subtitles in various languages such as English, Italian, Spanish, and so on. However, this platform lets you download subtitles only if you know to launch an API.

Note: SubDb is a pretty good website, but it doesn’t have a search bar to perform searches. So, those who don’t have tech-knowledge might find it very hard to search for subtitles.

05 Anime Subtitles Download Site. Addic7ed

Addic7ed is a massive collection of subtitles, and if you are an anime enthusiast, it can be addictive. This website allows you to download the subtitles with ease simply by clicking on the name of the series. There will be plenty of subtitles to download in different languages. This website comprises subtitles in languages such as Arabic, Japanese, etc., in addition to English.

Note: although this website has plenty of subtitles, it lacks a search bar to search for subtitles. In addition to that, it has plenty of annoying ads to make you annoyed.


Are you looking for stuff like videos and software in addition to the subtitles on the same platform? If so, could be a superb solution for you. As per the functionality of this website, it allows you to upload and download content. A download button is provided with each subtitle, and you can click on that button to save the file.

Anime Subtitles Download with
Note: It is true that this website has a large range of subtitles in different languages. However, the language icons are too small. Finding the correct form of language is pretty difficult for any person because of this reason.

07. iSubtitles

iSubtitles is another free website that allows you to download subtitles of all the Anime and movies. This website appears with a very simple interface, and it comes with a search bar as well. iSubtitles features subtitles with several languages, including English, Japanese, Arabic, etc. Downloading those subtitles is significantly easier. All you need is to click on the name of the series. The file formats and the languages will then be displayed so you can choose one.

Anime Subtitles Download with iSubtitles
Note: this website comes with some good features. However, the ads that appear on them can prevent you from having a convenient user-experience.

08. Animetosho

Animetosho has an old-school appearance. However, the information found on the website is updated to the latest. The website comes with a massive library of subtitles related to anime series and movies. It even allows you to download subtitles through torrent or magnet. When you download the movie file, the subtitle will be included in the same.

Anime Subtitles Download with Animetosho
Note: there is no shortage of information on the Animetosho file. However, the site has a pretty “spammy” appearance, particularly if you are new to this subject.

09. CD Japan

CD Japan comes with a multi-niche appearance, and it covers a variety of content as well. For instance, it covers Anime, Apparel, Music, etc., without being stagnated to anime content only. The database of this website is massive, and it lets you download anime subtitles easily. In addition to that, it comes with a handy search bar as well to search for anime subs. You can download plenty of anime subtitles with this option.

Anime Subtitles Download with CD Japan
Note: A large number of anime subtitles included in their website are for paid users only.

10. AniSubs

The main difference of AniSubs is that it is dedicated to anime subtitles. You can find a large range of subtitles for free on this website without much hassle. All you need is to click on the name of the series and hit the “Download” button. That will either save the file into your computer or save it directly into your Google Drive. You can search for the anime series based on the genre.

Anime Subtitles Download with AniSubs
Note: Even though the website is good, there are plenty of ads displayed on the mobile.

Anime subtitles download with Anime

If you wonder how to download an anime subtitle with an anime itself, here’s the guideline. In fact, in this case, we will be using iTube Studio to get it done. As you may already know, iTube Studio is a powerful program that can download videos from various sources. For instance, it can download anime videos and movies with English subtitles. However, this tool doesn’t download subtitles separately. Instead, it downloads subtitles along with the videos or the movies. So, you should necessarily search for videos that come with subtitles.

Features of iTube Studio

  • It lets you download Crunchyroll videos, download movies on iPhone X & iPhone 8, and download videos from sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, Facebook, Dailymotion, and so on. In fact, it supports more than 10,000+ video sharing websites.
  • This tool shows greater efficiency in converting videos, and it supports more than 150 file formats.
  • This program shows excellent effectiveness when converting videos. You can choose the ideal format from more than 150 options.
  • This tool has a built-in screen recorder to record videos from various websites while maintaining good quality.
  • The speed of this website is excellent, and it can download videos three times faster than other options.
  • This platform comes embedded with Vimeo. In addition to that, it has a powerful video recorder as well. You can use these recorders to capture videos from any online video sharing site.
  • This tool lets you use it with Private Mode. It protects your videos with a password so no one can access them.
  • You can use it to record online videos, video calls, and the screens of desktops for free.
  • It is possible to download videos in HD format as well. In addition to that, it supports 4K video downloading.
  • You can use it to convert the videos that are downloaded or recorded. As a result, you can make them compatible with other devices and platforms.
  • You can easily transfer those videos with subtitles to iOS devices or Android devices.

Downloading Anime using iTube Studio

Here are the steps to download Anime with subtitles using iTube Studio.

  • First, download and install iTube Studio on your computer. Then, launch the program.
  • Now, you should find a video that already has a subtitle. For instance, you can visit a website like Anime Streams on your browser and play the video. After that, you will be able to see a download link on the top-right corner of the video. Click on it to proceed.
Anime Subtitles Download with iTube
  • You will notice that the respective URL is opened in the iTube Studio application. It will start downloading now. Now, iTube Studio will complete the download faster than you expect.

So, that’s about anime subtitles download. If you have more questions related to this matter, please let us know.