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You have noticed the term ‘Amazon Courtesy Credit‘ in your Amazon statement and wonder what it is? Or, you saw the checkout statement with the same term and wonder what to do with it? Well, you are not alone if you have seen such a term. The truth is that many of the users who have seen the phrase “Amazon Courtesy Credit” are confused. With this article, however, we intend to help you figure out what this term is.

Basically, Amazon Courtesy Credit is a unique tool that is offered on Amazon itself. In fact, this tool is more of a discrete tool which is utilized by the company. It is discrete due to various reasons, and we will look take a look at that information as well. In general, Amazon Courtesy Credit is offered to users to mitigate some annoying experiences they have experienced in Amazon. For instance, it can be offered due to poor service or some other disappointing experience for users. Also, the same tool can be used as a token of appreciation towards a user. Moreover, there can be some completely different reasons for Amazon users to see these courtesy credits on their accounts. In many instances, users will receive an email upon the credits are being offered. However, there are other instances where the users don’t get any notification at all. So, as we realize, there is no way to predict whether or not a user will receive courtesy credits.

The email a user will get upon receiving Amazon Courtesy Credits will be something similar to the below sample. Please note that the email might differ depending on the case. In other words, the wording of this email is just a sample of the email you get.

Dear valued user,

We have noticed that you were eligible for our courtesy credit, but you didn’t receive them as we expected. In order to rectify this error from our end, we’re offering you courtesy credit valued $10 to your account.

The courtesy credit we have offered are now in your account. This can be used to buy any eligible item which is sold and shipped through Please note that the credit will apply on your next purchase automatically.

We highly appreciate your partnership with us, and we will see you again soon.

Customer Service

Please note: You don’t have to reply to this email as it is sent through a notification-only email address. This email address cannot receive any emails as it is used for sending purposes only.

Well, the truth is that such email will not be sent to all those who receive courtesy credits. Instead, some users will just see a notification called “credit applied” when they pass the checkout process.

In other words, it will appear as if you have gained credit through some unknown method in your account. When you make a purchase on Amazon, the credit will automatically apply to your surprise. The credit is offered when you buy something that is fulfilled on Amazon itself. So, the credit you have received cannot be applied when the purchase takes place with a marketplace seller. As long as you buy an item which is sold on Amazon itself, the credit is applicable.

Some users think that Amazon Courtesy Credit and promo codes (or gift cards) are the same and it isn’t true.

According to the studies we have done, Courtesy Credit is entirely different from promo codes and gift cards. They operate under different strategies and more importantly, you cannot combine both of these aspects together. Courtesy Credits get applied to the purchases you make automatically after the checkout or even during the checkout process. In other words, you cannot choose whether or not to apply the courtesy credits you have. As long as you purchase an item from Amazon, the courtesy credits will come into play automatically. If you purchase something from a marketplace seller, you don’t have to worry about courtesy credits.

The concept of Amazon Courtesy Credit

As we have mentioned before, Amazon Courtesy Credit works in a pretty discretionary manner. We have come to know that some of the individuals have received courtesy credit to cover late delivery instances. Some of the individuals have received the credit due to inefficient order processing. Interestingly, some of the individuals have received credits when they sign up for Amazon Prime. A handful of people we know had received credit when they went to cancel an order but didn’t cancel.

We had a close look at the instances where Amazon Courtesy Credit is offered. So, it looks like a consolation gift that is offered to mitigate disappointments that were taken place. Through this, expects to retain its customers, so they don’t go for other alternatives. Although they are the largest retail business in the world, they care about the customers. They don’t want to lose even a fragment of their business as we can realize.

How to get Amazon Courtesy Credit

Although we’ve mentioned that Amazon Courtesy Credit is ‘offered’ but not ‘earned’, many individuals are curious about it. In fact, we have received a large range of queries asking how to get Amazon Courtesy Credit. In fact, the simplest way to get Amazon Courtesy Credit is to experience poor service from Amazon. Well, that does prove that Courtesy Credit is not something you can ‘earn’ intentionally. Instead, it is offered by Amazon itself in discretion solely based on their decision. As long as something goes wrong with your buying experience, you have a higher chance of getting these credits.

For instance, just assume you have purchased an item through Amazon, and you have paid for next day delivery. If you didn’t receive the item within the next 24 hours, you have a chance of getting the credits. Or, say that you have purchased an item with a gift wrapping and you got it without any wrapping. Under such an instance, you might be able to get credit. If you experience such an issue, you should immediately lodge a complaint to Amazon customer care. If not, you can leave negative feedback explaining the issue clearly and contact Amazon after that. Then, Amazon may consider the situation profoundly and offer you credit.

Since Amazon Courtesy Credit is offered on the solely discrete manner, we don’t think that they have specific rules published. But, at the back end of the platform, they might have a specific criterion to differentiate such situations correctly. As of this writing, we were unable to find such a set of rules online. So, it is always better to assume that Amazon Courtesy Credit is not something you ‘earn’. Instead, it is something you get from Amazon.

As we are aware, both non-Prime and Amazon Prime users have received Amazon Courtesy Credit. So, we don’t think that they offer credit based on those criteria. Most of the users who have received credits were the ones who experienced late deliverance. In other words, you have a higher chance of getting Amazon credits upon late delivery upon same day delivery. So, we suggest that you shouldn’t keep quiet if you experience any sort of poor experience from Amazon. You should contact customer service and then explain what your actual problem is. We are aware that some of the users have gained credits of $5 and some users have gained $10. The amount of credits you get might depend on the severity of the delay. That means, if the case is pretty mild, you have a chance of getting $5. If the delivery is extremely late and you are significantly annoyed (and you express it), they may give $10.

You can simply log into Amazon and visit this link. None of our team members have credits, so we’re unable to show a sample of what it looks like. However, checking if you have credits is not an uphill task. So, it is worth checking it when you have some free time. However, please note that Amazon Courtesy Credit cannot be used to purchase items from marketplace sellers. Instead, you can use any available credit to purchase items that are sold and shipped by Amazon itself.

Have you ever done some research related to Amazon Courtesy Credits? Do you have more information to share with other fellow readers and us? Please let us know. We will update our article through the feedbacks you leave.

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