My Amazon Profile Link – How to Find It?

Amazon profile link becomes important when you want to share the information related to Amazon information. It is always possible to use your Amazon profile link with your friends or anyone else. With that said, let’s learn how to find the My Amazon profile link and share it with others.

Those who have your Amazon profile’s link can find a lot of information about yourself. For instance, they can read your reviews and know how well you perform on that platform. The reviews you have received on the products and the potential services offered by Amazon are visible. So, how to acquire My Amazon profile link and share it? The steps are pretty simple, and let’s find it out.

Well, there is no assumable risk associated with sharing the Amazon profile link with someone else. In other words, we believe that it is not unsafe to share the My Amazon profile link. In fact, your Amazon profile’s link does not share your sensitive personal information with others. And in this case, your username will be shared with others. So, there is no risk associated with sharing your username with a third party. Millions of usernames are displayed on Amazon, so there is no harm in displaying yours as well. So, if a friend wants you to share your Amazon profile link, you don’t have to hesitate.

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What is the process to follow if you want to get your Amazon profile link?

In this section, let’s get to the main point of this article; how to find My Amazon profile link? There is no rocket science behind this case. All you need is to follow the simple steps that are mentioned below. We list the entire process in the step-by-step mode so anyone can follow it conveniently.

  • As the first step, you are supposed to launch any web browser on your computer. The process is the same, be it a laptop or a PC. Then, on the newly open web browser, you should go to the official website of Amazon. It is Then, as you would normally do, just log into the account by providing the required credentials. You can click on the option called “Sign In,” which is located at the top-right corner.
  • Now, you should go to the option called “Account & List.” This specific option is found in the drop-down menu that appears. After that, you should go to the option called “Your Account.”
Viewing My Amazon Profile Link on PC
  • Now, you can scroll down. After that, you can locate the option called “Ordering and shopping preferences.” Then, you should click on the option called “Profile.” As a result of doing this, you can see a Profile page is open. You can then proceed with the browser address bar. You can click on the URL that is available on the address bar and right-click on it. Then, copy the available link (URL).
  • Once you have done that, you should paste the copied URL on a separate notepad. You can use that notepad for any purpose you need. It is always possible to share that copied link with others if it is necessary.
amazon profile link
  • Now, on the Amazon profile, you will be able to see the option that displays a public view. That will provide you with an Amazon profile on a regular browser found on a computer. You can click on the option called “See what others see.” That’s it. However, if you want to stay in the public view, you can do it easily. You can choose the option called “go to the private view.”

There is a common thing individuals have in mind when it comes to Amazon profile link. They often wonder if it is possible to view the My Amazon profile link on their mobile phones. Well, what do you assume?

As of this writing, there is no official method to share Amazon profile link using a mobile app. If not, the Amazon app doesn’t have a feature to share the My Amazon profile link. However, on the other hand, it’s possible to get a public view of your profile using the mobile app. With the assistance of this method, it’s possible to view how the profile usually appears on the official app.

If you are curious about it, the below-mentioned paragraphs will explain how to do it.

Viewing Amazon Profile with Public view using Amazon app

You can go ahead and follow the steps below to view your profile with public view on the app. The steps are very simple and straightforward. So, go ahead and try it out.

  • First, you are supposed to open your Amazon mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Then, you should provide the credentials and log into the account as you would usually do.
Amazon App
  • Then, you are supposed to click on the icon that has three horizontal lines. It is located at the top of the left-side corner of the screen of the app.
  • You will see a list of options. Tap on the option called “Your Account” to proceed.
  • After that, you should go down the screen and choose the option called “Personalization.” Then, go to the option labeled “Profile.”
amazon Profile on App
  • When you are at the new screen, choose the option called “See what others see.” It is found at the top of the screen.
  • You can then see your own profile with its public view. In order to exit the same, you are supposed to choose the option called “Go to your private view.”
Viewing Amazon Profile with Public view using Amazon app

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The bottom line

That’s basically it about the Amazon profile link. As you can see, sharing the My Amazon profile link is not difficult at all. It is located at the profile option, which is located in the menu labeled “account.” It is true that there is no option to share your Amazon profile link directly through the app. However, it is still possible to see your own public profile through the app. Do you have any other queries pertaining to this matter? Please let us know.