10 Best Task Managers for Mac

Why Do We need a Task Manager on Mac?

A task manager for Mac helps you better manage, organize, and create to-dos, lists, tasks, files, and other notes more efficiently. It helps you by sorting your tasks in a good manner to promote a stress-free work environment. Task management can only be done by proper planning, which helps execute tasks within a specific time period. Click for the best Mac cleaner here

Sometimes, we could not get the desired results due to poor implementation or wrongly structured planning. So, we need a task manager for the proper management of our tasks. To get the required results, you have to choose one of the best task managers for Mac. It would not be difficult for you if you go with our list of top ten applications.

Here, you will find some of the best task managers for Mac. These task managers will help you create, organize, manage, and even synchronize to achieve the best results. They can also fix Mac startup disk full, MacBook Air Won’t Turn On issues. With the help of these managers, you can carry your tasks more efficiently and proficiently.

Finding the best Mac task manager could be quite a difficult task. You can go for any of these task managers based on your needs and interests. All these task managers come with their unique and special features, which is why they have made their place on our list of top ten task managers for Mac. Head over to our list of top ten task managers for Mac!

1. Mac Task Manager – Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do comes with a cute to-do list with some amazing features. With Microsoft To Do, you can organize, schedule, or add to-dos in the quickest way possible. It helps you create all kinds of lists and even offers an option for sharing them with other devices like computers, tablets, or phones. You can share them even with your friends by collaborating on Microsoft To Do.

You can even add your pictures, videos, and presentations to your lists to give them a nicer look. And you can set reminders and due dates for your important tasks to finish them before deadlines. This task manager Mac supports various languages such as German, English, Danish, French, Arabic, and more.

This Mac task manager is available for FREE, but to use all its features without any restriction, you have to upgrade it to its premium version.

Price of Microsoft To Do: Free
Downlink link:
You can download Microsoft To Do on Mac from here.

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2. Mac Task Manager – GoodTask 3

GoodTask has all the amazing features, which are required for managing any device such as Mac. It automatically syncs the calendar and reminders of your system to manage tasks more efficiently.


It helps you in an easing managing of tasks due to its deleting and editing features. With this app, you can create duplicate copies, add tags, and change dates to access tasks easily.

At night, you can make use of its dark theme for comfortable usage. You can track your everyday tasks conveniently with its “Today Widget”. It is an exclusively featured task manager for Mac.

Price of GoodTask 3: $19.99
Download link:
You can download GoodTask on Mac from here.

3. Mac Task Manager – Todoist

Todoist has a neat GUI, which makes the managing of tasks simpler, quicker, and easier. It is perfect for those who want hassle-free management of tasks. With Todoist, you can sort your tasks on a daily or weekly basis as per their priority. It reminds you about deadlines associated with your tasks.

Todoist task manager Mac

This Mac task manager is compatible with Mac OS, iOS, Android devices. It is even integrated with multiple services like Cloud Magic, Google Drive, Sunrise Calendar, IFTTT, Zapier, and Toggl. So, this task manager is best for those who want to manage their sub-tasks, tasks, sub-projects, and projects perfectly.

Price of Todoist: FREE
Download link:
You can download this task manager on Mac from here.

4. Mac Task Manager – Clear

It is one of the simplest task managers for Mac. As its name suggests, it is straightforward and clear for users to make tasks a lot easier. You can create separate lists for a better organization of tasks. It offers some amazing tools and themes that help you to customize your to-do lists.

Clear task manager Mac

With Clear, you can set reminders to carry your important tasks on time. You can sync your iCloud account with this app for a better transfer experience between your iOS devices. You would not fail to carry your tasks on time with this task manager.

Price of Clear: $9.99
Download link:
You can download this task manager on Mac from here.

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5. Mac Task Manager – Things 3

With this top-notch Mac task manager, you can assign your goals every day in a project along with the required steps to achieve them.

Things task manager Mac

You can group up your projects like work, health, family based on their areas of liability. You can keep track of your every task to know your pace towards achieving those goals. Also, you can check your to-dos alongside its calendar to plan accordingly.

It comes with several amazing features like Today Widget, Touch Bar, Calendars, Share Extension, AppleScript, and many more. With all these features, you will always be ahead of your tasks.
It supports multiple languages like Chinese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Price of Things 3: $49.99
Download link:
You can download this task manager on Mac from here.

6 – OmniFocus 2

With this Mac task manager, you can create to-do lists as per folders, actions, groups, and projects. It gives you various options for selecting a view for lists such as tabular form, columns, etc. You can keep track of your due dates for a given day in its forecast window.


It is a perfect task manager for those looking for more flexibility to deal with their impending tasks. So, it helps to chase deadlines with no stress.

It supports various languages like Italian, German, Korean, French, Russian, and many more international languages.

Price of OmniFocus: $39.99
Download link:
You can download this task manager on Mac from here.

7 – Microsoft OneNote

It comes on top in terms of its functionality. Microsoft OneNote is the best one for managing tasks related to offices. You can create and manage tasks, notes, and to-do lists with this app. Being from such a well-known company, you can ensure its capability and efficiency for managing and creating tasks.

Microsoft OneNote

It even gives you an option to add pictures, articles, PDFs, PowerPoint, and links to your tasks. You can even tags for better accessibility. You can sync your notes with SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. It is the best Mac task manager for a better organization of notes to meet the workflow.

Price of Microsoft OneNote: FREE
Download link:
You can download this task manager on Mac from here.

8 – Evernote

This task manager Mac helps you to organize your task, notes, and lists in perfect order. It even offers an option for attaching online information with your tasks to catch up.


You can make notes in various formats such as audios, clippings, videos, photos, sketches, PDFs, etc. With personal checklists, you can mark down your necessary things. It offers tools for creating memos, agendas, presentations, etc.

While in a meeting, you can take down important points and comments with this Mac task manager. It syncs data to make it easily accessible across devices.

Price of Evernote: FREE
Download link:
You can download this task manager on Mac from here.

9 – Any.do

This Mac task manager helps you to create and manage your tasks in a streamlined manner. It has a user-friendly interface for the management of tasks in a comfortable way. You can track down your tasks and notes easily with Any.do. So, this task manager turns out upfront concerning managing and creating tasks on Mac.


It offers you various options for printing, sharing, and exporting your lists to your other devices. It syncs your tasks with iCloud services to keep them protected. You can enjoy its basic features for free, but to use its advanced features such as files, themes, or collaboration, you can go for its premium version, available at $2.99 per month and $26.99 per year.

Price of Any.do: FREE/$2.99
Download link:
You can download this task manager on Mac from here.

10 – Simplenote

This task manager for Mac comes with some amazing features that are easy to use. It is one of the user-friendly task managers, which is available for free. You can create tasks, to-do lists, and notes with this app effortlessly. It keeps all your tasks in perfect order to make them easily accessible to you.

Simplenote task manager Mac

You can sync your iCloud account with SimpleNote to make them available to your other iOS devices. Hence, it is a perfect choice for those who do not want to opt for an expensive Mac task manager, however, want to lay hands on a good tool for better assistance.

Price of SimpleNote: FREE
Download link:
You can download this task manager on Mac from here.

So, you can choose task managers for your Mac from our top picks. These task managers will help you with the proper implementation of your planned schedule for carrying certain tasks. You can opt-out of the best task manager for your Mac according to your requirements. You can go for free applications if you want to go easy on your pocket, while even the paid ones will not affect you much.

Choosing a perfect one might not be difficult for you from our impressive compilation of task managers for Mac. Now, you have to decide on your own, which might be the best one for your Mac, based on your requirements. Download NOW to start managing your tasks effortlessly!

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