12 Things You Should Know about Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge+

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The latest flagship product of Samsung recently comes into the public. It is made of glass and metal unlike past products of Samsung, which is nearly made of plastic. Speaking of the new device, the most attractive feature of this product is it has a curved screen version.

Samsung Galaxy S6, as the immediate successor to the Galaxy S5 alongside its sister phone the Galaxy S6, places a particular emphasis on design, including its unique sloped edges similar to the Galaxy Note Edge in this years’ design. The device is equipped with a strong processor, high-resolution screen and shows powerful features. However. In order to win the war with Apple and get the extra advantage of the materials, it sacrifices some things as well.

1. Two versions: curve or not

Two Galaxy S6 models are released to the market by Samsung. One is normal flat screen just like other products of Samsung products while Galaxy S6 Edge has a unique curve screen that is slightly curved around the horizontal sides of the device

2. Outstanding screen resolution.

Whether the screen is curved or not, you cannot miss that the screen of Galaxy S6 is quite high ended. It is equipped with one of the most high quality screen with dense pixels. With the 5.1 inch high resolution screen, the pixel can reach 577 per inch(ppi). This number means that it is even denser than then resolution of Galaxy S5, which is 432 ppi and 401 ppi if iPhone 6 Plus. It has 43 more pixels than LG G3 (534ppi 5.5inch) as well.

To some extent, the denser the screen, the sharper the image. This means you can get a clearer presentation and effects of the image. Maybe not all the users are able to see the tiny differences, HD screen is now definitely the must-have and big trend for all smartphones or tablets.

3. The curved screen is made for something

The curved screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge makes some features possible. The curved screen is more than a design. For instance, you can get ticker-tape news alerts, view the night clock, put contact photos on the edge so that you can see who is calling for your convenience.

4. Metal and glass made

It is widely judged by users that the plastic construction of Samsung device is one thing to criticize. However, Galaxy S6 correct the plastic material and use metal and glass to build this product. Front and back are made of glass while a curved metal seals round the edges.

5. Even thinner than iPhone

The thickness of S6 and S Edge is 6.8mm. This means the Samsung Galaxy S6 is even 0.1mm thinner than iPhone 6. But if you want to know what is the thinnest smart phone in the market, then we are sorry to tell you that both Samsung and iPhone are not what you are looking for. Oppo R5 beat both of the devices regarding the thickness. It is only 4.85mm thick.

6. Make sure the device is dry all the time

In the process of pursuing thin thickness and unique design, S6 also sacrifice a lot of features. Some commonly seen features of previous Samsung smartphone are gone. For instance, you cannot add extra storage microSD card to the device to expand the storage, the device is not waterproof and the battery is not removable any longer.

7. You have fixed choice about the storage of the device

Since you cannot insert additional SD card into the device, the storage space of the product is fixed. Just like Google and Apple, Samsung adopts its fixed storage strategy. You have three versions of storage to choose: 32GB, 64GB and 128GB

8. Samsung’s own new chip is put on use

The processor of S6 is extremely powerful. It uses Samsung’s Octa-core 64-bit Exynos processor. The processors of the previous Samsung device is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

9. No cable needed to charge your device

You don’t have to find cables to charge your device
Many phone manufacturers claims to use wireless charge technique into smartphone, and Samsung S6 is the first smartphone in Samsung to absorb this technique and make it into reality. It supports nearly all available wireless charging pad. That is a good thing since you have to notice there is no charging pad in the box for you.

10. Use your fingerprints to touch instead of swipe

Draw lesson from Apple, Samsung has made many efforts in improving the fingerprint sensor. You only have to use your fingerprint to make a single touch of your Samsung device instead of swipe across the screen. (Swiping the screen is a normal and standard Samsung move). Fingerprint touch makes the detecting more accurate and simple.

11. Get one more step close towards a world without credit cards?

There will be no room for credit cards anymore if technology companies really have faith and take actions. Samsung has publish a electronic payment method called Samsung Pay. It enables all users to pay for your desirable commodities and services with a credit card swipe terminal. It joins the big family of vector paying such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet.

12. Get ready for visual reality if you own a tiny gear

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