7 Keyboard Apps for iOS 9/8 & 8 Great iOS 8/9 Apps Supports Touch ID For You

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Finally, iOS 8 has come into public. Many Apple fans are waiting to update this new operating system and want to experience the new features as soon as possible. Software manufacturers are keeping up with the trends as well. They have released multiple keyboard apps on the Apple Store and improve their apps to support Touch ID. So in the following part, we are going to show you 7 keyboard apps for iOS 8 and 8 great apps that support Touch ID for you to enjoy amazing iOS 8 life.

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Part 1. 7 great keyboard apps for iOS 8

It has to be pointed out particularly that iOS 8 opens its authority to third-party keyboard apps. This makes many manufacturers updating their apps to work with iOS devices. We will introduce you 7 great keyboard apps. Just take a look at the following instruction.

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Android users are familiar with this app because it is only for Android devices in the past. But now, iPhone, iPad or iPod users can also get this keyboard app.

You can type the words in a fast speed with this app. The app offers you typing suggestions based on your typing habits automatically. When you spell the words incorrectly, SwiftKey is able to correct your mistakes automatically. You can customize your own way of typing. The app supports two languages which means that you can type without awkward when you are changing languages.

Also, here, you will read more about SwiftKey Vs. Gboard comparison.

Get more information about SwiftKey for iOS 8



Swype is also a very popular app among Android users. Now it supports iOS 8 finally.

The app empowers you to type words in a speed fast up to 40 words per minute. It will remember your typing habit and can provide you with intelligent and contextual typing suggestions. You can add words to the dictionary freely. What’s more, it can adjust the words you input. One more thing, there are five keyboard themes that come with the app: Dard, Light, Earth, Sun, and Sand which will customize your keyboard.

Get more information about Swype for iOS 8

3. Fleksy


Fleksy is considered as the most quickly respond keyboard app that supports iOS 8. It offers you a wonderful typing experience. There are over 800 emojis and emotions in the app collections for you to decorate your words. When you input the incorrect letters, the app will spot it immediately and show you the correct spelling. Fleksy supports 40 languages and you can change among the languages with ease.

Get more information about Fleksy for iOS 8

4. TouchPal


TouchPal enables you to type with a gesture. You can input the words with no efforts on the screen and offers you significant user experience such as word prediction, slide input. What’s more, you have over 800 emojis to make your expression more alive.

Get more information about TouchPal for iOS 8

5. Adaptxt


Adaptxt is one of the most forward-looking apps after iOS released. The app fully understands your typing habit and can predict the next word. When you input the incorrect words, this app will offer you the right suggestion. In addition, you can change between several languages and it can offer you contextual predictions when you are texting SMS. Also, you can customize your keyboard with the app.

Get more information about Adaptxt for iOS 8

6. Minuum


Common keyboard apps occupy nearly fifty percent of the screen which may seem a little narrow. In order to prevent that, this app opens the full choice to you. You can choose either a full-sized keyboard and a mini-sized keyboard as you wish. Minuum fully supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and the latest operating system iOS 8. You only have to pay $1.99 for this app and it allows you to get wonderful typing experience from it.

With it, there is no need to worry about the incorrect spelling since the app can get your typing habit and adjust your spelling automatically. It can make your typing process fast and accurate by learning your word list, language patterns, and word combinations. you can easily erase a word or add space with the app.

Get more information about Minuum for iOS 8

7. PopKey


It is said that Popkey is the first app all over the world to offer an  animated GIF keyboard for users. You have thousands of GIFs among the collection for you to choose from when you contact your friends. You can also make your own GIF and upload it to the collection to make your keyboard special. You can locate your GIF easily since the app can categorize the GIF. This feature of the app really attracts people and you can look forward to it.

Get more information about PopKey for iOS 8

Part 2. 8 apps which support Touch ID for iOS 8 users

iOS 8 has improved the security and convenience for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. For one thing, it offers third-party tools with the authority to access the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. We are going to recommend you 8 best iOS apps that support Touch ID perfectly.

1. Amazon- a platform enables you to get almost everything


Amazon is a very mature website which provides you thousands of products online. You can look for the goods you want and view each of the information. You are able to check and write down the comments on your own. With the app, you are allowed to log in, check your shopping cater and buy you wanted products easily!

Click here to learn more about this iOS 8 App – Amazon

2. LastPass – A Password Management App


LastPass is a program that can keep all the passwords in the cloud so that you can easily approach them on your computer or iPhone, iPod, and iPad. As long as you keep the LastPass account in mind, you won’t stand a chance of losing the passwords. You can use multifactor authentication to lock down the account. You won’t be worried about the security problems of the membership card, credit cards or other crucial data since it offers you secure notes to keep them safe.

Click here to learn more about this iOS 8 App – LastPass

3. Simple – An Online bank


You can take Simple as an online bank. You can get into your bank and get the information you want with Touch ID when you are using the app. When you are shopping, the app will display the balance in a short time. It can also schedule your balance so that you can control your spending with rationing. You can test the app to get help and the reply will reach you in a few hours.

Click here to learn more about this iOS 8 App – Simple

4. Day One – Keep your daily life


Day one is much alike a diary online. It allows you to write down every aspect of your daily life from significant events to small details. The interface of the app is clean and neat, making users pleased when they are recording. It has various kinds of text formats which enable you to make your recording colorful. You can lock your recording to protect your secret or use Touch ID to unlock it. You are entitled to sync entries over your iOS devices with Dropbox or iCloud.

Click here to learn more about this iOS 8 App – Day One

5. Evernote – an app helps you to take notes


You can tell from the name of the app. Evernote is a very simple and easy to handle noticing app for iOS 8. You can easily take and manage the notes on your iPhone,iPad, and iPod. It enables you to sync the notes on your computer and iOS devices and keep them in the cloud so that you can go through them whenever you want. Besides, you are allowed to take notes, take photos and record video and audio notes with the app.

Click here to learn more about this iOS 8 App – Evernote

6. Screens VNC – Empowers you to reach your computer wherever you go


When you are far away from your computer and still want to have access to it, Screen VNC is what you need. It allows you to control your computer safely. In addition, you can sync screens with all of your iOS devices with the help of iCloud. You can also have an easy approach to your favored shortcuts when necessary by using the shortcuts tool on the screen.

Click here to learn more about this iOS 8 App – Screens VNC

7. Camera Plus – Catch pictures remotely


Camera Plus is a professional photo tool. With it, you can take focus, compose and align your camera when you are taking the photos. You can use AirSnap to control the camera remotely when you are taking photos and videos. It can control the light to make the photos or videos brighter and clear when you are shooting. Apart from that, you have various focus modes to select in order to take crips shots.

Click here to learn more about this iOS 8 App – Camera Plus

8. Scanner Pro – make your iPad or iPhone a scanner


Scanner Pro is one great app which allows you to scan documents with multiple pages such as receipts, paper notes, and whiteboards on your device. The files will be automatically saved as PDF files. You are able to reach your files wherever and whenever after you upload them to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. What’s more, when you use your iPhone or iPad to take pictures, you will be able to access them on your other iOS device in a few seconds.

Click here to learn more about this iOS 8 App – Scanner Pro

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