The Top Anime OST Download Sites and Methods in 2022

Anime OST download is a pretty common requirement that can arise due to various reasons. The abbreviation OST stands for “Original Soundtracks.” When it comes to OST, they can come in different forms. For instance, incidental music, background music, intros, outros, mood music, and many other OSTs are available. In most cases, OSTs are available in portions to protect their ownership.

You can find these OST (Original Soundtracks) on various online music and video sharing platforms. Some of those websites allow you to download OST for free as well. Although there are a couple of websites that allow Anime OST download, they don’t let you download music directly.

Consider this article as a guide if you’re looking for a reliable online source to perform an Anime OST download. In other words, in this article, we explain how to download OST for free.

Part 1: Sources to download Anime OST

In this part, we reveal 10 of the best sources to download useful Anime OST files.

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01 Anime OST Download Site – Gendou

Gendou is a very popular platform as it shares music of various types. You can even find some full anime OST on this platform for free. In addition to that, this platform supports downloading OST for free. Apart from downloading, you can even upload the files. In addition to that, you can get ratings for music.

Gendou Anime OST Download Site

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02 Anime OST Download Site – Nipponsei Minglong

If you are looking for a simple and clean platform that offers Anime OST only, try Nipponsei Minglong. This unique website offers a download link also. As a result, you can download the Anime OST easily. There are thousands of anime OST included on this website. You can download those files in ZIP format.

Nipponsei Minglong Anime OST Download Site

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03 Anime OST Download Site – Gh.FFshrine

GH.FFshrine website is a platform that offers anime OST. You can find plenty of anime music without any cost, and you can easily use them in your projects. This special website offers various downloadable files in .zip format. On this website, it is possible to sort the available music files.

Gh.FFshrine Anime OST Download Site

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04 Anime OST Download Site – Anime.Theylia

Anime.Theylia is another useful website that offers free OST files. There are tens of thousands of songs found on this website. In this platform, you can sort the files according to the name as well. This makes the searching process more convenient. The best thing about this site is that it offers music with no ads.

Anime.Theylia Anime OST Download Site

05 Anime OST Download Site – AnimeOST

Just like the name suggests, AnimeOST is an online tool that offers various anime OST soundtracks. The best thing about this site is that its soundtracks are free of charge. You can find plenty of anime OST under various categories. For instance, it offers game OST and Anime OST under different categories.


06. UtanimeOST

UtanimeOST is another resourceful website for Anime OST lovers. You can download any OST available on this website (in the form of links) very conveniently. This website offers download links only, however. You can use those links to download the respective Anime OST. Also, you can use it to search for music by entering keywords or even the names of the tracks.


07. AchAnime

AchAnime is a very rich online platform that offers plenty of anime videos for free. In addition to videos, it has a tab labeled “Download Anime OSTS” so you can find the anime OST. They are all for free. Finding resources through AchAnime is very convenient. To find those resources, you can simply sort them by various different categories, and that’ll save plenty of time.

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08. SamehaDaku

SamehaDaku is considered to be another impressive option for those who like Anime OST. In addition to that, it offers plenty of videos as well, so you can download them for free. Moreover, you can download them after browsing through different categories. You can choose them depending on your requirement and save tons of time.


09. OST Anime Wapka Mobi

This is another resourceful website that is particularly aimed at mobile users across the globe. You can use your mobile device easily and download the respective OSTs like a breeze. They offer all those tracks for free.

In addition to that, they offer various anime videos as well. OST Anime Wapka Mobi is developed to be perfectly compatible with iOS and Android devices.

OST Anime Wapka Mobi

10. Rate Your Music

Last but not least, on this list, Rate Your Music is mainly considered to be a rating website. You can use this website to rate your own music simply by registering on it. In addition to that, it can find anime OST conveniently, and you can download them easily. They offer those OST for free.

More importantly, this website offers all the information pertaining to the OSTs you are about to download. For instance, it displays information like release date, genre, language, etc.

Rate Your Music

So, that’s our list of online sources that can be used for Anime OST download purposes. All you need is to go through those websites and choose what you need to download. After finding the tracks, you can use a professional tool to download them into your local drive. The next section of our article explains the best tool you can use to perform an Anime OST download.

Part 2: iMusic – the Best Tool to Perform Anime Ost Download

The most impressive and powerful tool to perform an Anime OST download is iMusic. We pick this tool as our best choice to download OST due to various obvious reasons. In fact, iMusic is compatible with more than 10,000 music and video-sharing websites. It can record music in original quality, so you don’t have to worry about the sound.

Moreover, this software can split the ads automatically to provide you with a clean soundtrack. You can use it to discover and download music files from over 300,000 songs. It can transfer music files across different devices. In fact, it can be done either through iTunes or directly from one device to another. It is also possible to fix the music library intelligently because it can correct ID3 tags.

On top of that, it comes with a very friendly interface that can be used by any user. So, there is no hesitation for us to consider iMusic as the best tool of this kind. This tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Even if a particular website doesn’t allow you to download OST music, this tool can acquire it easily. iMusic allows you to perform Anime OST download in two ways. You can either copy and paste the respective anime OST URL. If not, you should download music simply by recording.

Features Associated with iMusic Music downloader

  • It allows you to download OST from more than 10000 music sites with one-click.
  • Record music without any limitation and playback on your PC with a one-click operation.
  • It has a very handy built-in music library to browse and preview the most recent, trendy music.
  • iMusic can save the downloaded or recorded music into the built-in library so you can manage them easily.
  • iMusic is smart enough to identify the music and tag them with respective artists, titles, genre, etc.
  • It can easily transfer music between devices (from iOS devices to Android and vice versa).
  • This tool can even remove music DRM protection.
  • It can convert M4P files to MP3.
  • It can record Anime OST by recording.
  • The tab labeled “Discover” can search for anime OST.

Get iMusic

How to Perform Anime OST Download Using iMusic

Okay, now you know the ability of iMusic, let’s learn how to use it and download music.

  • First of all, you should download and install iMusic. Make sure that you choose the appropriate version based on the OS of your computer (macOS or Windows). Open the installed program now, and you will see the home screen.
  • Now, you should go to any of the online sources (we have mentioned some options above). Then, search for the desired OST music that should be downloaded. Once you have done that, you should copy the URL of it.
  • Now that the URL of the OST is copied, then click on the option labeled “Download.” Then, you should paste the URL in the given space. Then, click on the option called “Download.”
  • Now, iMusic will analyze OST anime music. It will also fix the respective music tags. In order to monitor the progress of the downloading process, click on the “Download” icon once again. It is located under the tab labeled “Download.”
Anime OST Download via iMusic
  • Once the downloading is completed, you should see the downloaded files. They are available under the iTunes Library within the iMusic interface. Now, you can transfer the downloaded files from the current device. In addition to that, it works perfectly, even without iTunes.

Bottom Line about Anime OST Download

Well, if you need to perform an Anime OST download, read both sections of this article carefully. Then, browse the anime OST you need and use iMusic to get those tracks downloaded. Good luck!

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