All You Need to know about HEIC Image and iPhone HEIC

In this article, we are set to cater to all users employing the iPhone device. The post will explore all of HEIC image technicalities, and the various iPhone HEIC uses that one can run into.

The file format of HEIC image has begun to be used by Apple, since iOS 11. This file is a raster compressed image, which is stored in the HEIF format or High-Efficiency Image Format. A HEIC image can be either a sole photo or a compilation of images, which can be in picture sequence or burst form. The HEIC image format was built up by the Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG. Despite the fact that this technology has been in existence for a while now, it had gained reputation when Apple had first made use of this format of HEIC image in preference to JPEG format commencing from the iOS 11 version.

PART 1: The entire know-how of HEIC image

Why your iPhone automatically switches to a HEIC Image format

Too much has already been regarding how iPhone HEIC photos consume lesser storage area in comparison to images in a JPEG format with no compromising of the image quality. This is also the main reason in the wake of Apple switching to the format of HEIC image in iPhone devices in the most up-to-date iOS 11 version.

On the other hand, if a user of iPhone transfers a HEIC image format to a person, who is not making use of an iPhone, such images will automatically be converted to the JPEG format.

iPhone HEIC provides a more simplifying means to saving such image file documents. The HEIC image format makes use of an advanced and modern array of compression methods that lets digital snaps to be made in lesser files sizes, devoid of negotiating on the excellence of the image quality.

The benefits of iPhone HEIC format in preference against JPEG

  • 1. Lesser size of the image than JPEG: One of the many pros of HEIC image type format as against the image JPEG format is the lesser image size occupied.
  • 2. Replaces JPEG due to lesser space: The JPEG format has been a standard for online images, save for HEIC image format by now the too old JPEG format files are to be correctly replaced by a better image format quality and a lesser space consuming rate.
  • 3. Retains photos at their original size: Regardless of you are making use of, you would either prefer to stick with the iCloud for back up and Apple’s Photos application, or you would wish to utilize Google Photos for the backup. Once they are seen on compatible devices or the web, the iPhone HEIC file data will hang on to their initial size even as JPEG format may compress all of them.
  • 4. Complete color gamut: The iPhone HEIC data format supports all 16-bit color photos whereas JPEG supports only 8-bit ones.

The disadvantages of iPhone HEIC format

  • 1. When you wish for transferring your images in HEIC image format across the PC, you will be having a data file, which is larger than its original image size.
  • 2. One more disadvantage of HEIC image type of format is that you will not be able to view nor edit them on an incompatible device, devoid of the aid of a third party program.

PART 2: Learning to read iPhone HEIC format on Windows or Mac PC

On a Mac PC

Reading files in HEIC image format on Mac is clear-cut contrasting in the situation of users of Windows. On the other hand, in case the Mac operating structure is old, you might not be capable of reading the file. Given that Apple has introducing the iPhone HEIC data format in the iOS 11 version, there is nil support for the older Mac OS users to reading the HEIC image type of format. You will need to bring up to date the Mac OS toward macOS High Sierra for reading the HEIC image format.

On a Windows PC

Windows has not supported the iPhone HEIC format up till now, and there is nil add-on for supporting it either. It has posted a few problems concerning the recently adopted HEIC image format in Apple. The excellent news here is that you can still have hope as; a Windows user can read iPhone HEIC files through the iMyFone TunesMate application, on their PC as a thumbnail. The TunesMate software is the data manager program of iPhone that can manage and transfer your data to iPhone among iDevices, PC, and iTunes. It is exceedingly spoken of by users and simple in use.

Follow the steps below for reading iPhone HEIC files on the Windows PC with the iMyFone TunesMate software:

Get iMyfone TunesMate

1: You can start by launching the TunesMate software and connecting the iPhone device through a USB cable.

2: Tap on the ‘Photo‘ option and allow it to load fully.

3: After the loading is completed, all the pictures on the iPhone device will display as a thumbnail on the TunesMate application.

These easy steps above can aid the Windows users in screening HEIC image.

PART 3: Learning to set-up Camera image to iPhone HEIC or JPEG format

The fresh iPhone HEIC format has two image settings, which users can select from when captivating pictures with the iPhone device. Users can either choose the most compatible or High-Efficiency mode. By default, the High-Efficiency setting is chosen, which is in HEIC image format. Nevertheless, if you want to revert to the image JPEG format, choose the option of ‘Most Compatible’. The course is very easy.

1: On the iPhone device running on iOS 11 / iOS 12, access the Settings and select ‘Camera’.

2: From the Camera settings, search for ‘Formats’ and click on it. You will view both picture options to select from.

3: opt for the option of High-Efficiency to get your pictures saved in the HEIC image format. In case you wish to keep the images in the JPEG format, choose the option of Most Compatible.

The chances are that you had snapped too many of pictures with the iOS 11 iPhone device before you had noticed that your entire images are saved in the HEIC image format. You are now stuck with pictures, which you cannot open on the Windows PC.

PART 4: Learning to convert iPhone HEIC image to a JPEG format

  • You can choose to share the images on platforms of social media and download them all in the JPEG format. One more option is to switch off the option of ‘High-Efficiency’ in image format.
  • You can make use of OneDrive also for converting HEIC image files to JPEG format, for the reason that OneDrive will mechanically convert the pictures to the JPEG format prior to uploading them all to service, providing you the with the capability of seeing them on the OneDrive mobile application or at the website online.

An extra alternative is by attaching photographs in an email, as doing this will convert the data files automatically from HEIC image format to the JPEG format. You can make use of the Aiseesoft HEIC Converter program for converting your HEIC image to JPEG in just a few simple steps. While following the steps below, there is no need to even transfer the desired photos to the PC.

Also, click here to find out how to transfer HEIC to Android.

Follow the steps below to get precise step by step directions to do perform your iPhone HEIC converting tasks:

Download HEIC Converter for Windows Download HEIC Converter for Mac

1: You can begin by downloading and installing the Aiseesoft HEIC to JPG converter program to the desired PC extension and accessing its software interface.

2: Click on “Add HEIC Files” or “Add HEIC Folder“, and choose your image from your folder, displayed on the pop-up box, where you can adjust your photo quality and select a target folder if you wish.

3: Finally, just tap on the ‘Convert‘ tab. Doing this will prompt the software to convert the HEIC image format in a matter of seconds.

What is more to know about the iPhone HEIC fresh Format?

The Apple Company has altered not only its picture format in iPhone operating on the iOS 11 version but has also altered its video format. Through the rising video qualities, and 4k video getting to be the standard of these days, the video format of HEVC is assimilating the increasing gap by streamlining the way, in which, videos are kept by reason of their enhanced efficiency.

The above segments have elucidated in detail about HEIC image format and the entire concept of iPhone HEIC development. This is a very interesting concept, which can be greatly used to your extreme advantage in building up space and efficiency in the storage, functionality, and transferring tasks of your image data files on the iPhone device. In addition, the iMyFone TunesMate program can be employed in such a case, to get better efficiency and fruitfulness with your iPhone tasks.