Knowing Every Detail of the Android Device Manager

Due to the various functions and powerful features gather in one device, Android operating system is regarded as a significant breakthrough in the advanced technology world nowadays. Users can achieve multiple functions by the Android operating system. In addition, more wonderful features are introduced when new Android device is brought to the market. Let’s see what the provider Google has introduced to us. It’s a magnificent Android Device Manager. So don’t be hesitant to get the hang of the Android Device Manager. In the following article, you will know every detail of it.

Part 1: Introduction of Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a wonderful feature provided by Google that enables Android users to achieve the following outcomes:

  • 1. Locate the spot of your Android device with your Google account which is used for controlling your Android device.
  • 2. Be able to ring your Android device regardless of its location
  • 3. If your screen is locked and you happen to forget the password, the program will reset the device with ease.
  • 4. Delete all the files on your Android phone or tablet.

Part 2: The process of setting up Android Device Manager

It’s not that hard to set up your Android device manager. Take the following instructions and you can finish the set up process on your own.

1. How to set up the Android device manager through the web
  • Step 1. Open your Android device and turn the location service on.
  • Step 2. Log in the Google account which is related to your Android device
  • Step 3. You will see your Android device showing on the screen in no time.
2. How to set up Android device manager app
  • Step 1. Go to Google play app store and find Google Android device manager app. Download and install it on your Android device.
  • Step 2. You will see a welcome window after a while.
  • Step 3. Click the button Accept to continue the process.

Part 3: The method of using Android Device Manager

What if you lost your Android device unfortunately? Well, don’t worry. With the help of Android device manager, you are able to do the following things:

1. Track down the spot of your Android device
  • Step 1. Log in your Google account
  • Step 2.Choose the Android device you want to locate
  • Step 3. You will see the exact spot of your device on Google Maps.
2. Ring your Android device

There are many choices under the information model. Choose Ring when you see it. Then the device will begin to ring for consistent five minutes in its maximun volume even if it is on the vibrate mode or locked down. Thus, you are able to find your Android phone when you don’t know the exact location of your Android phone or lost it somewhere in your place.

3. Lock down your Android device

When you choose to Lock your device, a window will pop up and ask you to reset a new password so that others will not approach your device without a password.

4. Wipe out the data on your Android device.

When you hit the option Erase, a window will show in front of you asking if you are sure about wiping out all the data on your phone. If the answer is yes, just click erase and all the data will be deleted completely.

Part 4: Other alternatives for you find your Android device

If Android Device Manager is not what you are looking for, then you can seek your answers below. We offer you some other alternatives so that you don’t have to worry about locating your lost Android device. And for your information, except for Cerberus Anti-Theft, other apps are all free of charge.Now let me introduce the apps to you one by one.

1.Find My Phone

This program is specifically designed for finding your lost phone or tablet. It allows you to track down the location of your device and shows the current spot on the Google Map easily. With the help of this app, you are able to locate your lost phone or tablet. The steps are quite simple. First you have to install the app. Then register as the app requires. Thus, you can track down your phone wherever and whenever after you offer your phone number to the program. But the app does not give you the power to delete your personal data on your phone or simply reset the locked screen.

And if you want to get a new pin number for your phone or ring your device when it is necessary, you are not entitled to do it. However, the owners of the device continue to update its interface so that it can be easily used with minimum power consumption.

You can go to Google play store to get the Find My Phone downloaded.

2. Wheres My Droid

This is an app regarded as the most powerful one among all these choices of Android Device Manager. It gives you the authority to ring your Android device and even turn the voice up to the maximum. You can locate your phone by sending a short message alert. In addition, it can tell the accurate spot of your device on the Google Maps when you connect your phone with GPS coordinates. There is another magnificent function we would like to point out specifically. It will notice you once the SIM card or phone number is changed. At the same time, it will offer you the right to track down your device with ease when this situation happens. Thus, it prevents someone else from using your phone.

What if someone tries to alter your original phone settings? Don’t get worried. You can set up a password with the help of this app so that others will not have access to your device without the exact code. You can also set up a list to accommodate the people who have the right to approach your phone via texts. What makes the app extraordinary is that it allows you to delete data from your SD card as well as your phone remotely.

Get Wheres My Droid downloaded on Google Play Store

3. Android Lost

Android Lost is a good choice presenting many wonderful features as well. It enables you to wipe out the data on your phone or your SD card storage through SMS or simply via Internet connection. It also provides you the option to lock your phone. What’s more, you can be alerted or get a e-mail alarm when the SIM card is changed.

Download Android Lost Here

4. Cerberus Anti-Theft

Cerberus Anti-Theft is a program charges for $2.99 if you want to use it permanently. But you are allowed to have a trail usage for one week. The program enables you to locate your Android device. What’s more, you can ring your phone even if your device is on the vibration pattern. It can also wipe out your personal data on your phone and lock down your phone with a password for your own protection. What you must be aware of is that the program can let you operate it through SMS, which means you don’t need an Internet connection to complete the operation. Click here to go to Google play store to download the Cerberus Anti-Theft.

5. Seek Droid

You can easily locate your device with former history, ring your device for alerting, delete your personal data on your phone or SD card remotely and simply lock your device with this app. All these can be done with a simple account with Seek Droid.

Get Seek Droid Here

Part 5: What issues the Android Device Manager cannot fix

Android Device Manager is a comprehensive app presenting many wonderful features. But there are still some functions the program cannot realize.

  • 1. You are not able to sort out the audio and video files, photos, apps,contacts and messages.
  • 2. You are not able to backup and restore your files on your Android device.
  • 3. You are not able to send short messages and transfer iTunes playlists.
  • 4. You are not able to use your phone if it is completely shut down or there is no Internet connection available.

Part 6: Introduction about MobileGo – Best Android Device Manager on PC

There are some functions that the Google Android Device Manager fails to realize. However, MobileGo allows you to do the following things without too much efforts.

  • 1. You can backup your data such as messages, call logs, contacts, calendars, music, videos, photos, and app and app data with ease.
  • 2. You can easily transfer, add and wipe out contacts, audio and video files, photos, messages, apps and document files
  • 3. You can have easy access to Google play store, YouTube and Baidu or any other webs
  • 4. You can transfer the audio and video files into other formats
  • 5. You can send your messages from your computer directly
  • 6. You can sync your Android devices with your iTunes playlists.

Note: MobileGo Mac version users have to notice that you can’t backup app data and media files. You can’t have access to Google play store, YouTube or other web either.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)


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