The Great Threat of Adult Social Media – How to Save Kids from It?

No matter how useful the internet can be for the growth of youngsters these days, it still has its darker side, which comes true in adult social media. In this world, all inappropriate content types circulate freely and can highly impact the mental state of exposed teens. Furthermore, the tech loopholes have made such content freely and easily available to the youngsters.

Let’s learn more about the aspects of this extremely harmful vice and how to save the kids from them.

Impact of Adult Social Media & Inappropriate Content on Youngsters

Parents these days hand over gadgets to their kids very casually to keep them distracted. However, you must know the long-term consequence of this act as the children grow and get exposed to the web’s darker side.


The excitement that arouses in the kids once they get exposed to the adult stuff on various websites and social media becomes uncontainable. They keep going back to the same place repeatedly. Their inquisitive mind loses focus on everything else, and they become addicted to know more about the adult stuff.

Concentration loss

The irresistible urge to watch the adult content or browsing adult social media extracts the young viewers’ entire focus, and they lose interest in all the other activities. Now, this gravely impacts the development of the learning abilities of the kid and cast a longer and deeper impact on their academic and social performance.


Any teenager using adult social platforms tends to soak in the negative aspects of other co-users. These negative patterns get very easily incorporated into the young kids’ behavior, and the worst is that these can be coming from porn sites, adult movie stars, and other socially abusive beings.

Death of self-esteem

Once get into the virtual star world, the kids start following their unreal friends and the adult celebs for the great lives they lead and the interesting works they do. This leads them to make efforts at keeping in tandem with the social trends, and in every such move, they lose a part of their dignity and self-respect.


This is the biggest threat to the kids and teens surfing through social media and the dark web. The intricacies involved also include online threats from older users or websites that circulate malicious messages and content to bully the young users, often to the extent of leading them into harming themselves.


Since they start using the adult social media unregulated, this impacts their emotional health, which gets too disturbed to lead them into depression. The teens start feeling inferior as they strive to match the virtual world’s unreal expectations and useless trends. The cycle becomes very vicious.

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The names of the sites and apps that we are going to list below are very popular apps among adult users. Yet, they can get your child bewitched into addiction and affect their mental well being with the serious content circulating on them.

Let’s begin with knowing the three popular adult content websites.

#1 Adult Social Media – Reddit


This type of social website involves posts related to entertainment and news, but it cannot still be considered a very safe blogging site. The downside of this is that Reddit is sometimes integrated into the other blogging platforms that involve users posting inappropriate adult content. Reddit has a unique system of upvotes that symbolize the user reactions on the posted content. It also has vast threads that are made up of a long series of comments that sometimes become even more important and noticeable than the original post itself.

#2 Adult Social Media – Newgrounds


This social media site has emerged as an interesting for users around the world who want to post a variety of content like movies, audios, animations, and similar artworks easily. However, this site has been cornered recently for the controversial circulation of adult and offensive content being increasingly promoted. This relates to the feature of the site that facilitates the easy and fearless posting of content. Almost every American teen has entrapped by this site, and this is a very dangerous situation.

#3 Adult Social Media – Mastodon


This adult social media site is a prototype of open source networking where the best services of the Twitter app and internet come together in facilitating interaction among a larger group of people. This feature makes the site even more interesting as different people from all over the world put up their ideas and innovations to the vast virtual community here. The site is also safe from mature content and hate-words as they get blocked out. However, it is not free from the X-rated adult content, and it is usually the safe haven for people who want to post such things.

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1. Snapchat


This is an extremely popular app among the youngsters these days that allows them to capture and share images and videos with great filters and special effects from a single platform. The filters, app demographics, and ads can sometimes include adult content that is not suitable for young users.

2. Tiktok


This is another favorite social media platform of a huge load of users as it has an interactive interface where they can make short videos and post them instantly. Even this app is not free of adult content and can lure teens into wrong uses.

3. Badoo


This adult social media app is more like a social dating platform where users can get new dates or make friends within a particular geographical range. You can even post here and simultaneously interact with different users exclusively. This app has set the 18 year age limit for usage, but the security loopholes are not that difficult to crack.

Ways to regulate Adult Social Media usage of children

It is a very difficult task to keep the children away from social media as you neither can totally eliminate it nor ban its usage completely for the kids. However, there is not to worry too much as there still exist many ways in which you can be a responsible parent and act smartly to save your kids from adult social media.

Use the parental control settings in social apps

Every social media initially runs on the default settings that have an open and public set-up that applies to everyone unanimously. The teens that sign up into these apps allow their information and identity to be visible to everyone. This gives rise to the possibility of social threats and abuse to teens from unidentified strangers. One way out of this mess is that you can use the privacy and parental control settings of these apps to your advantage towards keeping your young kids safe from any potential threat.

Increase personal interaction with the child

Conversations are the best way out of any situation, and you can use the same principle here too. Talk to your kids more, listen, and understand their problem and make them aware of social media’s danger. Get them more involved in family and outings to get them off gadgets. This would make your child involve you more comfortably rather than adult social media.

Third-party apps to keep children safe – KidsGuard Pro

It is a well-known fact that smartphones are more actively used by the kids these days rather than PCs or laptops. This can be taken to advantage as you can deploy the various parental control applications for safeguarding your children from objectionable site access and the threat posed by malicious online content and cyber predators. These apps can be easily downloaded in the mobile devices and greatly help you keep a close eye on your child very easily. Let us introduce one such great app to you.

KidsGuard Pro

We ran checks on a lot of parental monitoring apps, and the KidsGuard Pro emerged as the easy winner, for it has got amazing services that meet the demands of every parent towards keeping their kids secure and safe from adult social media. One year subscription of this app would only cost you $8.32 every month.

Let us now list the primary features of the KidsGuard Pro application.

  • The best Facebook private profile viewer app allows you to read through all the conversations on the target device, including the incoming as well as outgoing messages.
  • Call recordings can prove very helpful, and this app lets you record the calls being made on the target device. You can even see the call logs with all the details.
  • You can also go through the media on the other phone like images, videos, etc.
  • The best part is full browsing monitoring, and it starts with allowing you to check the full browser history of the device.
  • Moreover, the app also facilitates access to the major social media and conversation platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Snapchat, etc. being used on the target device.
  • Location tracking is another great utility for spying parents, and this app facilitates real-time tracking for you.
  • You can even take pictures of the surrounding areas of your kid’s location to ensure their safety.
  • Screenshots of the real-time activities on the target device can be captured too.
KidsGuard Pro

The app is very easy to use- sign up, install on the main device, and start monitoring. It just needs one-time access to the target device, and no permanent rooting is required. It also remains fully undetectable.

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The ever increasing use of adult social media by the youngsters is an alarming situation and a definite red flag to all you parents out there. You must take action before it’s too late to be even sorry. Communication and parental control apps like KidsGuard Pro may just help you greatly. Do give them a try!