‘Alexa Not Responding’? Try These Fixes Now!

If the ‘Alexa Not Responding‘ and you are annoyed about it, you can try these fixes now. All the fixes mentioned in this article are very simple and quick. Aa a result, you can get your Alexa back in working mode and enjoy its services.

‘Alexa Not Responding’ even if the device is awake

Many individuals claim that their devices are wake but ‘Alexa Not Responding.’ In fact, there can be several causes behind this issue. Before the troubleshooting process begins, you should check if the respective device has internet access. In addition to that, you must check if the device has the power to function. That is because aspects like internet outage and the unplugged device can be the main culprits behind the issue.

Do you see a solid red light bar (or a ring) but not a blue light on your Echo? If so, the reason is that the microphone is turned off. When the microphone is turned off, Alexa cannot hear your voice so that it will stay inactive. To overcome this issue, you should press the microphone button. This issue doesn’t need any special fix or attempt. All you have to press the microphone button, and that’s it. As you already know, the button is located on top of the Echo device.

Are you using multiple Alexa devices? If you are, the wrong device can hear your command and respond to it. It is true that Amazon has a special mechanism called Echo Spatial Perception to identify the closes device. However, in certain cases, the wrong device can respond to the command due to some reason or another.

Make sure that you check the Alexa app. If all the devices are not configured under a single Amazon account, that can be problematic. If your kid has her Alexa configured under a separate account, there can be malfunctions. In this case, just move the respective device (the device you want to respond to) closer to you. Then, check if it responds to your voice. If you find that the wrong device is responding, you should try changing the wake word for one device.

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What if Alexa plays music on a different device?

Some users experience pretty funny things with their Echo devices when they use voice commands. For instance, a device placed in the next room can play music when you command the closest device. It goes without saying that this is a really annoying issue. This issue can take place because of an error in how you have grouped the devices. As a result of grouping the devices in a wrongful manner, the default device can get confused. The Alexa will try to play the music on any device that comes across the grouping loop.

In order to resolve this issue, you should ungroup all the devices that are connected to the group. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow in order to ungroup the grouped devices. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow in order to get it done.

  1. Launch the Alexa app as the first step.
  2. Go to the option called ‘Devices.’
  3. Now, select the group where the device you should ungroup is found.
  4. Click on the option called ‘Edit.’
  5. Then, click on the trash can icon to delete it. This will ungroup all the offending devices.

After ungrouping all the devices that give troubles, you can group them once again. In this case, the key is to ensure that there is no default speaker is in the group. If you enlist a default device, the problem is likely to persist. So, keep that in mind when resolving this issue.

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Potential issues pertaining to streaming on Alexa devices

One of the most common issues that emerge on Alexa devices is interrupted streaming. This ‘Alexa Not Responding‘ can particularly happen due to low bandwidth allocation or unstable connection. To overcome this ‘Alexa Not Responding‘ issue and stream the music back, you can follow the steps that are mentioned below.
-Begin the process by turning off all the unused devices that are already connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

Potential issues pertaining to streaming on Alexa devices

  1. Now, move the Echo closer to your wireless router and make sure that there are no barriers. For instance, there must not be any walls or other physical structures between the router and the Echo device.
  2. You can turn off the modem and router now. Then, wait for about 30 seconds.
  3. Restart the router and the modem now.
  4. Be sure to turn your Alexa device off and then turn it on.

Check your Echo now.

What if your Alexa is not connected to your Wi-Fi router?

In certain cases, you will notice that the Echo device is not connected to the Wi-Fi router. In order to troubleshoot this ‘Alexa Not Responding‘ issue, you should first access the settings option of Alexa. If the respective device has a screen, you should start by checking the device’s light. If you see an orange light, that means that the Wi-Fi doesn’t work as expected. As a result, you will obviously find it harder to play anything. Mentioned below are the steps to get it fixed.

  1. First, you should go to ‘Settings‘ of the device and then choose Wi-Fi.
  2. You should enter the network password now and connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. And you can turn off the modem and router now.
  4. You should wait for about 30 seconds and restart the modem.
  5. Then, restart the router as well.
  6. You can turn off the Alexa device now and turn it on once again.

Do you have trouble with Alexa calling?

In fact, Amazon Echo can play the role of a home phone as well. If you find that this option doesn’t work, even with a strong Wi-Fi connection, consider the below-mentioned steps to fix ‘Alexa Not Responding‘.

  1. Check the contacts first. Have you added a contact to the list recently and trying to call it? If so, the chances are that Alexa hasn’t updated the contact list so far.
  2. Just close the Alexa app and reopen it.
  3. You can open the tab called ‘Conversations‘ and then check for the respective contact.
  4. If you find the contact under the list, you should check if the respective phone number is correct.
  5. Just sign out the Alexa app and sign back if you see the issue is persisting.
  6. Go to the menu option of the Alexa app and choose the option called ‘Settings.’
  7. Make sure that you choose ‘Sign out.’
  8. Sign in to the same account and try to call a contact.

Alexa doesn’t detect a device

Alexa doesn't detect a device

Do you see that Alexa doesn’t detect a new device when you attempt to connect it? If that is the case of ‘Alexa Not Responding‘, you should follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting process. Eventually, you will find that the new device is compatible with your Alexa.

  1. Configure the device on the Wi-Fi network with the default app provided by the manufacturer.
  2. You can now go to and finish the setup process.
  3. Now, in your Alexa app, disable and enable the skill for your smart device.
  4. You can use the option called ‘Disable,’ which is located in the ‘Smart Home.’ Then, disconnect the smart home device.
  5. Enable the respective smart home device once again.
  6. Now, check for the updates.
  7. To find the smart home device, you should say ‘Alexa, discover my devices.’

How to resolve Bluetooth issues found in Alexa?

Some individuals tend to experience Bluetooth issues when trying to connect to Alexa with a Bluetooth enabled device. In order to fix this ‘Alexa Not Responding‘ issue, you should follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  1. You must ensure that the respective Bluetooth device is completely charged. If not, check if you can insert it into a new battery as well.
  2. You can move the respective device and your Echo device from all the other interferences.
  3. Launch the Alexa app and choose the option called ‘Alexa Devices.’
  4. Select the option called ‘Bluetooth Devices‘ and switch to the option called ‘Clear.’
  5. You can restart the smart home device and your Echo Device.
  6. Pair the Alexa device with the Bluetooth device once again.
  7. Reset the Amazon Echo device now.

If you fail all the above options due to some reason or another, just reset the Echo device. That will bring the original settings back. To do that, you should use the ‘Reset‘ button used at the base of the Echo device. Well, those are the options you should use if ‘Alexa Not Responding.’


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