How to Recover Lost Data from Android SD Card

Why We Need to Do Android SD Card Data Recovery?

This is a story of a young man who had an unfortunate night. This young man had a party at his house with all of his family and relatives over. The house was being made a mess and everyone had a bit too much to drink. He had forgotten to order food so he went to the kitchen table to get his phone.

As he picked it up to dial, he realized that none of his contacts were there. In fact, there were no photos, no music or any other data. He had realized that one of his relatives played a little prank on him as they were laughing at themselves as they looked on.

He looked at them and didn’t bat an eye. He didn’t get angry. He didn’t lose his cool. He had no worries.

He had an ace up his sleeve.

This ace is known as Dr.Fone for Android.

What is Dr.Fone For Android?

Dr.Fone for Android is one of the best recovery software programs out today! It can easily handle an Android SD card data recovery operation without breaking a digital sweat.

Dr.Fone (both Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS & Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android included) can handle a bunch of different operations. It can perform iOS data recovery, iOS system recovery, iOS data backup and restore, iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup and Restore, broken Android Data Recovery, and Android Lock Screen removal.

Dr.Fone is one of the most versatile recovery software programs out there as it can be used if a system creased, you forgot your password, you are having an SD card issue, rooting error, ROM flashing, lost data after a factory reset, lost data to iOS update or even if the device is just stuck.

What will Dr.Fone for Android recover for you?

It will retrieve contacts, messages, photos, videos, audio, WhatsApp, documents, and even your call history!

If you think Dr.Fone might not be compatible with your phone, think again as Dr.Fone is compatible with over 6000 Android devices!

So here’s how Dr.Fone for Android saved him a bunch of stress from missing important meetings to attend and losing all the photos of his family that he didn’t get a chance to save elsewhere. Even more importantly, he still got his food.

Also, learn more about if from the full Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review.

How To Use Dr.Fone for Android To Perform An Android SD Card Data Recovery

It may sound daunting to perform an Android SD card data recovery at this moment, but when we are done here you will laugh at how simple it is.

1. Install Dr.Fone For Android onto your computer.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Note: Your computer needs to be either Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP; Mac OS X 10.15 ~ 10.6, have 1GHz of CPU, at least 256 MB of RAM, and have 200 or more MB of free Hard Disk Space. This is standard fare for most computers/laptops. The Android phone itself needs to be Android 5.0 or former.

2. All right, you got Dr.Fone installed for your computer, great! Now launch it to begin your Android SD card data recovery. Connect your SD card to the computer. There are two ways to do this: You can use either a card reader or by connecting the Android device.

android recover sd 01

3. When your SD card is identified by the program, a window will appear where you will choose your SD card and hit “Next” to proceed.

android recover sd 02

4. You will now be asked which mode would you like to use in order to scan your SD card. You can choose either “Standard” or “Advanced” mode. The advanced mode would be used if the Standard mode is not successful and doesn’t find your data. For the most part, you will be using Standard mode which has two different options. It will either scan only for deleted files or for all files. It would be best to choose all files. Once you have made your choice, hit “Next” to begin the scanning process.

android recover sd 03

5. Once that scanning process is complete, all the data found will be shown, organized by categories. You can click on the category you would like to view like photos or documents and all the data will appear on the right side of the screen. From here, you can select everything you want to recover. Once you are satisfied with everything that you picked, you can hit “Recover.”

android recover sd 04
android recover sd 05

That’s it!

You will have completed your Android SD card data recovery.

Simple, easy, and quick! No hassle, no questions, all results.

Dr.Fone For Android is one of the best if not the best software recovery program in the world!

The Doctor is very confident that you will be satisfied and love the experience. Dr.Fone For Android offers a 30-day free trial where you will get to try out all the different operations this program can perform. If you so desired, you can use the Doctor for what you need and return it but you won’t. You will find it performing excellently well.

You will have 100% security which is excellent considering how often we hear stories of hacked phones. Only you will be able to access your files. Before you perform your Android SD card data recovery, you can preview all the data to make sure you have everything you want.

If you are concerned that your existing data will be deleted, don’t as existing data will not be overwritten when you use Dr.Fone for Android.

Listen, people really love Dr.Fone. There are over 2000 reviews of people singing their praise for Doctor Fone. It has made sure that people were able to recover all their most important information as Doctor Fone has one of the best recovery rates in the recovery software industry.

See How People Talk about this Android SD Card Recovery tool – Dr.Fone

Do you know how many business meetings were not lost from visiting the Doctor?

Do you know how many dates were saved and the romance began anew thanks to Dr.Fone?

Do you know how many family photos of proud parents and happy children were saved for future reference by the Doctor?

Did you know that people love their phones to death but don’t have something planned just in case the worst happens?

Imagine if you ever had the unfortunate circumstance of losing all the data, apps, and information on your phone and didn’t have a way to recover it. It would be the worst. All that data would be gone into the digital ether.

Now imagine you have Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android in your corner making sure you always a backup plan when things get a little hairy. That’s what our fine fellow did earlier. He made the smart choice and bet on himself. That’s what over 2000+ people have done.

But hey, you don’t have to take my word for. You can try the Doctor out for yourself and see what you think. I guarantee that you are going to be very satisfied with the Doc.

Have a great day.

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